Columnist says Republicans need to get better at banking early votes

Republicans were left disappointed on Friday night when Fox News called the Nevada Senate race for Democrat Catherine Cortez-Masto.

Yet even before those results were known, Washington Examiner contributor Salena Zito noted last week that there is something Republicans will have to overcome if they want a shot at winning.

GOP official says party is giving Democrats “a 45-yard head start”

Specifically, Zito pointed to the massive advantage Democrats have when it comes to locking in early votes through mail in ballots.

According to Allegheny County Republican Chairman Sam DeMarco, the problem is obvious in home state of Pennsylvania.

“Those initial large dump of voters were mail-in ballots from Democrats,” DeMarco said of the election that propelled Democrat John Fetterman to victory over Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz.

“The biggest takeaway from Tuesday night is that Republican attitudes in regard to mail-in voting needs to change,” he insisted.

“Right now, it’s like we’re running a 100-yard race against the Democrats and giving them a 45-yard head start,” the GOP official pointed out.

“Both parties have limited resources, but while they work during the 50 days of early voting collecting and banking early votes … we’re just collecting promises to show up on Election Day; it’s not sustainable, and Democrats get better at it every cycle,” DeMarco complained.

In her article, Zito pointed out that the influx of mail-in ballots is a relatively new phenomenon which was first seen during the COVID pandemic in 2020.

Florida Republicans banked more early votes than Democrats

Prior to that, voters in Pennsylvania and many other states needed to present a valid excuse before they were allowed to vote absentee. Zito stressed that Democrats capitalized on this by creating their advertising campaign schedule to coincide with early voting.

“Republicans can complain about the current rules all they want, but what they need to do is wake up and start competing with the Democrats where they are,” she wrote, adding, “Otherwise, they’re just leaving winnable races on the table.”

Zito concluded by looking to Florida, where “Republicans certainly have figured it out.” In the Sunshine State, Republicans began election day with more early votes than their opponents did, something conservatives elsewhere “should take note” of.