Comey believes Biden ‘should at least consider’ issuing pardon for Trump

A number of President Donald Trump’s most notable critics have been clamoring to see him face criminal charges of some sort as soon as he leaves office.

As revealed in a recent BBC interview, however, the president is receiving some support — and even suggestions of a pardon — from an unlikely source.

“That’s an admission of guilt”

When former FBI Director James Comey was asked during an appearance on Newsnight if he believed President-elect Joe Biden should grant Trump a pardon, he replied: “I don’t know, he should at least consider it.”

According to The Hill, Comey also expressed some skepticism over whether Trump would even accept such an offer given its inherent implications.

“Donald Trump, he’s not a genius, but he might figure out that if he accepts a pardon, that’s an admission of guilt, the United States Supreme Court has said, so I don’t know that he would accept a pardon,” he said, as The Hill reported.

Furthermore, Comey made it clear that his support for a Trump pardon stems from his beliefs about what is best for the country rather than any residual affection for his former boss.

Insisting that the president “belongs in jail,” the former FBI chief explained that pursuing criminal charges that would put him there would likely not be “in the best interest of the entire nation.”

“Explain it to the American people”

Of course, there is no love lost between Trump and Comey, with the former accusing the latter of ignoring supposed evidence of “lies” and “leaks” within the ranks of the FBI during a special counsel investigation into accusations of Russian collusion in Trump’s 2016 White House bid.

Nevertheless, Comey believes that the next administration would be wise “not to pursue” charges against the current president.

“But whatever you do, the next president, Joe Biden, should explain it to the American people,” Comey stressed to the BBC. “Be transparent about why you’re doing what you’re doing.”

Instead of incarceration, Comey said that the “greatest punishment he could imagine” would be depriving Trump of the attention he will seek in his post-presidency.

As The Hill noted, during another interview, Comey compared Trump’s supporters to fraud victims, suggesting: “I worked criminal cases where the victims of a fraud would come to support the fraudster after he pled guilty. It is not about shouting at them. It is about coaxing them and urging them and letting them out of that fog of lies.”

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11 Responses

  1. Hey Comey you deserve jail time. You jave committed acts of treason doing Pelosis bidding. How’s it feel to be an old hags stooge. You don’t have any brains. Your dirty and underhanded

    1. I am a non-denominational CHRISTian of Calvary Chapel that LIVED IN, not visited, communist China 🇨🇳 in 2010. So I KNOW how bad communism is and am doing EVERYthing I can here to stop it from coming here. Venezuela WAS a wealthy, prosperous country until it became communist as a 3rd world country with people eating out of garbage cans !!! In China, I attended a university that not only can one get a master’s degree in Marxism, but it had a statue of Chairman Mao in its front yard. ( I was fortunate to stumble upon ONE toilet at the university. It had porcelain holes in the ground we had to squat over. Upon entering the front entrance to the university and near the plush 28 story building I lived in, the stench was so bad, you had to hold your nose. Electrical wiring hung from the ceiling of the two buildings too. )

      To quote Eskify, “ Through communist policies he starved millions of people, possibly as many as 80 million. He killed any intellectuals who disagreed with him, he put people in labour camps, and condoned beating and stoning people to death in struggle sessions.“
      I saw the plans of the left on their own letterhead paper to murder us, especially the seniors and disabled, and the vaccines 💉 is just one of the ways. ( To build your immunity, eat foods made from GOD like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and walnuts. Take a healthy vitamin-mineral drink, Zinc, Elderberry, Vitamin D-3, and Vitamin A. Get 8 hours of sleep daily and exercise. I don’t wear a mask because it’s unhealthy unless I am forced to in which case I wear an accepted face shield so that I can breathe AND I am trying to make a statement. We are NOT cows waiting for the slaughter. We are humans who can reason. ) Read the first sentence of the Georgia Guidestones also known as Georgia Stonehenge supported by the left elitists .

      Go to Videos.Utahgunexchange .com and get
      “The Epic Times” . Patriots unite or we will lose our country like China , Cuba, and Venezuela did !!!

  2. Oh boy…look whose talking! Comey should be happy to just get a slap on the wrist for the crimes of Obamagate he has committed…..failing to tell the truth about the hoax Russiagate to help Hillo’beans!! Coverups intentional….to hurt Trump, a legally elected President. Shame on him and all of his comrades.

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  4. President Trump did nothing wrong to want a pardon from biden. Now biden on the other hand needs a pardon for his whole family!

  5. Can’t wait until January 20th biden,obama,soros,dorsey,zuckface and many more are going before military tribunals for treason,sedition and trying to overthrow the Govt! Why are there 25000 armed national guard in DC ,,

  6. Trump does NOT need a pardon, but in case he was offered one; I would advise him NOT to take any since that is the same as admitting guilt……comey on the other hand would be wiseto keep his big mouth shut, since he is the one, who ought to be in prison….

  7. comey knew that collusion was a lie ,that piece of schiff and many others lied to the american people for years a clear coup attempt, ill hang the guy

  8. How about we start by locking up Pelosi, Waters. Omar, Schumer. DeBlasio, Cuomo; the Clintons, The Obamas and to think I’m just getting started.

  9. If DUMB DONALD was smart he would not pardon himself or his immediate family at least. He should also not pardon people like Bannon or any other people that tried to over through our Government, because once pardoned when the Congress calls them up to testify, those people stand a chance of prison if they don’t tell what they know as the pardon automatically kills that individuals right to the fifth article we all call an amendment. Once pardoned self incrimination no loner applies, and Congress can jail them for not testifying.

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