Commentator says Biden's denials about foreign cash "aren’t going to cut it this time"

May 19, 2023

According to Fox News, First Lady Jill Biden denied during an interview with CNN last month that the investigations into members of her family would be a factor in next year's presidential race.

However, conservative commentator Jim Geraghty recently argued that President Joe Biden's regular denials of wrongdoing "aren’t going to cut it this time."

Bank records show Biden family members received $10 million in foreign cash

Geraghty made that case in an op-ed piece published by the Washington Post on Thursday. He began by acknowledging that House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has yet to produce proof of criminal activity on the president's part.

"Let’s assume that, as President Biden’s fans insist, there’s no evidence of lawbreaking in the deals that had foreign companies paying more than $10 million to Biden family members during and after Biden’s years as vice president," he wrote.

"Yet we’re still left with a motley collection of odd and unsavory figures sending a lot of money through a lot of companies to a lot of members of the Biden family, with little explanation why," Geraghty pointed out.

He went on to cite Comer's revelation that bank records show members of the Biden clan used a web of shell companies to conceal the cash they received from foreign sources.

Questions about what money was provided in exchange for

The chairman contends that over $10 million was ultimately filtered through a network of limited liability companies before ending up in the hands of Biden's relatives.

These include son Hunter Biden, brother James Biden, sister-in-law Sarah Jones Biden, daughters-in-law Hallie Biden and Melissa Cohen, former daughter-in-law Kathleen Buhle, along with three grandchildren as well as two nephews and a niece.

"Just what goods or services did all those Biden family members provide to those companies?" Geraghty asked his readers.

"Why did Gabriel Popoviciu, a businessman convicted of bribery in Romania and relatedly investigated by British authorities pay as much as $1 million that ended up in Biden family accounts?" he continued.

Comer says payments have "everything to do with Joe Biden"

Does anyone believe that Chinese energy tycoon Ye Jianming in 2017 gave Hunter Biden a 2.8-carat diamond, estimated to be worth up to $80,000, as a gift out of the pure goodness of his heart? Ye disappeared from public view in 2018 amid a Chinese corruption crackdown," Geraghty pointed out.

The commentator sarcastically suggested that it could be "entirely coincidental that so many foreign entities just happened to give large amounts of money and gifts to Biden family members" with no connection to the president.

However, Comer isn't buying that suggestion, something he made clear while speaking with Fox News Radio earlier this week.

The Kentucky Republican dismissed the idea as being "ridiculous," insisting, "Of course it has everything to do with Joe Biden."

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