House Democrats move forward on deciding results of two contested House races

House Democrats are taking steps that could result in the overturning of two 2020 election races, including one Republican victory. 

The Washington Examiner reports that the House Administration Committee held a meeting on Friday.

The purpose of the meeting was to start the process of establishing the procedure that will be used for “contested election cases properly filed under the Federal Contested Election Act.”

Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District

One of the races that the House Administration Committee will be considering is the race for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District. Rep. Marianette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) beat out Democrat Rita Hart by a margin of only six votes. There were a little under 400,000 votes cast in total.

Given the slim margin of victory, a recount and a recanvass took place. And, thereafter, Miller-Meeks was declared the winner. In fact, she has already been sworn into Congress.

This particular contested race has a bit of a wrinkle, which is that Hart decided not to challenge the result of the election in court. This is typically the route that candidates take.

Hart, instead, has filed her case with the House of Representatives Administration Committee. She alleges that 22 ballots that should have been included were not included in the final vote tally, and that, if these votes were to be included, then she would be the winner.

Miller-Meeks has sought to have this case dismissed on the grounds that Hart went against precedent by not first filing her case with the judiciary. The House Administration Committee has yet to rule on this motion.

Illinois’ 14th Congressional District

The other contested election case that the House Administration Committee will hear is the race for Illinois’s 14th Congressional District.

As things currently stand, Republican Jim Oberweis has been defeated by Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-IL). Oberweis, here, is challenging the results, and Underwood, a two-term representative, has filed a motion to dismiss. The margin of victory is roughly 5,300 votes.

This case is a lot less controversial than the first case.

But, at the end of the day, it is the House Administration Committee that, apparently, will get to have the final say on these races, which just seems wrong.

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41 Responses

  1. If the Democrats want to over turn the election let them start with Joe Biden. Then you can over turn the other one. President Trump won the election and the democrats tampered with it. How does Trump lose a stats when he is way a head to Biden and then Biden wins that state? something is very fishy.

    1. And how did Biden win PA, when there were 200,000 votes more than people who voted. Yes, something is definitely wrong and SCOTUS has to fix this. Or they are useless.

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  3. If they do that then the thing they said about Trump would be ?? We need to put term limits on Congress as it is on Presidents. That the only to stop the god complex. And that shows Trump was right again

        1. With the 2020 Census, there were actuate counts of voter registrations, people have found a lot of errors, specially cheating too much when there are more voters than registered voters, when Election vans pull up at 1 am -3 am with opened boxes of USPS boxes of ballots, not in envelopes, blank ballots, that were created, and counted in secured areas, no poll watchers, just ballots being manufactured by poll workers, check bank accounts and debit card accounts, divide by $47, if it is a whole number, they were paid by not social media, Where else could someone spend $500 Milllion,

  4. Uh? The elephant in the room?? 80 million voters ignored, shammed, dienfranchised in a corrupted, stuffed-stolen election?? Get this right immediately or we’re forced to arms. You saw vapors Jan. 6. Please be honest leaders you were elected to be. Pack up your pathetic criminal senile pervert puppet and simply leave. You needn’t explain. Just go. Trump won. Nuff said.

    1. Ditto and Amen! Pelosis and Biden now own us, impeach them both and vote out the entire rest of the swamp! We are angry and they ain’t seen nothing yet!

  5. Election Froud,
    Everyone should see [ Absolute Proof ]. This should be brought up on the Senate floor so the entire WORLD could see what the Demons have done to our country. Wake up America, Its Almost to Late….

  6. Trump did win the election. The democrats lied, cheated and stole the election. The more time goes on we will see the fraud exposed.

    1. Biden himself told us he had the most extensive fraud ever set up and he still gets the win???? Something very wrong with this picture.

  7. I’m angry at the Supreme Court. What are they good for? Were they afraid? It seems like. We need to turn on them as well. They could have gotten us out of this mess and saved our country.

  8. Considering that there is no statute of limitations on voter fraud and treason, I hope that Republicans find the backbone as well as Democrats that actually believe in the Constitution, band together to make a real forensic investigation into the November election and Georgia runoff. Proof positive that Trump and other Republicans won the election is demonstrated by the fact that not one of the people who have provided sworn affidavits as to the voter fraud have been charged yet with providing false evidence. Everyone of these brave Patriots face prison terms if proven guilty abd yet they have not been prosecuted. The democrats are scared to death that a proper investigation will overthrow the election and put many of them in jail.

    1. $1 Trillion spent on Georgia run off, total for the entire election fraud we $15 Trillion, Actually without all the extra votes, Perdue won Georgia in November

  9. Just leave it the way it is except get rid of the democlowns and everything will be fine Pelosi And her boyfriend Biden and their girlfriend Harris can all go play house in Bidens basement together or here’s a better one they can all go to prison

  10. Frustratingly misleading headline. I got excited thinking you meant “they” were finally working on straightening out the fraudulent presidential results. sigh.

  11. Congress should NOT decide this! The voters in the states elected the candidates they wanted. Hart is a sore looser( like ALL demonrats) and Iowa voters should take HER to court for going over the courts’ head on this! If Piglosi and company overturn this, then she should be forced to overturn the national fraud election as well! TRUMP WON! They can’t have it both ways! Impeach Piglosi!!!!!!

  12. The democrats are always lying to the American people about everything like they are lying about the last elections in this country. Don’t believe them !

  13. Well, The House Administrations Committee have finally awakened. Glad to see they won`t sleep through this election challenge. Maybe the Supreme Court can give them a hand on this one, God knows they were out to lunch with the communist last time.

  14. SCOTUS IS USELESS, Part of the Swamp, Now that Sleepy, Demented Joe & his Drugged Family are in “POWER”…Hide your Guns & Ammo, so the DEMS & RINOS can’t get them…We NEED to take back our Country. Hide one for me, I don’t believe in Guns.. I like to break spirits with words & Dems are DUMB as Chickens in a slaughtering PIPE..

  15. We all know the election was fraud. Trump won that election. We still have our freedom of speech. They need to get all the communist out out of the white house. Loose all the immigrants and support our military and country. We are Americans. Lets take our country back. Everyone needs to call our congress and white house and speak our peace. Make America Great Again. Get Trump back ASAP. God Bless America!

  16. I’ve got sad/bad news for EVERYONE—Republicans will never win major elections ever again—Democrats have found a way to steal/cheat their way to victory and GET AWAY WITH IT. The OVERWHELMING, PROVABLE and OBVIOUS fraud that took place that put Biden in the oval office is bottom-line proof of that !!!

  17. IF something is not done we are going to have a CIVAL WAR as the American people are FED UP with all the crap going on and enough is ENOUGH!!!!!!

  18. If they overturn those elections, the republicans better get off their seats, on their feet and DEMAND the national election be overturned and the RIGHTFUL winner, President Trump be put back in office! And impeach that old hag Piglosi!!!!!!

  19. If they do that, Piglosi should be charged with theft of an election! Miller- Meeks won! She has already been sworn in! Let it go piggy, you din’t Get to decide over the choice of the Iowa voters!!!

  20. Pres.Trump did win that election and it was stolen from him! At the rate that biden pelosi and the cohorts are going all those that voted for them will be sorry, china will own this country. When you have the mail in ballots marked using a number two pencil anyone can change that selection and they did. none of our elected judges made an effort to fully investigate, they evidently wanted biden to win , with all these negative decisions biden we will be heading down hill as fast as a roller coaster.

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