Swedish company pioneers microchip that can hold COVID vaccine passport

Swedish microchip company Epicenter has introduced technology to store a COVID vaccine passport on a rice-sized chip, which is then implanted under a person’s skin on the arm or between the thumb and forefinger.

The chip can be read with any device using the near-field communication (NFC) protocol, according to a viral video featured in the South China Morning Post last week.

“Implants are a very versatile technology that can be used for many different things,” Chief Disruption Officer Hannes Sjöblad said on the video. “And right now it is very convenient to have a vaccine passport always accessible on your implant.”

A new way?

The technology used is RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), which uses electromagnetic fields to identify electronically stored information. It’s the same technology used in chip credit and debit cards and contactless card readers, and in pet microchips used to identify lost pets and store their addresses and other information.

The technology is not for sale yet, but Epicenter has been working on microchipping humans for years now. Their staff has implants for access to the building, and they sometimes throw parties when an employee gets “chipped.”

Sjöblad claims the chip implant is completely reversible if people later decide they don’t want a chip implanted in their bodies.

For now, it will be marketed as a way to verify vaccination status and prevent falsified records of who has or has not been vaccinated.

Or a sinister development?

So far, human microchipping has been completely voluntary and seems harmless.

Some Christians and Bible scholars worry that at some point, the chips will become mandatory and will be required to “buy and sell,” similar to the “mark of the Beast” the book of Revelation talks about.

Should the chip be used to signify allegiance to a particular leader or ideology, Christians may have reason to worry, but at this point it seems more of a convenient cutting-edge tech tool than a fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

That being said, widespread use and adoption of the chips may be a harbinger not of the end times but of authoritarianism that tries to force people to get vaccines they don’t want or feel they need.

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