‘Complete and total endorsement’: Trump puts political weight behind three more GOP candidates

Despite his inability to post directly to Twitter and other social media platforms, former President Donald Trump has remained a vocal presence in the Republican Party since he left office earlier this year.

As one recent example, he announced three more endorsements on Friday ahead of next year’s midterm elections.

“The military, our vets, crime and the Second Amendment”

The endorsements were made public through Trump’s political action committee, Save America PAC.

Trump put his name behind South Carolina Gov. Henry McCaster, Arkansas Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin, and U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo of Idaho, all Republicans.

The announcements came in the form of three separate, albeit similar, statements through the super PAC.

Referring to McMaster as “a great governor,” Trump said he would remain “strong on the military, our vets, crime, and the Second Amendment” if given another term in office.

In announcing his “complete and total endorsement” of Crapo, the former president similarly touted the senator as someone who “is tough on crime, strong on the border, and fights for our military and our vets,” as well as “a champion for our Second Amendment and the great outdoorsmen and women of Idaho and the USA.”

“I’ve stood with him from the beginning”

Finally, he supported Griffin with a depiction of the candidate for state attorney general as “a highly respected army veteran” who “will be tough on crime, defend our Second Amendment, loves our military and our vets, and will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the brave men and women of law enforcement.”

McMaster and Crapo wasted no time issuing a statement expressing their thanks for the former president’s endorsement.

“President Trump’s leadership has made America stronger and more prosperous,” wrote McMaster. “I’ve stood with him from the beginning. I’m honored he stands with me as we ‘Keep South Carolina Great!'”

For his part, Crapo wrote: “I appreciate President Trump’s endorsement. Over the past four years, we made great progress implementing strong, conservative policies. I will keep working hard to achieve solutions based on our Constitution and conservative principles and values.”

The latest trio of endorsements comes on the heels of reports that revealed Trump’s plans to make sure political races nationwide include a candidate with his seal of approval. It appears the implementation of that plan is already in progress.

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8 Responses

  1. We follow Donald J. Trump he is a proven leader,can’t wait to have him back as our president. What we have now is a failure the Democratic party leaders deserve to be shot for treason.

  2. Lyod, I totally agree with you. The democrats stole the election by using the virus to change election laws in at least 5 states. The democrats could not remove President Trump by impeaching him twice, so the only way to stop his policies was to defeat him in a stolen election. The democrats got an empty suit elected to the most powerful job in the country and he doesn’t have any idea what the hell he is doing. He has no addresses to the American people since his inauguration. They keep him hidden from the press and the American people. My belief is that his decline is so bad, that they will have to use the 25th Amendment soon to get a radical woman in the Oval Office. God save this country if that happens.

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  4. I agree with Loyd and Rich completely! Trump would never put our country @ risk like Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, et al. God Bless America and our LEGAL citizens who are God loving, God fearing Americans who must stay strong during these radical times!

  5. President Donald J Trump is a proven hard working leader. In my opinion President Trump is the most accomplished and successful world leader in my life time (76 years worth). President Trump’s made our country strong and respected around the world. We are temporarily stuck with the most inept Administration ever. China-Joe may be residing in the WH but he is asleep in the Oval Office. Now that Joe’s dogs have been sent back to Delaware, he has Cumala following around. The Dot-head/Jamaican is so progressive and inept she didn’t ever get her party’s endorsement in Iowa. 2024 can’t get here soon enough.

  6. Look the facts are facts, Trump was cheated out of his reelection and we all know it. The Democrats have never allowed a Republican to have any peace as an elected President. Trump went well into evening ahead of Biden and SOMEHOW after everyone left, thousands of votes were discovered for Biden??????? The Democrats are evil and anti God and anti constitution and ANTI AMERICA. It will take an act of GOD to reinstate America to what it was becoming. Muslims now reside in our Congress and as Judges and Mayors with every intention of ripping us apart. Look at every country they have invade as to what it now looks like.

    1. Yes, he was cheated out of re-election and Biden was part of the fraud and told us so before election. He said he had the most extensive fraud ever set up. Well he really did as it turned out and he still got away with it.

  7. Look at what they are doing with DHS and the illegals! DHS was created in 2001 after our terrorist attack, 9/11. It was created to help protect our citizens. Now it is used to protect illegals. Biden is sending volunteers from DHS to the border to help these illegals who are housed in cages and over flowing. When did DHS become an agency to protect illegals instead of our citizens? Our administration and Congress is no longer concerned about its citizens, but to get as many illegals aboard to vote to help them to continue destroying our citizens and make these leaders rich and forget about us so it appears.

  8. What we now have are TRANTS running amok in our govt. , how much more damage will we let them do before the citizens take action.

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