Congress continues to receive dismal job approval rating from voters: Poll

The legislative branch has long been unpopular among a wide range of Americans, and the current Democratic-controlled makeup is no exception.

According to a new Rasmussen poll, only 21% of likely voters say they believe Congress is doing a good or excellent job — and more than half believe it is performing poorly.

A long record of disapproval

When asked about their own representatives, the numbers were slightly higher with 31% of respondents providing favorable reviews. Still, 43% of voters said that they did not believe any members of Congress were doing a good job.

The approval numbers are not altogether unusual, though. Congress has only reached 25% approval once since 2007.

In the latest survey, only 16% of those polled said they believe Congress cares about them, compared to 59% who said that they don’t.

Democrats appear to be benefitting more from partisanship among their constituents, though, with 38% of that party’s members saying that they believe Congress is doing a good job. Only 9% of Republicans and 15% of independents said the same.

Notably, Congress earned slightly more approval from Democrats than disapproval, with just 34% responding that lawmakers were doing a poor job. A much higher 70% of GOP voters and 60% of independents gave unfavorable marks to the elected officials.

Demographic differences

Among the same group of voters who said they believe President Joe Biden is doing a good job, the numbers unsurprisingly closely mirrored the Democratic voter results. About 37% of respondents in this group signaled approval of Congress.

Conversely, just 2% of those who disapproved of Biden also approved of Congress, and nearly 9 in 10 voters in that group disapproved. Older voters, women, and whites were more likely to disapprove of Congress than other demographic groups, the poll found.

Even though a majority clearly disapproves of the job they are doing, a prevailing narrative has emerged that voters depend on lawmakers for assistance such as stimulus checks, expanded unemployment, and social programs.

As former President Ronald Reagan once stated: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.'”

It seems clear that many voters still agree with that sentiment. While it would be impossible for Congress to please all Americans under any circumstances, polling results show that lawmakers can displease a clear majority of them by pursuing unrealistic expectations when the best course of action is probably simply getting out of the way.

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15 Responses

  1. What do they expect they are and have done a terrible job for the American people and were sick.of it.

    1. Exactly- they could care less about Americans and it is obvious!
      I would like to see them all gone because then, we could live our lives morally, properly and without government meddling!

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  3. Here is a real challenge to the News media. Report on the times when a person of color has obeyed police officers and then go shot. If they think the officer is wrong, treat them with respect and fight their wrongness in court, vrs running or ignoring the officer, and taking a risk of loosing your life. Respect the uniform and politely ask questions and do as the officer ask. End of problem.

  4. im 84 years old, ive seen alot of Presidents come and go. There are alot of Presidents that was a do nothing. Bush and Clinton’s are in that catagorie , However there are a few that gave us good leadership, Truman, Reagan and Trump. Especially Trump because he not only had the Democrats against him but also alot of Republicans . AS truman said (you cant get rich working for the goverment, unless your a crook). How true it is today!

    1. I am 86 and I agree with you. Trump took no pay, lost more money than I can think about but did a wonderful job and would have done a better job if it wasn’t for Pelosi fighting him and trying to waste our tax dollars impeaching him.

    1. Hi Marine Bob, USAF Jim here, you’re right over the target. Bunch of worthless scumbags. Bring back the real President, Donald J. Trump. He has always had our backs. China Joe and his bunch of thieves will attempt to destroy America. God Bless America.

    2. You are probably right, none of the Dems, care about us just power and money. They care about making all money, all the power. It’s time to start putting them in jail, and making them pay for all the crap they do, start making them pay out of their pockets.

  5. Get Piglosi and her minions out and we will have a congress. Right now, we have a demonrat criminal cartel led by Piglosi who will not work for the people, only for their sick agenda.

  6. You are probably right, none of the Dems, care about us just power and money. They care about making all money, all the power. It’s time to start putting them in jail, and making them pay for all the crap they do, start making them pay out of their pockets.

  7. America is imploding!!!! God’s wrath on our nation is a DEFINITE; just a matter of time. We are a godless, immoral, atheistic, self-centered nation.

    God is still the ultimate Sovereign of this world

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