‘Congress should investigate’: Biden critics demand information amid border crisis ‘gag order’

President Joe Biden seems determined to deny that there is a crisis along the southern U.S. border, but he does not appear to be in a hurry to let Americans make up their own minds.

Critics say the White House is hiding something by effectively issuing a “gag order” on the situation — and pressure is building for the Biden administration to come clean.

“Could go as high as President Biden”

A Trump-era media handler for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has joined the former president in calling for Congress to immediately investigate an apparent “coverup” of the crisis.

Alexei Woltornist accused Biden of engaging in cagy behavior because the situation on the border is “much worse” than his administration has admitted.

The former DHS assistant secretary for public affairs speculated that a “gag order” has been implemented by current DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, but suggested that the president might be directing it.

“I think this is a matter that Congress should investigate and find out what information he has that he’s not sharing and also explain why he’s making this decision,” Woltornist said of Mayorkas. “And it could even go as high as President Biden himself.”

He echoed remarks from former President Donald Trump, who ripped Mayorkas as “pathetic” and “clueless” for reversing existing border policies.

“Engaged in a huge cover-up”

In a statement on Sunday, Trump said: “The Mayorkas Gag Order on our Nation’s heroic border agents and ICE officers should be the subject of an immediate congressional investigation. But it’s clear they are engaged in a huge cover-up to hide just how bad things truly are.”

Not only is the current administration’s policy being blamed for exacerbating the border crisis, but it is also among the most drastic examples of Biden breaking his promises of “transparency” with the media.

As Mayorkas and others in the administration attempt to deflect blame, they are issuing statements claiming that the border is “closed” while seeking to blame Trump for the ongoing situation.

Meanwhile, undocumented migrants appear to be responding to Biden’s vow to adopt a more “humane” immigration approach than Trump.

Despite the devolving situation, Biden is digging into his strategy, declaring on Wednesday that the “new surge we are dealing with now started with the last administration” and it is his administration’s “responsibility to deal with it humanely.”

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21 Responses

  1. Oh lets stop this’ Congress needs to investigate crap’. Congress is controlled by dems and Rino’s so not a damn thing will come of any investigation that has to do with Biden.

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  3. Well here we go again. Much easier to blame Trump than admit you have
    handled it ALL WRONG. But, of course, what else can you expect from
    such a LOSER!

  4. It is easier to put blame on trump when you lose control over the situation at the border. Fix it Mr Biden you claimed this country would be better runned under your administration.

  5. President Trump is right as usual. The border crisis disaster is all that idiot Biden’s fault. Biden and his bunch of mental midgets inherited a border that was as secure as it could be, And immigration policies that were working. The wall is working. It should be finished – the contractors should go ahead and finish the wall. They had a contract to do that. All the illegals including the so-called minors, should be put on planes and sent back to wherever they came from. When they get back to their towns, people would see that they should not try to come to the USA. And we would not be having to support all these illegals.

  6. Democrats sure like blaming Trump. They are like kids, never their fault. So tired of their crap. Republicans need to fight back. It’s time!!

  7. Here’s another great joke,

    “This was started by the Trump Administration”.




    1. Biden was pathetic in his pressor today, 3-25-21, stumbled for one hour. A disgrace. Blamed Trump for the border crisis when the actual numbers done even come close. And children in cages next to each other but Psaki denighs it. Biden disgraced himself mumbling. We expect more from a president, but done want Harris or Polosi. Hope we can survive for two more years.

  8. As long as the left is “in charge” the “BLAME-GAME” will be NEVER EBDING .
    They do NOT like to take responsibility for anything much less their own mistakes……..

  9. Congress investigate? What a joke! Piglosi controls congress, she will not allow an investigation! She is fully aware that biden’s Open border policy is to blame for this fiasco, she is on board with it. SHE says “ the illegals are the rightful heirs” to OUR COUNTRY! Lying , crazy old B**ch! She needs to be kicked out of congress totally! She is unfit to be speaker!

  10. With ALL the things the Demorats have done and gotten away with during the last 5 years it would be obvious to a 2 year old what is going on here in America and EVERY American whether your Republican or Demorat should be be very well concerned and ALARMED. We are in Big Trouble and quite Frankly I am physically sickened by ALL of this High Treason which is Evident everywhere I can see in the background. The fingerprint of Intelligence is Blatantly displaying their involvement in every bit of this. I’m NO genius, just a lowly, lowly nobody and if I can see this than everybody can even if they don’t want to admit it. This Silent Coup is trying to Instantly take over the United States of America and desperately do it by ANY Means NO MATTER WHAT. If we don’t ACT NOW we are going to lose OUR COUNTRY for sure and for good. I am sounding the ALARM and I beg you ALL to listen. I can’t stand by and watch this happen anymore without trying to STOP IT any way I can think of before the Communist’s take Full Control of OUR COUNTRY. This is Absolutely Outrageous to the Max and I NEVER thought I would ever see what I see NOW happening in my lifetime EVER. I was hoping that I would be dead before that happened. And I could be if they decide to take me out to shut me up. I am praying that the Pen really, really is mightier than the Sword regarding this nonsense that is tearing the Country apart. Please WAKE UP People before it really is too late. We have got to be even more aggressive than this ENEMY FROM WITHIN AND THROW THEM ALL IN JAIL DESPITE HOW MUCH MONEY AND POWER THEY CONTROL. WE MUST ACT NOW MY FRIENDS, I IMPLORE YOU !!! PLEASE CONSIDER WHAT I’VE WRITTEN HERE FOR THE FUTURE OF YOUR GRANDKIDS. THANK YOU

  11. This is all a Well Organized and VAST Conspiracy that has managed to unseat OUR President and Shame him for stopping Killary. Stop these Criminals NOW. We the American People Can do this but, we have to do it TOGETHER !!! We all deserve BETTER, WE ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND PLEASE DON’T FORGET THAT MOST OF ALL.

  12. Creepy Joe Is Getting So Old He Has To Have Cheat Cards & A Teleprompter And He Has Trouble Reading That With Big Letters He Won’t Be With Us Long So We Had Better Impeach Him & Kamala Now!!

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