Congressional Democrats say immigration reform tops Biden’s agenda if elected

Congressional Democrats will seize the opportunity to instantly create millions of Democrat voters if presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden gets elected in November. 

According to Democrats in Congress, Biden’s election will set up a battle royale to pass immigration reform, or in other words, amnesty for all the people who have broken the law by entering the U.S. without permission.

Biden has said that on day one of his presidency, he would send legislation to Congress to make the estimated 700,000 DACA participants legal citizens. In addition, Biden and Democrats will also seek to get all of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants currently in the country on a path to citizenship.

Both Biden and current Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) have said that so-called immigration reform (amnesty) is first on their list of legislative priorities.

Benefits of Amnesty

Democrats argue that amnesty will benefit the country by adding money to Social Security and raising wages for all Americans. Republicans argue that making illegal immigrants citizens will mean that they are qualified for government entitlements that will negate any tax gains.

In addition, the majority of illegal immigrants vote Democrat in large majorities, which is really why Democrats are salivating over the possibility of pushing amnesty through.

With nine or 10 million new Democrat voters, it will be increasingly difficult for any Republican to get elected. Texas and Florida in particular may flip to blue states and never return to a Republican majority again.

Democrats are upset that many of the 3.1 million citizens that were set to be naturalized into U.S. citizenship are being delayed because of the coronavirus. But don’t feel too badly, since Democrats have hyped the coronavirus and caused many of the closed offices that remain inaccessible, not to mention giving President Donald Trump a valid reason to halt immigration.

Biden: no respect for rule of law

One of the most concerning things about Joe Biden’s candidacy is his blatant disregard for the rule of law if it prevents him from advancing his own agenda.

If we aren’t consistent in the way we enforce the laws, no one will take them seriously. The Commander-in-Chief needs to set an example.

Democrats know that even if they hold the House and take over the Senate and presidency, it won’t be easy to pass their immigration reform plans into law.

Unfortunately, there are a few Republicans that will go along with amnesty, most notably Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who has already pledged to work with Democrats on just that if he is re-elected, The Hill reported.

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