Conservatives rip Biden for “Neanderthal” comments

Conservatives reacted angrily to comments made by President Joe Biden about state leaders who began lifting coronavirus restrictions this week in response to falling case numbers and hospitalizations. 

Biden called the move to lift mask mandates and other restrictions by governors in Texas and Mississippi “a big mistake” and added, “The last thing we need is Neanderthal thinking.”

Fox News analyst and former Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany blasted Biden for his language and compared his statement with the time in 2016 that Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters “deplorables.”

“Simply giving freedoms”

“Simply giving freedoms causes Joe Biden – the great uniter – to call us Neanderthals among other words that his predecessor Hillary Clinton did as well,” McEnany said.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that the comment was “not the type of word that a president should be using” and blamed Biden’s immigration reversals for the continued Covid spread in his state.

Abbott turned the comment back on Biden, saying to CNBC, “The Biden administration has been releasing immigrants in South Texas that have been exposing Texans to Covid. Some of those people have been put on buses, taking that Covid to other states in the United States. That is Neanderthal-type approach to dealing with the Covid situation.”

“President Biden said allowing Mississippians to decide how to protect themselves is ‘neanderthal thinking,'” Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves tweeted on Wednesday. “Mississippians don’t need handlers. As numbers drop, they can assess their choices and listen to experts. I guess I just think we should trust Americans, not insult them.”

Members of Congress decry Biden comments

Some members of Congress also took issue with Biden’s words.

“Freedom of choice for Americans: ‘Neanderthal thinking’ Opening borders to illegal immigrants with COVID: ‘compassion,'” Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) tweeted.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley (R) told Fox News on Thursday, “What a uniter Joe Biden is. You know this is Mr. Unity. And yet if you disagree with him, you’re a Neanderthal.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended Biden’s comments on Thursday and tried to turn it back on the previous administration.

“I think the president, what everybody saw yesterday, was a reflection of his frustration and exasperation, which I think many American people have, that for a almost a year now people across the country have sacrificed, at many times they haven’t had information they need from the federal government,” Psaki told reporters at a briefing.

But it’s clear that this is the kind of comment by a president that is probably going to stick around in people’s minds for a long time. Bring on the Neanderthal tee-shirts!

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15 Responses

  1. Biden is just sorry as hell, the retard doesn’t even know what’s going on in this country. He signs a few EOs everyday then heads back to the basement. This guy could lead a horse to water much less lead this country.

    1. No Traitor Joe!! The last thing this country needs is a totalitarian federal government destroying our Democratic Republic and overreaching its athourity and demonizing State Governnents.

    2. with his demrntia he more than likely doesn’t even know were he is at biggest share of the time or what day it is or time for that matter

  2. I’m proud to be a deplorable and maybe a Neanderthal. Biden is an illegal resident of the white house and probably doesn’t even know where he lives. Shame on his wife for pushing him.

    1. Well remember he’ll have to figure out which of the 2 women standing beside him is his wife or his sister. And now he maybe more confused as Kamala is always standing behind him. He might think she’s WH help.

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  4. Biden is the stupid Neanderthal, opening the the borders! So why wear a mask when that idiot is letting it flow in? How stupid can you get!

  5. There go the Democraps redefining words like “Deplorable Neanderthal.” They think they define gender, who illegals are and who is not. I say that we start redefining our culture and country back! Democrats should from now on be called the Democrap Party! There is nothing Democrat about them.

  6. Biden and his liberals have the attitude that conservatives are beneath them. This is how they think and the only way they think. If you are not a liberal like them, then you are dumb and stupid conservatives. Wit their elite status, they will never figure out why their policies always fail

  7. Well, i’m Proud to be a “ deplorable Neanderthal” at least I know what I stand for, freedom! Biden is older than the Neanderthals, has NO clue how to lead, he is just obammys’ puppet, when his usefulness is gone, he will be put in the wood chipper! That fate is not far off!

  8. This administration, even in it’s spin, is sooo out of touch with reality – hang on it’s coming for you – the red wave in 2022.

  9. What I wouldnt give to have a debate with you about this. You just say so many things that come from nowhere that Im quite sure Id have a fair shot. Your blog is great visually, I mean people wont be bored. But others who can see past the videos and the layout wont be so impressed together with your generic understanding of this topic.

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