Contrasts between Trump, Biden speeches in Pennsylvania draw attention

Joe Biden’s threatening rhetoric against “MAGA Republicans” does not seem to have demoralized supporters of former President Trump. Just the opposite, in fact.

A viral video shared by Newsmax’s Benny Johnson shows Trump speaking to a massive, enthusiastic crowd in Pennsylvania just days after Biden spoke to a sparser and less energized audience in the very same town.

Two very different scenes in Wilkes-Barre

The contrasts between the two scenes in Wilkes-Barre are drawing attention, especially as Biden attempts to claim that he is on the side of “democracy” against “MAGA Republicans” who Biden has characterized as a dangerous fringe.

Trump, who is 76, spoke almost uninterrupted for two hours Saturday night at his first MAGA rally since the unprecedented raid of his home in August.

He blasted Biden’s speech likening Trump supporters to terrorists as the most “divisive” ever given by an American president and said it was Biden who is an “enemy of the state.” Days before Trump’s rock star reception, Biden robotically mumbled talking points to a much more subdued crowd.

Biden’s speech was not without its interesting moments. In one of his more disconcerting “gaffes,” he appeared to threaten lethal force against Americans on the right — who he would describe days later as enemies of the state in a dark speech at Independence Hall.

Biden’s “democracy”

The ominous, authoritarian optics of Biden’s speech in Philadelphia have been widely panned as a massive strategic blunder, and Biden has since sought to dial back his message, claiming he didn’t mean that all Republicans are a threat to America.

But it’s too late: the message was received loud and clear, and Trump isn’t hesitating to push back.

“As long as we are confident and united, the tyrants we are fighting do not stand even a chance because we are Americans and Americans kneel to God and God alone,” Trump told cheering supporters Saturday.

It’s a little laughable that Biden, the most unpopular president of modern history, is claiming that those who disagree with him are against “democracy.”

Could it be that Biden doesn’t actually believe what he’s saying, and he’s just afraid of losing the midterm elections?