Controversy surrounds potential 2024 replacement: Michelle Obama's prospects under scrutiny

 August 21, 2023

Fox News contributor Liz Peek speculates that former first lady Michelle Obama would replace President Joe Biden in the 2024 Democratic presidential run in an opinion piece published by the news outlet. 

Some have speculated that Michelle Obama, thanks to her high profile and widespread support, could run for the Democratic candidacy in 2016, especially in light of the corruption charges, evidence of mental decline, and dropping approval ratings surrounding President Biden.

Peek implies that, should Michelle Obama to run for president instead of her husband, she would campaign heavily on his record in office.

However, the Obama administration is under scrutiny due to new disclosures about Hunter Biden's influence-peddling and his father, Joe Biden's, apparent involvement in similar operations. The author speculates this could lead to investigations into if or whether President Obama knew of allegations of wrongdoing involving then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Attention on the First Son

Hunter Biden, Peek points out, is under increasing scrutiny for allegedly cashing in on his father's position as vice president to enrich himself.

Hunter Biden, according to the House Oversight Committee's evidence, amassed millions of dollars by capitalizing on his father's position during the Obama administration. The committee is being directed by James Comer. Hunter's financial gains have been linked to Joe Biden's activities, but Democrats have said there is insufficient evidence to support this connection, which the author labels "nonsense."

Peek stresses that several members of the Biden family received large sums of money from their son's business transactions via shell companies.

Since there were signs of potential conflicts of interest, the author wonders why the Obama administration did not move to stop acts that seemed to exceed ethical and legal bounds. A veteran State Department official named George Kent had voiced concerns about Hunter Biden's engagement with Burisma due to the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Allegations that Joe and Hunter Biden took $5 million from a Ukrainian tycoon to get rid of a prosecutor looking into Burisma are also highlighted. Despite the efforts of the liberal media to downplay these charges, Peek insists that they cast doubt on the honesty of the Obama administration.

Obama's Connection

Several high-ranking Obama administration officials, including Jen Psaki, Amos Hochstein, and John Kerry, are mentioned in the report as having known about Hunter Biden's activities. Now some are wondering whether President Obama knew about it and, if so, why he didn't do anything to fix it.

Peek suggests that the continuous controversies are the reason why President Obama backed Hillary Clinton over Joe Biden in 2016. The author suggests that similar considerations may explain why Obama hasn't shown much support for Joe Biden's 2020 presidential bid.

According to the article's final paragraph, Florida Republican Representative Greg Steube has recently introduced articles of impeachment against President Biden on the grounds of corruption and obstruction of justice.

It is projected that discussion regarding Michelle Obama's possibility as a substitute candidate will increase as President Biden faces increasing pressure to resign from the 2024 race owing to his falling popularity.

However, the author also implies that Michelle Obama's political position will suffer due to her association with the Biden family problems.

In conclusion, Peek's opinion article raises crucial issues about the impact of the Biden family's apparent engagement in dubious actions during the Obama administration on the political environment going forward.

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