Sen. Cornyn questions whether Biden is ‘really in charge,’ White House deflects

Although President Joe Biden’s media allies have declared the topic off-limits, speculation about his mental condition isn’t going away.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) provoked a predictably thin-skinned response from the White House Monday by acknowledging the elephant in the room, asking whether Biden is “really in charge,” Breitbart reported.

Cornyn asks if Biden is “in charge”

Cornyn cited a new article from Politico on Biden’s “unimaginably conventional” presidency, which to many has a strangely robotic, uncanny quality.

“The president is not doing cable news interviews. Tweets from his account are limited and, when they come, unimaginably conventional. The public comments are largely scripted. Biden has opted for fewer sit-down interviews with mainstream outlets and reporters,” the article reads.

Politico acknowledges indirectly that the White House is seeking to expose Biden as little as possible, though it “hasn’t always gone according to plan — on occasion, the White House has had to walk back or clarify comments Biden has made in the interviews he has given.”

Biden has often seemed to lose his train of thought, and many say he hasn’t made himself accessible to the media. He did not give his first press conference until after 54 days, the longest delay in about a century, and even then he only called on pre-selected reporters.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) responded to Cornyn on Twitter with a screenshot from Weekend at Bernie’s, joking, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

White House panics: “but Trump!”

The White House has shown great sensitivity to criticism, especially insinuations about Biden’s cognitive condition, and there is apparently a kind of informal agreement in the journalism world to ignore the issue.

As they have often done, the White House responded to questions about Biden’s state by making it all about — wait for it — Donald Trump.

The possibility that the president is senile is not a big deal since — as Biden spox Jen Psaki put it — there’s less drama now!

“I can confirm that the president of the United States does not spend his time tweeting conspiracy theories, he spends his time working on behalf of the American people,” she snapped.

As far as “working” goes, Biden has yet to visit the southern border that is currently being overwhelmed with migrants at his invitation. But then again, maybe that’s Trump’s fault too.

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40 Responses

    1. I’m convinced he has no brain left. Dementia Joe doesn’t know where he is most of the time. Someone else is I charge, obummer, Harris, Susan rice?

  1. Biden is Not America’s president, He is a JOKE and so is his press secretary and That thing called VP is a Big JOKE. America has turned into a laughing stock of the world. This shows how screwed up democrats really are. They want to give America away to Mexico and those border countries, it’s time Americans take our country back from ALL foreigners which means we need a civil war in America and believe me, it’s going to happen soon.

    1. It better happen pretty soon or else we will not have a Country, believe me there are millions of us waiting for it to happen.

    2. What’s really screwed up is the democrat base. Unbelievable that any intelligent human being is so mentally deficient as to actually support this travesty. To make matters worse is the pathetic media who has such a high disregard for the American people. They think we are intellectual morons and will believe the biased garbage they perpetually spew. I personally find there BS to be insulting and worthy of liable. The rules for the fourth estate need to be changed and the purveyors of outright lies should lose their credentials and privelages.

    3. I have been saying that, when brain dead, criminal, LIAR, Trash, anti-American, biden first opened his mouth. biden/harris and all the low life anti-American Demorats are TRAITORS AND A BUNCH OF POWER, DARK CASH MONEY HUNGRY EVIL SNAKES.


    4. Sandra, we the citizens are going to take control, our politicians on right are setting on their hands. Dems. are going to destroy,Repubs. are cowards.

    5. Right on point !!! Anyone who cannot see this has a mental
      problem just like JOE … Blaming Trump is getting old !

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  3. Joe Biden has never been in charge. Its Nancy Pelosi, Obama and Clintons and Soros. He doesn’t know what he is saying or saying. Has he’s ear buds in to get instructions what to say. That’s why he sounds like a buffoon standing up making a fool out of himself. They all need arrested for treason and a long list of crimes against America and its people.

  4. Joe Biden is not president he’s a dictator in chief weekend at Bernies is right he wasn’t vetted in the campaign MIA hiding in his basement Obama is pulling the strings and we all know it the plan is to destroy our country Obama said the constitution is a flawed document he said that and China Joe Biden is saying the same thing Obama saying what he wants in his ear then it comes out Joe Bidens mouth next we go to war again communists

  5. I feel that Biden‘s wife should be ashamed for self, any wife allowing her husband to be a Spectacle in public when it is obvious he is ill. I did not vote for him but as a human being I feel sorry for him and liberals and anyone that is pushing him through this should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Biden’s wife should urge him to resign
      There’s no way he should be president. He doesn’t even know what day it is. He’s the worst president ever.

    2. I’m pretty sure Ms Biden loves the lime light of being the wife of the President. I’m sure she was well compensated for allowing her husband to become a laughing stock as President. She was always “stepping in” when they were interviewed before he became President. She’s used to being his mouth piece because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He can’t keep a thought through out a conservation, so sad! The worst thing is America is paying the price, we may never have our great country so “great” again.

    3. You said it exactly right.. Jill, his wife, should be ashamed of herself..I guess being 1st lady is more important than her husband…. Thee media makes it even worse by coddling him..

  6. Pissaki, is just as dumb, as joe is brain dead !!! They have made the Great USA , a laughing stock to the rest of the world !!!!! TOTALLY IMMBARRASING, WE ARE NO LONGER LOOKED UP TO, ONLY LAUGHED AT AND MOCKED !!! You can thank joe and the ho, and all the DEMONRATS for that !!!!!!!

  7. Why is VP HARRIS going to Guatemala, and has not been to the crises on our Southern border with all the illegals entering the USA

    1. come on Wally! give the girl a break, she’s the VP and she’s worked hard for the

      last 3 months. She needs a vacation, and some of the illegals are from there. So she gets to go (at the taxpayers’ expense ) and (take care of business)!

  8. Thay ALL should be impeached they are not doing what is the best for THIS country!!!! Biden NEVER WON THE ELECTION!!!!! if they are not removed our country as we knew it is gone forever they are jamming sh$$ down out throat and we ate just supposed to go along with it, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WILL OFTHE PEOPLE??

  9. Biden wasn’t elected, they stole the presidency, and he was showing signs of dementia long before the election. He and legs up are destroying this country. Or I should say those that are actually getting him to sign the executive orders, and making all the Iranian plans, China plans, etc., are doing it. The democrats that are in office, should be removed before all our rights are taken away, and we become another China!!!!

  10. Agree with all posts. We all know who is running this sh!t show! Obama! All of biden’s Caninet are Obama cabal people. Wake up people, before it is too late!

    1. I agree with you. All this crap is Obama. He can’t mind his own business. The USA is in trouble. We all need to pray that this insanity will come to an end sooner than later.

  11. Right now there are no democrats with the mental capacity to run our country. There’s a bunch a retarded A-holes trying to give our country away. I hate to say it,if something don’t happen soon Real American Patriots may have to go to war against these communist dictators. God Bless Our Country and Our American Patriots. Screw democrats and all there terrorist groups b.l.m and antifa.

    1. Kise, IT IS SAD — BUT YOU ARE CORRECT!!! I am afraid that it will be civil war soon! BLM riots in Ohio, Minn, Portland all allowed by Demoncrat Mayors and governors !! Time to help our law enforcement regain control!

    2. And that is why the Dems are in such a hurry to take away any guns, purchased by the rules, citizens might own because they know that us “good” people are not going to tolerate this nonsense. And we’d better beware of blm, antifa, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Talib…. and the rest of the far L. I see my home state…MN…becoming a garbage pit. Never did I ever think Mpls, Brooklyn Center, Edina, and all the rest of the major metropolitan area would become such losers. Dems used to be good….namely JFK….he started the Peace Corps, he really pushed space travel….ie:….Nasa. Todays dems are dangerous…we need to send them packing.

  12. First all the lies and fraud against President Trump while he was doing nothing but good for this country. Then the ridiculous impeachments based on more lies. It should have been the Bidens. Followed by the stolen election that everyone knows was one big fraud. Now we have the swamp dwellers and a senile incompetent running this country. Running it right into the ground. It’s Biden and Kamala who should be impeached. I’m not sure if all the damage they are doing can be fixed without a real civil war. The Democrats know that too. That is why they are pushing for gun confiscation,

  13. I still accept Trump as president,our retarded old man Biden,doesn’t fit any political position,doesn’t fit to be president, or saviour of america(he claim to be)Our Saviour is only Jesus Christ, for sure not man born as sinful creature

  14. Anyone that thinks Biden is in charge of anything is the fool of all fools! Biden has never been in charge and never will be! You have the most corrupt lineup of criminals in American history running the nation into the ground! By the time this is over there won’t be an America anymore.

  15. Biden was never in control. The democrates tell him what to do and he does it. I hope he gets ousted befor he sinks the country.

  16. “I can confirm that the president of the United States does not spend his time tweeting conspiracy theories, he spends his time working on behalf of the American people,” she snapped.

    She is dumber than AOC

  17. biden should accept putins challenge to a debate.puting would rip biden a new one..and offer him some warm ovaltine when biden has his old mans temper tantrum

  18. He is NOT working on bahalf of the Anerican people. He IS working on behalf of rhe CCP and the Democratic party.😡

  19. I am literally stunned that Jill and Joe Biden wants to go down in history in the United States and throughout the world as the absolute worst President of the United States, and that the Democrats will go down as the worst in history for allowing this. And everybody that is pushing him, Soros, Obama and all. They should all be tried for Treason and hung,..

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