Coronavirus death toll climbs nearly 100K in Biden’s first month as president: Report

Joe Biden repeatedly vowed on the campaign trail that he had a plan to combat the coronavirus — one that would far outshine anything proposed by then-President Donald Trump. But despite scrambling to convince voters that his policies would bring an end to the pandemic, Biden seems to be falling short where it actually counts.

According to Breitbart, nearly 100,000 people have died from COVID-19 since Biden first took office Jan. 20.

Breitbart cited data from Johns Hopkins University that indicates as many as 28.1 million Americans have been diagnosed with the coronavirus since the disease was first seen in America in early 2020. More than 500,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 over the last year.

Bad news for Biden

The figures don’t exactly bode well for Biden, as one of the cornerstones of his presidential campaign was that he would have a national plan to fight COVID-19 and that it would be better than Trump’s plan, which he called “totally irresponsible.”

In October, Biden said his proposal for combating the pandemic would be “driven by science and by scientists,” according to NPR, and he touted a plan that included a “public health job corps” and a “caregiving work force,” as well as expanded access to health care.

So far, Biden has seemed far more intent on unraveling every single one of Trump’s policies than doing anything about the coronavirus, however.

Soon after he took office, Biden conceded that “there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months,” as Breitbart noted. The president and his staffers also faced criticism from those on both sides of the aisle last month after appearing to flout a mask mandate Biden had just imposed on federal property.

Spinning the truth

As they take flak for appearing to throw in the towel before they’ve even really gotten started, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are also feeling the heat after they suggested last week that there was no COVID-19 vaccine before they got into office — or at least, no distribution plan for it.

“My predecessor, as my mother would say, God love him, failed to order enough vaccines, failed to mobilize the effort to administer the shots, failed to set up vaccine centers. That changed the moment we took office,” Biden said, according to a separate report from Breitbart.

Notably, both the president and the VP were fully vaccinated before Inauguration Day, and on that day, 1.6 million people got their first vaccine doses.

Media outlets from the BBC to The Washington Post fact-checked the pair, and even they found that the Democrat leaders were not being honest in their attempts to rewrite vaccine history.

Indeed, even as the coronavirus continues to take its toll on American families more than a month into their tenure, it seems Biden and company can’t help but spin the truth. What else have they been lying about?

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