Coronavirus death toll climbs nearly 100K in Biden’s first month as president: Report

Joe Biden repeatedly vowed on the campaign trail that he had a plan to combat the coronavirus — one that would far outshine anything proposed by then-President Donald Trump. But despite scrambling to convince voters that his policies would bring an end to the pandemic, Biden seems to be falling short where it actually counts.

According to Breitbart, nearly 100,000 people have died from COVID-19 since Biden first took office Jan. 20.

Breitbart cited data from Johns Hopkins University that indicates as many as 28.1 million Americans have been diagnosed with the coronavirus since the disease was first seen in America in early 2020. More than 500,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 over the last year.

Bad news for Biden

The figures don’t exactly bode well for Biden, as one of the cornerstones of his presidential campaign was that he would have a national plan to fight COVID-19 and that it would be better than Trump’s plan, which he called “totally irresponsible.”

In October, Biden said his proposal for combating the pandemic would be “driven by science and by scientists,” according to NPR, and he touted a plan that included a “public health job corps” and a “caregiving work force,” as well as expanded access to health care.

So far, Biden has seemed far more intent on unraveling every single one of Trump’s policies than doing anything about the coronavirus, however.

Soon after he took office, Biden conceded that “there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months,” as Breitbart noted. The president and his staffers also faced criticism from those on both sides of the aisle last month after appearing to flout a mask mandate Biden had just imposed on federal property.

Spinning the truth

As they take flak for appearing to throw in the towel before they’ve even really gotten started, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are also feeling the heat after they suggested last week that there was no COVID-19 vaccine before they got into office — or at least, no distribution plan for it.

“My predecessor, as my mother would say, God love him, failed to order enough vaccines, failed to mobilize the effort to administer the shots, failed to set up vaccine centers. That changed the moment we took office,” Biden said, according to a separate report from Breitbart.

Notably, both the president and the VP were fully vaccinated before Inauguration Day, and on that day, 1.6 million people got their first vaccine doses.

Media outlets from the BBC to The Washington Post fact-checked the pair, and even they found that the Democrat leaders were not being honest in their attempts to rewrite vaccine history.

Indeed, even as the coronavirus continues to take its toll on American families more than a month into their tenure, it seems Biden and company can’t help but spin the truth. What else have they been lying about?

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36 Responses

  1. Come on man –
    Remember OLE JOE has a PLAN! Once he’s done playing video games he’ll share it with the nation!!!!’

      1. I feel the same way. There’s no way in the world that Biden should be predictable. He’s a job killer, bad for the economy, and is mentally and physically deficient. God help us all

      2. They had nerve criticizing president trump & this one has 100.000 deaths just form corona virus in one month , now add the murders from shooting & knife stabs , & would would there ever be under age car jacking in any city or state what is wrong with the parents , not been parenting for a long time, or is it because juveniles get away with crimes committed & Americans pay for the raps with their high taxes so parents can relax at home .

    1. The only reason Biden us in office is because there gas to be someone in the hot seat. President Trump is out, but he still lives in the heads of the rumbas dem9crsts. They are the fumes bunchnofbifiits I ever known.

    2. Ole Dementia JB had all his pre-CIC speeches written by Mickey Mouse, Soros, & Bloomberg………..The rest of the demented DEM/RINOS put in their inane two cents worth………

    3. Bidenhas never had a plan. In fact the Democrats don’t have a plan. They think they are in control. They can only think they are in control until God decides he has had enough of their destroying America then he will let them know they are nothing. Just pray for America. If the Democrats stay in control for four years, all we can do is ask God to have Mercy on us.

      1. To bad you don’t know how to pray to God?, I do, it’s in the bible, can you read the bible and understand it??? read the new testament dah, you illiterate people.

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  3. Impeachable offenses? Question Senator Schumer Mocks Texas Amid Winter Storm Outages and President or not can criminal charges be filed against Joe Biden for being the cause of any illegal entry or American deaths from our border either directly or indirectly, since Biden’s AG Pick Just Refused To say whether Illegal Border Crossings Are A Crime and yet people are being allow in without proper medical releases or exams?

  4. Considering that most of these deaths are not from covid that’s pretty ridiculous. All these guys have to do to miraculously cure everyone is to straighten out the ‘data’. Trouble is if they did that their narrative is destroyed.
    What a crock of bull pucky. Bring back Trump.

      1. We really SHOULD have had PRESIDENT TRUMP back into his rightful place in the oval office, but seeing the terrified, ( BRIBED or THREATENED) “Judges”, and “investigators” REFUSED to look at the MOUNTAINS of evidence of RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD, we are now stuck with two communist chinese bought and owned “puppets”, hell bent on the destruction of our Constitutional republic, the installation of a communist-controlled, third-world, banana republic cesspool, and the citizens forced into becoming communist controlled “subjects:” Enjoy your new dictatorship “china-owned dementia-Joe biden voters”. You wanted a TYRANNICAL “government” you got it.

        1. Is there a single doubt Biden and the Democrats did NOT WIN the election? Yet, the Liberal Media continues to tell us the Democrats won. HOW? They knowingly stated an out-and-out untruth supporting a school system that stood at the top of the world. I used to be proud of OUR Country. I was stationed in Trieste, Italy in 1954. Except for a few Italian Communist and Tito “Jugs” to our immediate North it was “America, America, America.” Today we even disavow Columbus. It is a different world, with Democrats leading the path to Communism. I guess Eleanor Roosevelt has finally won. Our Capitalistic Democracy has been lost to the USSR and Communist China. Unbelievable!

  5. Democracy is a product of Christianity. Once large sectors of the country have abandoned their faith, we lose the capacity to see what is really good and what is really bad for us, according to God Then the ideas proclaimed and forced on others come from our own invention and become self-destructive. We do not even need faith to see this; we only need to take a look at history.

  6. Actually the only plan that probably would work, is the one that puts Herd Immunity as its main focus. Of course anything Biden offers would be irrelevant as the Liberal Left disavowed such a course of action. By the way I also believe most of these deaths would have occurred whether they had Covid or not. Wearing Masks and shutting down restaurants has only prolonged the epidemic, if you want to call it that.





  8. America we are under attack biologically politically and it’s our president doing the dirty work the vaccine is going to enslave and kill many humans all around this planet evil has set in and this is there time to take it over world domination sounds like a bad Austin Powers movie aka Bill Gates……I feel sorry for all the Democratic voters who voted this mad mofo into office I think they will see that or already have the media did a great job on destroying Trump and now they are destroying America !!!!

  9. Remember you can change stats anytime you want when you’re the big dog and have the lame stream media pushing their narrative.
    Example: Biden is doing all the bad and harmful things to our Country and the media plays it as good!

    President Trump does all the good things for our Country and the media plays it as a disastrous act against the world.
    It’s not rocket science people!

  10. I think it’s time to do something about Biden. We need Trump back. How did Biden get in office anyway? He isn’t pro-American. I see nothing but disaster for our nation’s future. I vote for impeaching Biden and for Trump to come back. GOD HELP OUR NATION.

  11. Joe and ho have not a clue, only taking orders. Tyrants, they know it , you know it , the media knows it, now we are screwed unless everyone pulls together to fix this mess one way or other.

  12. Biden wants to screw the people of America and build up Iran China Russia He is not American he is sold out to the world America last communists have taken over our country wake up people you’ve been fooled election stolen we’re under attack our freedoms are under attack I’ve turned my flag upside down till we get our country back

  13. Where are all the posts from the dem sheep and slime msm who blamed Trump for 400,000 deaths? Now illegitimate Biden has seen 100,000 die on his watch.

  14. Beijing Biden doesn’t know what he is doing! He has no light on upstairs. It is totally sad that we have lost all these people to the China virus which they created and gave to the world! But stupid Joe is going to open our gates up at let these thousands of lowlives into the country with Covid and other diseases that have been eradication here in America. These lowlives hav not been tested etc. our restaurants are closed except for outside dining, doctor appts only on zoom, kids only on zoom, no physical school and the absolutely dumb Biden is going to let them in with no protection or concern for American citizens. That proves he is incompetent of holding the office. Kamala is more in competent than dementia Beijing Biden!

  15. How many people do you know personally that have actually died from covid and didn’t have some underlying cause?? I know a lot of people and personally I don’t know anyone who even has this virus; The recovery rate of those who get it is greater than 99.9% and yet people are wearing masks and treating it as if it were Ebola or some other deadly disease…… What has happened to people’s bravery and common sense? This is nothing more than a method of control while also causing people to suffer so they will be more accepting of new governance after they have (attempted) to destroyed the capitalist economy and roll out their Communist Great Reset and implement Agenda 21 policies which would completely wipe out the Republic and the Christian foundation it is built upon.

  16. That’s because it’s before Fauci, et al, decided to change the cycles in the PCR test. Now that people have taken the deadly “vaccine”, they can claim the numbers are going down due to the shots. .but within another 3-6 months, those who took the vaccine, will also die or suffer lifetime complications requiring total reliance of Big Pharma to survive. These people have changed their immune system forever by allowing injection of an untested and dangerous mRNA, a deadly depopulation weapon, not a cure for anything. An unproven “virus” with a so called cure that isn’t a cure. Fauci and his friends have actually patented COVID, as they did with E-bola, HIV, SARS and H1N1. Fauci, the WHO and the CDC are criminals who need to be locked up forever. But, they will only earn millions despite deaths and maiming the unsuspecting sheep who take the vaccine. Of course, the mainstream media will never discuss Biden being responsible for so may deaths at all. Blame Trump for everything. More manipulation by the Deep State players to create false optics.

  17. How many of you REALLY think that Biden is in control??? Somebody needs to expose the guys behind the throne!! I cry for America, I cry for my grandchildren! Everybody needs to Pray and Pray that God will deliver America!!

  18. I can hear it now – This is all President Trump’s fault because he did not have a plan. Too bad dems, there were many plans but in your hatred of President Trump you trashed them.

  19. Agree with all posts! The only plan Biden has is destroy America! We better fight back, demand Piglosi, Biden and Harris be impeached now!!!

  20. What happened to your plan Joe or did you use Cuomo’s idea about covid???
    100,00 DEATHS ON YOU JOE!!! YOU HAD A PLAN DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS!!??!!?? NOT TRUMPS FAULT HE HAS BEEN OUT OF OFFICE WHILE ALL THIS WENT ON!! Don’t even try to say there wasn’t enough vaccines, Fosse’s boss said Trump left more than enough vaccines & what you should do to distribute them, guess you & your crack team forgot that too! You are as dumb as a stump & the worse President just like Obama!!!

  21. The world is 8 billion over populated the government is out to kill off this 8 billion people, have a nice day, those with a strong immune system will survive, garlic gives you a strong immune system, a little every day, garlic will be depleted out of your body in 3 or 4 days so you need a little every day, a container of garlic should last you a bout a year.

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