Poll: Coronavirus still way ahead as top voter concern

The coronavirus had by far the largest plurality of responses when a May Hill-HarrisX poll asked voters what they thought was the biggest problem facing the U.S. today. 

Forty percent of those surveyed indicated they thought the pandemic was still the biggest problem the U.S. has right now, with the next-closest response, the economy, only getting 11%.

Immigration was third on the list with 10%, and other much-covered topics like race relations, gun control, the national debt, and income inequality only got 3% each in the poll.

The results show the dominance of the coronavirus in public life even as majorities of both parties have now been vaccinated against the virus and many states have lifted most or all COVID restrictions or have announced dates when they will do so.

Republicans differ from poll majority

Republicans differed from others in the poll somewhat, with only 26% saying COVID was the biggest problem. 22% named immigration as the biggest problem we are facing, and 14% said the economy.

The poll was taken as new jobs numbers showed nearly 500,000 fewer jobs created than expected in April, causing concern for many experts on the economy that the recovery is slowing with nine million fewer people employed than pre-pandemic.

COVID policies that impact the economy such as shutdowns and paying extended unemployment boosts to laid-off workers may be included as “coronavirus” in the poll results, skewing results.

In most larger cities where more people live, masks are still a way of life and in many cases, capacity for indoor events is still limited. Other polls showed that many people are still hesitant about indoor dining and even visiting family in some cases.

Economy, Immigration very concerning

It is a little disheartening to see that so many people still think the virus is a bigger problem than the economy or immigration, since there are alarming signs in both those areas.

Inflation is the highest it has been since 2008–coincidentally the last time the U.S. printed hundreds of billions of dollars and passed it out like candy to the American people.

All this is happening as hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pour across the border every month, including thousands of unaccompanied minor children, and President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris refuse to do anything about it.

Seems like a lot of people need to wake up and realize that at the very least, the Biden administration is getting away with using the coronavirus as a huge distraction from what they are doing to damage the country irreparably.

By the time the left’s tactics become obvious, it may be too late.

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4 Responses

  1. You’ve got Biden trying to destroy millions of jobs and giving them more money now than they would make if working what do you expect?
    Practically the minute he stepped into the Oval Office he started getting rid of jobs. And Congress and his buddies the democrats can’t blame anybody but him.
    He, Harris and pelosi needs to be taken out of there. And everyone knows why on all 3! He’s an idiot, she, admittedly slept her way to the top and pelosi is way to old and a drunk.

    1. The biden administration is quite aware of the multitude of problems they are creating. They couldn’t care less! The problems are bolstering their long term agenda…..to he** with the USA and the American people!

  2. I think our number 1 crisis is Joe Biden if he don’t get removed there won’t be nothing left of this country by the end of the year2021 he is the number 1 problem right now then the virus and then the broader

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