Couple closes toy store because of supply chain problems

A husband and wife in Connecticut told Fox News over the weekend that they had to close their brand new toy store because of supply chain issues that have caused skyrocketing prices and made items harder to get. 

Priscilla Gutierrez and Eliah Lefferts only opened JoJo’s Toys and More on May 20, but said they are closing it down after only five months because they can’t make it work with the adverse conditions they have been experiencing.

“Unfortunately, there was a lot of supply change that happened. Unfortunately, for me and my husband, we have to make the decision of closing the doors because we could not afford to get products anymore and the prices really increased a lot,” JoJo’s Toys and More co-owner Priscilla Gutierrez said on “Fox & Friends.”

“The product is there. It’s there just waiting to be distributed,” Leffert said, noting that there have been at least three major price increases during the time they have been open.

Major price increases, delays

One of the trendiest toys JoJo’s was selling had cost $3.74, but is now up to $12.99, Leffert said. They stopped ordering the item in September, he said.

And then there’s the time it has been taking to get items. “It’s three months on average. Maybe even more at this point to even get anything. So it’s a tough call. We had to make that decision,” he said.

Leffert and Guitierrez said they were opening the store to eventually pass it to their son, who is autistic, he said.

Guitierrez said they were relying on their faith to get them through the ordeal. “I came from nothing growing up and this was a dream of mine. It’s sad, we’re faithful. We’re ready and just waiting for what the Lord has for us. … We just have to move on. It’s hard,” she said.

The human face of supply chain problems

While White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki mockingly said during a briefing that  it was a “tragedy” people had to wait for their backordered treadmills (she meant Peletons), this is the human face of the supply chain problems and runaway inflation plaguing the country.

It’s all too easy to say that people should just “buy less stuff,” as Vox did last week, but that directly impacts the U.S. and world economy, and translates into people like Leffert and Guitierrez losing their livelihoods and their dreams.

Biden and his entire administration has shown a glaring lack of concern for individuals affected by his policies, and have not acted in the best interests of the people to make the American economy work the way a capitalist economy like ours is supposed to work.

There isn’t anything wrong with buying goods, and it’s time for Biden and the Democrats to recognize that something needs to be done if we are going to save this economy from complete ruin.

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