9th Circuit Court of Appeals issues devastating anti-2nd amendment ruling

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that state governments can restrict people from openly carrying guns in public, a move that diminishes the right to bear arms and directly opposes the Second Amendment.

The case Young v. Hawaii included a lawsuit by a Hawaiian resident who argued his state’s restrictions against open carry of a firearm was unconstitutional. The appeals court declared the state’s law was in keeping with a “longstanding tradition.”

The court ruled the states could restrict “certain weapons from entering… public spaces as means of providing ‘domestic Tranquility’ and forestalling ‘domestic Violence.” However, the ruling based on “longstanding tradition” appears at odds with the Second Amendment.

Immediate pushback

Judge Jay Bybee wrote for the majority that the ruling is justified because “the government may regulate, and even prohibit, in public places – including government buildings, churches, schools, and markets – the open carrying of small arms capable of being concealed, whether they are carried concealed or openly.”

Joseph Greenlee, the director of constitutional studies at the Firearms Police Coalition, criticized the ruling in a statement Wednesday.

“We are very disappointed in the outcome of this case,” Greenlee stated.

“As the dissent pointed out, the Ninth Circuit has effectively eliminated the word ‘bear’ from the Constitution,” he continued. “Now that tens of millions of Americans have been told, for the first time ever, that they have no right to carry a firearm, it is more important than ever for the Supreme Court to address the issue and define the right to “bear arms.”

NRA fights back

The National Rifle Association (NRA) also opposed the decision.  “This was not an NRA case but we are exploring all options to rectify this,” the group stated in a tweet.

Several Democrats voiced support of the court’s decision. New Jersey attorney general Gurbir Grewal tweeted his role, along with 10 Democrat-led states, in a tweet following the announcement of the court’s ruling.

The court ruling will certainly not be the end of this battle. Many Americans cherish their Second Amendment rights, and are unwilling to let such an abrupt ruling against firearms remain unchallenged.

Now that Democrats have rid the nation of Donald Trump, the issue of gun control is back on the table, and President Joe Biden has made it clear that Democrats will stop at nothing in order to strip firearms from the hands of law-abiding American citizens.

The notoriously liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals can almost always be relied upon to deliver rulings sympathetic to Democrat causes, and the Biden administration will likely not hesitate to use this ruling to justify its forthcoming gun grab.

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29 Responses

  1. Perhaps there should be a “Ban” on addle brain “judges” who DO NOT KNOW or can’t comprehend the Bill of RIGHTS.
    These judges should be THROWN OFF the court , and those who “Appointed them” be arrested for TREASON.

      1. I agree. To many IDIOTS are second guessing MEN they could not sit in the same room with. 99 percent do not understand American ENGLISH. They judge by their political AGENDA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. “THOSE,” judges have been placed there for that very reason to do the bidding of the left. They are beholden to their benefactors.. (life long pay checks) democratic president’,s like Clinton and especially Obamy the ardent marxist. Thank god, many times over Trump crushed lying Hillary. OR by now we would be living under a much different set of laws the Constitution would have been dumped and who know where we would be.

    2. He was not American citizen Biden open borders caused the problem need to try him for murder open borders people dying for his lie and they want to take are guns needs to investigate why gunman Muslim was it Clinton etc

  2. As Adolph Hitler said, “First you disarm them, then you can control them.” That is precisely what he did with Jews in Europe and proceeded to jail them whether or not they resisted. He then slaughtered millions in the gas chambers. This is what we are witnessing with Joe Hitler Biden. History is repeating itself.

    1. Not only that, but it makes it impossible to throw out a government that is out of control. Biden and his crew are on the verge of being out of control. They don’t care about the average American. They only care about their big donors, their power over citizens, and how much money they can shove in their own pockets.

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  4. The government and appointed idiots need to understand that we the people have these guns and these rights to stop the governments over reach of our individual rights grated and guaranteed by the people who fought and bleed and died for these rights and we the constitution with all of its true amendments not these idiots amendments. I am so sick of these idiots that feel they have an individual right to rule over millions of free people. If these clowns want to be communists i suggest they leave the country or get off the bench with their foolishness.

  5. Unconstitutional and no surprise since Leftists impose their personal values and disregard any rules, laws, or the Constitution if they get in their way. “Protect and defend” the Constitution is in most federal officials oath of office, but they don’t give a rat. There has to be an alternate scheme with this ruling. Too extreme. Maybe judge wants SCOTUS to rule and go on the record.

  6. This is what all tyrants and totalitarian governments do on their way to total control and power over the people to leave them without the ability to resist.

    1. I can only say as a Viet-Nam, Veteran a Customs and Border Protection Officer, would warn those who try to take my defense of my family, friend and close relatives, once you cross the line, your life belongs to me.

  7. Let them try and take our guns and there will be a sh-t storm like no one has ever seen in this country!!!

    1. Hopefully your right,
      That’s why this amendment was put into place by our founding fathers; so that the elected government could not take control of the American citizens, or Dictate like Hitler !!! We put them in office, WE CAN TAKE THEM OUT OF OFFICE !!! ( Hence; RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS) it’s up to us now AMERICA, STEP UP and show congress what ” WE THE PEOPLE” really means so these uneducated idiots in office UNDERSTANDS where they stand on this issue !!!! MAGA !!!!!!

  8. I am an American, the founding fathers were smart enough to understand there would be idiots like Biden, and that is the reason we have the constitutional to have a weapon. Guess what Biden I want you personally to enforce that stupid law, and then we can place bets on how all that will work out.


  10. I am deeply disappointed in our Judicial system lately. I don’t think they should be involved in politics. They have taken an oath to uphold our laws and “Constitution”. They are not put in to their position to make laws, only to interpret them via past rulings. There has never been a ruling to take away a Constitutional right as far as I know. I don’t know who they think they are kidding by doing this but they need to be called out for this ruling!

  11. Lead rules, it is what flew when it was time to make America’s laws, constitution & way of life and these liberal morons are only fooling themselves, if they believe BHO’s Oops, Biden’s changes to this country will happen without much lead flying.

  12. We call it the 9th CIRCUS COURT OF APPEALS. It is one of the MOST OVERTURNED courts in the UNITED STATES! CALIFORNIA knows it is the most liberal state in AMERICA, which is why WE THE PEOPLE residing in California call the coast from Canada to Baja–THE LEFT COAST OF AMERICA!

  13. We must fight this ruling! Our constitution gives us the right to bear arms for self defense! I would be willing to bet EVERY judge has a concealed carry license! And most of our so called “ leaders” have a security detail to protect them! Where is our protection? Do we not have the right to defend ourselves? Fight this over reach of those judges!

  14. For those too young to have seen Edgar Bergen’s wooden headed dummy,
    Mortimer Snurd, I can tell you that those of us who were around last century
    to be entertained by Edgar Bergen and his multiple dummies, cannot look
    at this idiot from Delaware without thinking about Mortimer Snurd. They
    look like they came from the same tree trunk with the only difference being
    that Mortimer Snurd’s comments made a lot more sense than Biden’s.
    Biden is an idiot, a lying, stupid idiot, but still an idiot!!!

  15. What else do you expect the democratic devils to do ??? Hawaii is a state of its own volition !!! You voted, you receive, and you bear the fruit !!! You, and only you, have put the wheels in motion, so live with consequences !!! If you want to be a free nation, so be it, otherwise JUST WITHDRAW !!!

  16. Each and every one of them need to be disbarred, sued personally, sued as an organization, and arrested for treason. They can make no law which is illegal, and if they do, it is not really a law.

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