Supreme Court dismisses sanctuary city cases instead of settling debate

The U.S. Supreme Court just dropped the ball on an important immigration issue. 

The justices did so by deciding to dismiss three cases that dealt with sanctuary cities, according to The Hill

The Issue

Sanctuary cities are those cities that harbor illegal immigrants, shielding them from federal immigration law enforcement.

It is common in such sanctuary cities for their Democratic leadership to order local law enforcement not to cooperate with federal immigration officials. Local law enforcement, as one example, often release illegal immigrants who have been arrested rather than hold them until federal immigration officials could get there to take custody.

The administration of former President Donald Trump took steps in order to try to rectify this situation.

One such step was to withhold millions of dollars worth of federal funding from local governments who contribute to the sanctuary city problem by not cooperating with federal immigration officials.

The lawsuits

In response to Trump’s policy, withholding federal funding from sanctuary cities, several local governments brought lawsuits against the Trump administration. The purpose of the lawsuits was to try to get the courts to rule that such a policy is unlawful.

The lower courts split on the issue. Some decided that Trump’s policy was lawful, while others decided that it wasn’t.

So, the cases, just this past week, made it up to the Supreme Court, which now contains a decisive conservative majority with Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, and Trump’s three appointees: Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett. The justices, however, decided not to hear the cases. They dismissed them.

According to The Hill, the Supreme Court justices did so because President Joe Biden had asked them to. Biden had rescinded Trump’s sanctuary city policy upon taking the White House.

What now?

Liberals are praising this decision, with Dennis Herrera, one San Francisco attorney involved in one of the cases, telling The Hill“We’re glad this issue has finally been put to rest.”

Of course, the issue has not been put to rest because the Supreme Court chose not to rule on the lawfulness of Trump’s policy. The issue has simply been postponed until we get another president who tries to enforce federal immigration law. Biden has clearly demonstrated that he will not.

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36 Responses

  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m getting very TIRED of U.S. Sumpreme Court justices, put there by Republican presidents, screwing us ALL over and over! They seem to end up disappointing every time

    1. The points of the suite brought in support of President Trump’s actions against unconstitutional sanctuary cities are still valid regardless of Traitor Joe’s action. It is cowardice for the SCOTUS to ignore its responsibility to rule on this. The DOJ now needs to initiate an investigation into the corruption the leadership in these cities. This is not a case for Constitutional scholars to debate as the Constitution clearly states that the Federal Government sets the laws for immigration! States can no more violate Federal law in this instance than they can claim sanctuary for traitors, murderers or bank robbers!

    2. I agree! What the hell is goung on? They wouldn’t even look at any of the election fraud cases! What are they doing there? BIDEN did not win the election and that is why the fences are still up! They want to take over as dictator’s and we will never have our words heard again!!!!

  2. Biden should be IMPEACHED for allowing ILLEGALS to enter this country without going thru the immigration process. Biden is not caring about the LEGAL citizens, who foot the bill for the ILLEGALS, and Biden is ignoring the fact that US citizens are struggling. Veterans are homeless (some due to mental issues) seniors and disabled citizens are losing benefits that many have worked and contributed to! Biden is not doing his job, he is hurting many Americans with his actions.

    1. impeaching Biden gives us Kamala which is certainly not an improvement. Impeaching Kamala gives us Piglosy again no improvement. We need a new special election to solve the problem.

    2. Yes he should. We do not matter but the illegals do. what are we headed for.
      A train wreck I think. We need Trump back. I think the election was rigged.

      1. I know the election was rigged…..Its was too obvious…..Trump needs to stick around a while; we still need him in the CPAC and otherwise endorsing good solid conservative candidates.

    3. Agree,
      Many persons have applications on file trying to come legally into America.
      Biden is causing much danger & putting illegals ahead of persons who may qualifym to come legally.
      American’s citizens are being put in harms way. This must be stopped. We need completed border wall. Protect citizens jobs, health care, schools, communities.

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  4. Hey, scotus, what is it about harboring illegals that doesn’t sound like aiding and abetting, and against the law? Where did you people get your law degrees? How can you allow law abiding citizens to continually break the law by allowing cities and states to ‘harbor’ illegals?

  5. There is not much I can say that will change the outcome!
    I find it unconscionable that SCOTUS would not at least hear the cases then rule.
    But to just flippantly dismiss them is totally wrong!
    What is SCOTUS for except to resolve questionable Constitutional issues.
    This is the 4th time they have refused to do their job!

  6. Illegal still means Against the Law, therefore, all those in Congress and local governments permitting illegal activity also need to be arrested and face consequences. This includes demoncRats in Congress, state governors, and local politicians. We all know that in the future these illegal immigrants will be future demoncRat voters. This is their goal.

  7. All the judges of the supreme court better try a very good look at our constitution and the laws of this country.

  8. The supreme court has proved they are becoming a problem, i’d venture to point the finger at John Roberts, he has a proven liberal leaning. We are very unhappy with their proformance, maybe the so called court isn’t that important.

  9. John Roberts is a back stabbing Traitor that the Democrats control. Other than that what’s he good for : NOTHING . WE NEED PEOPLE IN THE SUPREME COURT THAT ONLY CARE ABOUT AMERICA AND IT’S PEOPLE AND OUR CONSTITUTION AND LAWS AND NOT ABOUT ANY PARTY.

  10. We now have a corrupt and ANTI-AMERICAN Congress and a ANTI-AMERICAN SUPREME COURT ALSO. This is so very disgusting and appalling. You would think that they would want to protect American justice, the American people and our culture but that isn’t what happening. They are in it for life SO MAYBE THEY SHOULD ALL HAVE TERM LIMITS BOTH IN CONGRESS AND THE SUPREME COURT JUSTICES. LET’S GET THAT DONE ASAP! AGE SHOULD HAVE SOME RELEVANCE IN ANY JOB BUT ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY DICTATE HOW THE REST OF US MUST LIVE OUR LIVES.

  11. The supreme court justices seems to be scared of Biden and the democrats. They won’t deal with any case that has to do with Trump or his policies. They don’t want to anger the democrats so scared for their political carriers.

  12. The Supreme Court is worthless. Although they have the ability to pick and choose what cases they hear, they are doing a great disservice to the American people.

  13. Who is controlling the US Supreme court.??? I thought they were supposed to act on behalf of the American citizens and for the good of this nation!!! How can they continue to shirk their responsibilities!!! They coudl have, and should have stopped this rigged election that happened on Nov 3rd and also in Georgia in January!!!` But for some reason they did not WANT TO TACKLE IT!!!

  14. They drop the cases because Biden asked them to? Seriously? If a president asking them to do something carries THAT much weight, WHY didn’t They hear any of the voter fraud cases that President Trump asked them to do? Seems the scotus is very compromised! Perhaps we should get rid of scotus altogether and have the circuit courts hear cases.

  15. I agree with all these folks… but you have to send that message to the Supreme Court and your State government. Not just among yourselves…. If 75 million people actually took the time to send letters or messages directly – think of the impact!!

  16. They dropped the case because Biden asked them to, what kind of unbelievable dumb Supreme Court Judges are they. His own Senators don’t want him to have the power to make decisions on using any kind of weapons, he has turned this country into turmoil & complete mess, he is not mentally stable so when he asks them to drop the case they do!! WOW I thought you had to be smart to be on the Supreme Court guess not!!

  17. This is the first time ever I can say,” DITTO to every single comment I have
    read. thus far.”
    I cannot believe that once again the Supreme Court Judges are turning their
    eyes and ears away from a serious problem the citizens are experiencing
    and begging for their expertise and help. I don’t know about Pres. Trump, but if I were him, I would be desvatated and extremely disappointed that he gave them such a prestigeous opportunity by choosing them and this is the stand they are taking ?? I find it unconcionable and incredible they do not care to at least study the situation before saying they won’t do it. They
    had to have known how desperately we needed our Election scrutinized
    and they should have made sure it was not fraudulent but again they turned
    the other way and said ,”NO, NOTHING TO SEE HERE”.
    This is truly the most disappointing , and frightening turn of events in our history. No explanation , no justification for this lack of interest and action
    coming from the Supreme Court Justices. Incredible !

  18. The Supreme Court is probably on board with the New World Order and The Great Reset of the far left and George Soros. This will be our new country soon enough. Killing Free Speech is the first step towards Communism that is coming.
    The Biden Bernie Manifesto that was put out so people could see what Biden was bringing to our country, it was 106 pages long. I don’t think anybody that voted for Biden read it.

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