Supreme Court won’t hear any election challenges until after Inauguration Day

Although President Donald Trump released a video in which he called for a smooth transition of power to the Biden administration on Jan. 20, challenges to last year’s general election are still going forward.

When those case will be brought before the Supreme Court isn’t clear, however, as the nation’s highest court is apparently in no hurry to hear them.

Nothing heard until after Inauguration

The Supreme Court announced Monday that no election challenges will be heard until after President-elect Joe Biden assumes office, the Washington Examiner reported.

At issue are claims that Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin acted unconstitutionally in changing their election laws regarding mail-in ballots. All of the four states were carried by Biden in November after having been won by Trump four years earlier.

John Eastman, one of the president’s attorneys, said that the Supreme Court had “effectively” prevented the cases from getting an expedited hearing anyway given the time frame, the Examiner reported.

Despite the legal challenges no longer having an impact on the 2020 race, Eastman said he still believes that it is important for them to be heard given the potential effect they could have on future elections.

Lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign were not the only ones denied by the Supreme Court to receive an expedited hearing. Cases brought by Pennsylvania state Rep. Mike Kelly and Georgia attorney Lin Wood were turned down as well.

Cruz: Hopeful the court will act

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) announced in December that he would assist in arguing Kelly’s lawsuit concerning changes in Pennsylvania’s election law.

“When you look at a country where 39 percent of Americans right now believe this last election was rigged, that’s a real problem for confidence in the integrity of our electoral system,” Cruz told Fox News host Sean Hannity.

“So, I’m hopeful the Supreme Court will step forward to its responsibility and resolve this case and resolve other cases as needed,” the senator continued.

“It raises pure issues of law, and I believe the Supreme Court should choose to take the case,” he added. “I think they should hear the appeal.”

The Republican senator also took issue with how Pennsylvania’s state Supreme Court had handled the issue, describing it as “a partisan Democratic court that issued multiple decisions just on their face contrary to the law.”

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60 Responses

  1. So, let’s get this straight, SCOTUS believes Donald Trump needs them to investigate voter fraud before inauguration, so they put it on the back burner cause who in the hell is he to ask for expediency? Please be advised SCOTUS, 75 million voters asked Trump to have you do this as well. Or, does it take 76 million to ask before you act? I guess you have more serious things to do. Act professional and get it done now, or be among the future 20 Supreme Court Justices whom will decide on things leaning Left. American Right will accept an election if it’s done in good faith from honesty, something you are ignoring. I can’t believe you disregard 75+ marking it trivial and not a priority.

    1. Well put. They are too late in adjudicating the issues, as now they have enraged us 75-80 million that, along with lack of actions by the FBI and the DoJ, have us acknowledging that there is no law anymore…..

      1. The SCOTUS didn’t have the courage to look at the evidence. After all, our president was about to be thrown out of office on a fraud, but they didn’t have the time to look at anything. Shame on them as they are as worthless and other lying Democrat. The entire bunch of 9.

    2. Please don’t get me wrong, I totally agree with your comments; I detest what is being conducted before the American people right now. However, as President
      Trump has stated, his intention is not to necessarily change the outcome, it is to prevent this sort of abuse of power and vote fraud (which was quite obvious). Let’s think about this some. We will not be able to change the outcome, however, by SCOTUS holding off until after the inauguration they will be free to offer realistic opinions without being labeled as biased. These would hold carry much more weight and perhaps, get the facts out.

      1. If they, in fact, let the facts out. Are they required by law to brief the American public? I seriously don’t know and am asking. I think Trump can be even more effective outside the swamp and hope he does the heavy lifting that those in DC can’t/won’t do. I pray God’s mercy on this lawless nation.

      2. If something isn’t done quickly, they have at least 2 more years to perfect their system of fraud. Biden thought they had already done that, but it can always be improved.

    3. The SCOTUS is as corrupt and can be bought secretly. The United States Of America as the whole world knows now is no less different from the Third World Country. By the Judges and courts not hearing proofs and allowing a fraudulent election of 2020 to go unchallenged, the SCOTUS is now considered not adhering to their Highest Standards.

    4. I believe Joe Biden when he said, “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American Politics!”

    5. Well said!! WE had our LEGAL votes switched due to stealing! And we will teach our young that cheaters win!! Very sad for America!! Why does nobody care about righteousness and truth? We have many sin-sick souls in this world.

    6. Apparently 75 million people and TRUTH didn’t offer court as much money as Soros did…bought and sold justice system..

    7. The national population is finally getting a real life look at the alleged “justice” system. In many instances the court system is little more than a back room mobster meeting and their decisions as biased.

  2. Why does the Supreme Court have a choice on if they want to review a claim or not. I always thought they wrere there just for that reason, no just to sit in those chairs with their black robes on the have their pictures taken. GET WITH IT COURT AND DO WHAT YOU ARE THERE FOR.

  3. My lord they are all scrambling quickly aren’t they? Think about it folks…..They are taking your freedom of speech away, they are lying about the President’s speech (as they have done for 4 yrs.) they have denied you your right to vote, they are trying to keep you from a President that was rightfully voted by Republicans, and now trying to keep him from ever running for office again. Step back and look at this picture!!!!! What do you see???? It’s the Deep State absolutely scrambling in a panic for their right to continue being a member of the Deep State and keep their gutless, gross, thieving, crooked actions from being released……GUESS WHAT? I SEE IT COLLAPSING UNDERNEATH THEM. DO YOU REALLY THINK DJT IS THAT STUPID, OR OUR MILITARY, OR MANY, MANY OTHER GOOD HONEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. GET OUT YOUR POPCORN FOR THE BIGGEST CORRUPTION DOWNFALL STORY OF THE CENTURY!!!! I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!

    1. Thank you for saying this perfectly. What these so called reps have done is shameful. They always say, “for the AMERICAN PEOPLE”. I could vomit every time I hear them say it . The only thing that they care about is themselves, their huge salary and benefits. They are the deep state and they know that President Trump is the only one that could put a stop to this so they must stop him at all costs. I’m just sick about all of this. The demonrat clowns are pathetic. SCOTUS is such a disappointment. TRMP WON !

    2. Totally correct. Another thought, I am really going to miss that beautiful First Lady that shows grace in everything she does.

    3. I do not think the liberals are in a panic at all…they know from long experience they can and will do ANYTHING to get and keep power and they know the conservatives are the ones who are too chicken to break the law and will not rebel, will not do what must be done and will not risk it all the way they do. They can do anything from rob, violate rules and laws, even bury the bodies while the patriots wring their hands crying about how nasty the liberals are. And the conservatives have been IMPRISONING for two generations, those whom they need now who were trying to warn them all along and the conservatives called them radicals. Radical is what all prophets and natural leaders are called. And now they will try to get Trump and every relative and friend he has with a conviction of some sort…just like all those others who tried to help the conservatives.

  4. Shame on the Supreme Court they are as corrupt as the rest of the Democrats we don’t have a democracy. This is what Communist country’s do.

  5. Disgusting! John Roberts is so afraid of being found out about being a part of the swamp, he needs to resign.

  6. What about all the individuals who gave SWORN TESTIMONY on seeing illegal actions during the counting of ballots, and the videos showing these same actions. AND the truck driver who SWORE he brought ballots from other states, to be counted in elections. AND the out of state printer, who printed an EXTRA 11 Million ballots delivered to (I believe it was) Pennsylvania? All reported with SWORN TESTIMONY??

  7. We are now living in a pretty sick Country when we can no longer count on the Supreme Court “ Protecting the Constitution” 70 Plus voters apparently have
    “No Rights” It’s really sad to think this is what it has now come too? They need to clean up their act & do what they were hired to do for us the people ! This Election should have been halted until it was investigated by the Supreme Court Justices !!!

  8. No, in authoritarian countries violence and control rule, where people who do not like the result of an election lash out. In our country the Law should be the guide.and just because a lot of people object that does not make them right. The courts, filled with Republican & Democratic appointed justices heard 62 lawsuits and DJT lost 60 of them. The justices followed the law. DJT’s lawyers forgot that to win a case you must present evidence, not just spout allegations. Cruz can bluster that he would volunteer to present to the SC, but he also needs facts. Pure numbers, but not a majority does not win an argument. The law should prevail and hopefully in this country it always will.

    1. Wrong, Trump had only 5 or 6 cases and were dismissed on process, no standing. They NEVER even looked at the evidence they had. The other lawsuits everyone said were trumps were filed by citizens Nd other groups. Quit listening to MSM and do your own research. The SCOTUS just didnt wsnt involved in the election, mainly Roberts.

  9. Funny just how fast the FBI TRACKED DOWN AND ARRESTED so called trump supporters but not a single person even the o escau ghb it on video in committing wide spread fraud during the election were ever arrested or even investigated. HYPOCRITES TRYING TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY

  10. Will the Supreme Court be shredding the stolen ballots as well??? Looking at this issue after inauguration is a day late and a doller short!!! They should have shown interest in investigating this stolen election way before now!!! If they had, I don’t think the Trump supporters would have been in DC on January 6th. No one wanted to listen to the people about the stolen election. yet all of America knows it was stolen. We also know that Joe Biden can’t be a real president BECAUSE he did not win this election; he stole this election!!! BUT, no one wanted this truth to come out BECAUSE they would have to do something about it; AND they did not have the guts to do the right thing. I am very, very disappointed in the Supreme Court!!!! They have always been the ones we expected to do the right thing!!! Now, who can we trust??? It seems there is no one!!! We could have AND SHOULD HAVE STOPPED THE STEAL BEFORE IT HAPPENED!!! That could have been done, BUT no one, least of all the Supreme Court, wanted to take it on!!!

    1. Also, that Kamala Harris is not a native born American and is not eligible to be Vice President or President for which she will become when they get rid of Biden. But then Pelosi did with Kamala Harris what she did with Obama, vetted them as legal citizens and neither of them are legal.

  11. So, we are witnessing a CHINESE IMPEACHMENT in America. The corruptocrats doing the impeaching are all bought and paid for by the CHINESE. They are therefore CHINESE AGENTS out to DESTROY AMERICA.


  12. What good will it do to hear these arguments AFTER the inauguration? Why not BEFORE? What are they hiding? Or is this the plan to use the 25th ammendment against joebama, so Harris and ultimately Obama can take over? Something is really fishy about all this! Scotus is clearly complicit, along with the demonrats! What is going on? Will we ever know? Where is the Durham report that was touted so loudly? Where is the DOJ, the FBI, the investigations about voter fraud? Why the attempted purge of the conservatives and Trump supporters? What is going on? We need the truth now, not after the inauguration, when it will be too late!

  13. John Roberts is a pawn of the Bush Family when Georgie put him before us as the “Best” example of a candidate for the SCOTUS. He was the deciding vote on Obama Care as a tax…my God…freshman year in Law School I learned you can not tax a health care provision into law as mandated by SCOTUS. He constantly shows the American public he is not for our best interest and that he is privately dictated to by the Bush family and operatives of that corrupt family…example…his Father” Bush Sr” just happened to sell Millions of Dollars of Enron(R) stock days before the company went BKY. These are the kinds of “folk” Roberts takes his marching orders from…impeach him. Frank J. Stangel, J.D.

  14. I do not understand how America allowed a very obvious fraudulent election. We the people must be so stupid and willing to be a banana republic and communist country. Law and order cannot exist with obvious fraudulence, corrupt politicians, cheating, rioting, vandalism, crimes, murders, dictatorship of satanic democrats and rinos, etc. We finally have a president, Trump, who cares for America and be really a great country with his election stolen. Then topped with a useless United States supreme court, DOJ and FBI, fake news, corrupt, corrupt, no more God bless America. Freedom going away. So Sad, the world must be ending. Jesus please come soon!

  15. If SCOTUS finds for the fraud, what could and would be the remedy? I do not believe the COURT is brave enough to remove someone and place TRUMP in his well earned and deserved place. I do not believe they would want to chance the nation going into a full scale RIOTS. I firmly believe this has been punted, and all they will so is oh well better luck next time.

  16. We used to have the right to overthrow a tyrrannical government. So now if you riot the government you are thrown in prison by both sides .what up with that

  17. I agree with about everything you say but it won’t happen, Did you notice how fast the F.B. I. reacted to the march to the Capital and break in. Trump has been under seige for 4 years and what have they done? Especially since they were a big part of it. How about the insurrections all summer long, Nothing! How about the special investigation from last year that was supposed to end with a report around June? How about the suppression of news about Biden and his son. How about the F.B. I sitting on Hunter Bidens lap top all year, Crikets!

  18. Maybe the whole Supreme Court should be impeached. Why would they wait yntil
    After the election to hear election fraud cases. Guess they don’t care about the constitution or election integrity either. Wimps.


  20. Nothing good to say about Supreme Court! Only two justices remain who aren’t afraid of their own shadow.
    This branch of government seems as corrupt like the majority of congress and the Executive Branch once Biden takes office.
    Bad times are ahead for this country. Very sad!


  22. I believe that this fraud case need to be heard should of been heard and if they don’t do their job to here it they need to go Why do you think the past week has turned out like it has because no one does anything we just keep going on and on we the American people want justice and now

  23. Everyone knows that the dems stick together. The fairy Republicans have no ” colunnes”.the writing was on the wall NOBODY read it. Trump warned all thst they would do anything to gain their power back To bad we are Just SHEEP. WE didn’t listen.

  24. So what the Supreme Court is really saying to conservative taxpayers is that our LEGAL vote does NOT have ANY standing, but highly questionable and votes NOT beyond a reasonable doubt with actual fraud DO have standing. Congrats SCOTUS–we now have 0 confidence in the “Justices”….

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