At Biden’s request, Supreme Court drops plans to hear arguments on Trump Medicaid work requirements

The Supreme Court will no longer hear arguments on a Trump administration policy to require Medicaid recipients to work, signaling the likely end of the program under President Joe Biden.

The move Thursday comes after the Biden administration said it has no plans to keep the policy and moved to cancel oral arguments on challenges to it, Reuters reported.

An “overreach of executive power”

According to the Associated Press, former President Donald Trump originally introduced the option for states to adopt work requirements for “able-bodied” adults receiving Medicaid in 2018 as part of a broader agenda of entitlement reform. The program faced numerous legal challenges, however, and never fully got off the ground, as Politico noted.

The Supreme Court was scheduled to hear arguments on March 29 about the pilot programs in New Hampshire and Arkansas, but will now no longer do so after the Biden administration asked the court to cancel arguments.

The idea of the work requirements was to lift poor recipients out of governmental dependency, but detractors said it had the practical effect of reducing health care coverage for the poor. Critics cite a study showing that 18,000 people lost health care coverage in Arkansas, the first state to pilot the program, according to the AP.

The Biden administration indicated it planned to nix the requirements in February, saying that it is “not the time to experiment or test policies that risk a substantial loss of health coverage or benefits, especially for individuals and communities significantly impacted by COVID-19 and other health inequities,” as the AP reported.

Arkansas called Biden’s move “unfortunate” and an “overreach of executive power.”

SCOTUS throws out Trump cases

According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 18 states had filed court briefs in support of Arkansas as the state prepared to defend the program.

An appeals court ruled that the work requirements were “arbitrary and capricious” in February 2020, NBC News reported.

Biden, for his part, has sharply reversed many of Trump’s policies, with immigration perhaps being the starkest area of contrast. The new president has been accused of causing a border crisis with his encouragement of mass migration via progressive policies.

As Reuters notes, the Supreme Court has already dismissed a number of cases on Trump policies that Biden has no plans of keeping, such as the public charge rule, which requires that green card recipients not be dependent on welfare; funding for the border wall; and the “Remain in Mexico” asylum agreement.

Few surprises here, needless to say.

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19 Responses

  1. All of the SCOTUS responsible for dropping what Donald Trump created should immediately be re-called and impeached!

    1. Someone needs to find who’s threatening SCOTUS (besides Schumer). They are not going by the constitution that they swore to uphold!

  2. I think President Trump will make better decisions on all judicial appointments next time around. Maybe the GOP should consider packing the Supreme Court. The left has total favor with them now

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  4. So let me get this straight. The spinless SCOTUS now listens and agrees to what this illegitimate President wants? These idiots that Trump went to bat for to get nominated are nothing but COWARDS. This country now has a dishonest FBI since Comey’s days along with a rogue Supreme Court.

  5. What a joke…. like Joe Biden really cares and what a way of showing it as soon as he gets in the office how many jobs did he destroy how many people are going to lose their health how many people are going to be able to feed their families…
    . Joe Biden is a hypocrite and it’s Too Faced as you can get

    1. Too bad we can’t check the amounts of money going in to the accounts. BLM and ANTIFA are supported by “hidden” money, there are government people I understand put up a fund to bail out the BLM and ANTIFA who got arrested.

      Now those coming across the border are given carte blanche to everything, food, housing, medical care, free get out of jail cards, free education if they want it, I cannot get Section 8 help, but those not born in this country will be begged to take the housing, food and medical care while they do their deeds. Not all are criminals, but enough are and should be turned away, but will have red carpet so to speak layed down for them.

  6. Agree with all posts! Joebama is a train wreck! Too ignorant to care about consequences, as long as he can obliterate all the good President Trump did! He, Piglosi, Harris, Schumer and the squad need to be tossed out, sooner than later! Impeach them all for endangering our country!

  7. John Roberts is not fair, you have to be a Dem to get anything done, plain as the nose on his face. Be glad when it all comes out about the island.

  8. Disband the so called supreme court they are becoming a laughing bunch of idoits I don’t what you folks think but i’m damn tired of paying life long politicians who don’t give a damn about the people who put them were they are now. 1 get rid of politicians who have served more than 2 terms. 2 elect more young people these old coots don’t have the courge or stami.

  9. This adds more proof that the supreme court justices need to be removed and replaced with real people with real back bones. There are only 3 justices that are honoring their oath. All the other justices ae being paid off by the democrats.

  10. I see God dropping a bomb on the White House and the capital and get rid of all evil i see it coming 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


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