Supreme Court rejects last remaining Trump election challenge

On Monday, the Supreme Court declined to hear former President Donald Trump’s last remaining 2020 election challenge that requested to nullify Wisconsin’s election results because state election officials expanded mail-in voting in violation of the Constitution, The Hill reported.

The court’s decision means fewer than four justices were willing to take up the case.

Like most states, Wisconsin gives the state legislature the power to set rules and policies about voting, but in this case, the state’s election commission unilaterally decided to provide absentee vote dropboxes without consulting the legislature.

Biden won the state by a razor-thin margin of 20,000 votes.

The case

The case, filed against the Wisconsin Elections Commission, alleged that election officials violated state law by allowing poll workers to fix absentee ballot witness certificates and by using what Trump’s attorneys called “unauthorized, illegal absentee voting drop boxes,” Fox News reported.

Trump originally filed the case a month after the election and asked the Supreme Court to fast-track it so that the case would be decided before states certified their election results on Jan. 6. The court declined to do so.

Despite Joe Biden being certified as the winner of the election in January, Trump filed a brief in February arguing that the case was necessary to prevent something similar from happening again.

“The narrow window in which legal disputes may be resolved following a presidential election weighs heavily in favor of applying the ‘capable of repetition’ doctrine to resolve issues capable of reoccurring,” Trump’s February brief said. “Otherwise, non-legislative state actors may be emboldened in future presidential elections to make even more last-minute changes to state election laws contrary to the Electors Clause than occurred in this year’s election.”

Trump’s not going anywhere

The court’s decision Monday comes weeks after it rejected several other election-related challenges from Trump’s legal team, including a challenge of a state court ruling in Pennsylvania that extended the deadline for accepting absentee ballots.

According to The Hill, some have speculated that Trump’s statements on Jan. 6 and the subsequent riot at the Capitol influenced the court’s decision not to take up the case.

Despite being defeated on the legal front, Trump has made it clear he’s not going anywhere. In a keynote speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, he called on the GOP to unite behind “America First” as the only way forward for the party, and for the United States as a whole.

“The path ahead will not be easy, but we will win,” he said. “We’re tougher than they are. We’re stronger than they are. Together, in the coming years, we will carry forward the torch of American Liberty. We will lead the conservative movement and the Republican Party back to a totally conclusive victory.”

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34 Responses

    1. I agree. Lost faith in justice and honesty and just plain right and wrong . These judges are weak and have not an ounce of integrity. God Help Us.

    2. yea, I’m beginning to think they are corrupt and being paid by someone to rule the way they do lately.

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  2. What the heck is wrong with the judges in the Supreme Court? Election fraud has been proven, are they blind and deaf at the outcry of this election. Were the judges coerced by the left to turn a deaf ear to the sworn affidavits and interviews with people who have watched this happen. I cannot believe that judges such as Kavanaugh, Amy Barrett and Gorsuch could go along with this outrage. It seems the dems have already packed the court with threats.

  3. Biden did not win not even by over 250,000 you all know they cheated and a disgrace to this Country’s election you were paid big bucks to be blindsided.I and millions of us didn’t vote for Biden the cheating was harvesting the mail in vote so you stole my vote!!!!!And just watched!!!!!

    1. Well all the judges are for who every is in office They dont give a dam either they will make lots of money and that all they are about lining there pocket they will promise you anything you want to here to get. Election
      And then they all vote for who is in office and make them look like hero they DO NOT WORK TO MAKE THE COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN

  4. Supreme Court too cowardly to inquire? Wonder what “deep state’ Has on them? If the election was so honest, why don’t they we;come investigation? If anyone thinks The supremem Court will be a firewall to the destruction by Biden of the 1st and 2nd amendment, this shows they will do nothing, just like the spineless Republicans in 1pongress.

      1. God will Help us, as Biden & Kamala (Baby Killers) will burn in Hell.. That is Good Enough for Good Religious Life Loving People…This life here has not much Meaning with Mortal Sinners like THEM 2 “Leading” us..

  5. I don’t like the democrats cheating. They think they are doing the right thing so the republicans won’t uncover their SWAMP but they will. Do they think it is okay for them to do anything they want. GOD does not like this.

  6. Ask yourself can it be over..when one isn’t given a chance to show their evidence to defend oneself ..That to me is unconstitutional..and they are supposed to uphold the Constitution..looks like its Military Courts time..they Will uphold the Constitution..and Justice Will Be Served..

  7. We seem to have the most feckless Supreme Court in existence. There has been all kinds of absolute proof of a stolen election by the left that the courts have refused to even allow to be presented. I thought, after Mike Lindell’s documentary, that at least SCOTUS would look at some of the evidence. John Roberts, in my opinion, is nothing but a democrat hack and should be removed from the court.

  8. Uh? No. Changeing VOTEING LAWS at the last minute to stuff ballots is unconstitutional, reserved for state legislatures and TREASON. Precisely SCOTUS responsibility. STOLEN ELECTION. TRUMP WON. TRUMP NOW.

  9. The Supreme Court is closing their eyes to voter fraud typical left wing communist,what have the democrats got on these so-called judges.They think there was no voter fraud ,pretty dumb for the people who are supposed be “”smart””step down from your ivory towers and investigate,your job is for life ,if you don’t like Trump that’s no reason to not apply the law”Dah”

  10. Time to DISBAND the so called supreme court and all the CLOWNS and Constitution HATERS that are there. They are NOT worth a DAMN!!!


  12. Barrett and Kavanaugh turned out to be total useless cowards.
    These clowns will hear BS cases but not the most important case in our history. They are either dirty and/or being threatened.

    1. isn’t this the truth. back stab turn coats. how hard our President fought to get these 2 in the court. i feel so sorry for our President Trump. i want him back to run the country.

  13. So they collect a pay check to do nothing. How about we cut their pay checks off. Until someone does their job! Sounds fair to me. Today in Florida gas has gone up $.80 cents since Biden went into office . What a disgrace this country is in ! We need to Drain the Swamp ! They are killing our economy and costing us more money to live !

  14. Swamp court want to help demoncrates people have to race up a standard against the communists in Washington to take our country back for our grandchildren the courts are not following the constitution John Roberts is sold out to the communists movement should be tried for treason not a judge in my opinion

  15. If the Supreme Court will not uphold the US Constitution then they should ALL be IMPEACHED BECAUSE THAT IS THEIR #1 PRIORITY , To Uphold the Constitution!!!

  16. Agree with all posts! Scotus is “ supposed” to be the highest court in the land, yet they abdicate their responsibility to uphold the constitution! So —- what good are they? Disband scotus and let the lower courts have the say!

  17. The Supreme Court has proven itself- besides Thomas and Alito- to be Radical Demwits and worthless Rinos, but we know TRUTH- that there will be NO JUSTICE UNDER THE RULE OF MAN. MAN IS TOO DEPRAVED AND EVIL TO RECOGNISE TRUTH, JUSTICE AND MERCY, so go ahead and play your juvenile power games , and Who’s Waldo , print counterfeit money until you run out of ink, and worship your false idols, demwits- you WILL be usurped in due time!!!

  18. Think about it, what do you think happened to Judge Scalia, The family never did an autopsy,36 members of his family were threatened. Think about why the court doesn’t take cases, could it be because families are threatened. Enough said. Very evil and corrupt people o the left, Pelosi has many mafia people in her family.

    1. Anyone who sets themselves up for the position of SCOTUS, should expect threats, actions and death scares just because of the character ( or lack thereof )of the leftist dems who have accepted Communism as their form of government. If they can’t stand on principle, they should have taken their names off the list of potentials. otherwise they look like they were just vying for a lifetime position.

  19. Time For the Military to Clean House and Stand up for the Constitution as Our Form of government is Completely Compromised! If This Fails we Lost the U.S.A As the last Hope of Freedom world wide! Pray The Military does Their Sworn Duty to Defend & Protect the Constitution

  20. Susan you called it right! Scalia was murdered, and it was covered up! We have no scotus now, it is an empty white washed tomb! There is no justice in this country any more!

  21. *There are some fascinating points in time in this article but I do not know if I see all of them center to heart. There is some validity but I will take hold opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we want much more! Added to FeedBurner also

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