Criminal bailed out twice by Harris-supported bail fund arrested again

The mainstream media is running more interference for Vice President Kamala Harris by keeping this story quiet.

A violent criminal has just been arrested for the third time after a bond fund supported by Harris bailed him out the first two times, Breitbart reported.

During the violent riots in Minneapolis over the summer, Harris encouraged people to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to bail out those who had been arrested. “If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota,” she tweeted on June 1.

The fund was also supported by a dozen members of President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, The Daily Wire reported.

The suspect

The information about the suspect was released by the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Prosecutors announced that they arrested 29-year-old Thomas Moseley for the third time since October.

In October, Moseley was arrested in connection with a protest inside a government building. Authorities found him in possession of a handgun, and investigators found multiple handguns, a shotgun, a semi-automatic rifle, a gas mask, ammunition and drugs in his vehicle.

Moseley was held on a $5,000 bond which the Minnesota Freedom Fund posted on his behalf, giving him the opportunity to commit another crime.

On New Year’s Eve, Moseley was arrested again for his alleged involvement in a riot that occurred in downtown Minneapolis. This time, he was held on a $60,000 bond. Again, the Minnesota Freedom Fund paid to have him released.

In jail again

In Moseley’s most recent arrest, he was charged with three felonies for three counts of fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance while in possession of a firearm. The drugs were marijuana, cocaine and psilocybin mushrooms.

Moseley is also currently under investigation for purchasing two recent semi-automatic weapons, as it would have been illegal for him to buy such weapons while facing a felony charge.

Moseley is currently in the Hennepin County Jail where he is being held on a $250,000 bond.

The only question now is whether the Minnesota Freedom Fund is going to cover this bond as well.

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35 Responses

  1. Isn’t that a good reason to rid the government of heels up and her commie friends? Everyday it’s a new dose if corruption about that ho.

    1. And aren’t we proud and lucky to have such evil people to represent OUR COUNTRY? NO NEVER NOT! OUR military need to back our police with the hoe and her group putting all the criminals out to harm others! And they want more illegals who will pull the same C to get what they want and are promised! Sad and SICK

      1. I hope the people of this nattion is coming to their sensesand ashamed that they put such people in the White house. Wake up america and do what you should have done November 3rd.

  2. Maybe all of Harris’ releases should bunk out in with Harris VP headquarters & WH –

    1. Agree and a couple of Biden’s house, Obama, Clinton’s etc. they all have property around so they can build little huts for them. Siri’s etc can do the same.

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  4. Sedition is defined as resistance to or insurrection of Lawful Authority. Treason might fit as well, defined as attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance to. At a bare minimum, treachery would fit, betrayal of a trust.

    1. But Harris is a traitor. In our Fed. Gov. She needs to go before she has more time to do big damage to America. Biden was brain dead for choosing her.

  5. Gee, when are people going to WAKE UP to what the VP is? I saw an ad on the computer where a woman by the same name was an “escort” about 20 years ago. If she will go bonds for the people destroying property, who is to say she knew nothing about what was going to happen at the White House?
    I was told growing up to be careful who my “friends” were because you are judged by the company you keep. The “President’s
    son is facing federal criminal charges. I knw, you cannot help what your children do, but you can admonish their criminal actions.

    1. Well, just to be clear about Joe Biden’s son Hunters activities and corruptive actions, we cannot lose sight of the same Corruptive actions from OLD JOE.

      Our Federal Investigators MUST take a deep dive into all of the allegations of the Ukraine actions, as well as the China actions, and how much money did Joe and Hunter illegally receive for their corruptive dealings.

      Joe and Hunter ARE NOT above the law.
      Criminal investigations of these two CROOKS MUST be Implemented, NOW.
      Sentencing for guilty actions Must be severe. They ARE NOT ABOVE ThE LAW!!!!

  6. Her and Biden are ex actually what the Democrats wanted. Two corrupt, crooked people who would do whatever the Democrats told them to. They couldn’t have picked a better pair.

  7. I agree, they don’t mind ruining some people, pelosi just got stock after being told before, and maxine waters has been giving money to her daughter, and her husband, no telling about the dirty money.

  8. The first to drop out of the Democrat primaries because she had less than 1% public support and now she’s one “heartbeat” away from becoming President of the United States. And with Joe Biden’s fragile, incoherent physical and mental condition that’s a real possibility. Are you scared yet America?

  9. Kamila Harris was also in Hunter Biden’s company 2002 that’s where Joe Biden knew her from Nancy Pelosi is right the enemy is from within it’s our current administration they are all Felon’s check on any one of them. (including Nancy).

  10. So President Trump caused an insurrection by his gathering peacefully speech. Yet none of the violent talk by Walters, Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, and Harris herself, and on top of it, bailed criminals out of jail. What are the courts waiting on. If that is not hypocrisy, insurrection, stupidity, putting the public in danger, putting America Last, allowing burning of flag, CNN, MSNBC and others with dangerous lies year after year, intentional extended lockdowns, taking jobs from workers without a plan, bribed by a Communist China, lied about Dr. Fauci who actually was told not to play with virus, and ignored warnings, open borders with no plan to take in dangerous and possibly virus or sick people, what is? This is not insurrection. This is what a traitor does. Put all of them in the gas chamber. Oh! Do we need a trial or not?

    1. But…but, you just don’t ‘understand’! (say that with a ‘whine’, please) See, if the Dems do it, it’s OK!! Corrupt, but still–OK!! If a Republican does ‘anything’–corrupt or otherwise, they get all kinds of accusations thrown at them. If they ‘don’t’ do anything corrupt–the Dems will ‘make up’ something against them. So, first thing–the RINO’s jumped ‘in bed’ with the Dems. After all, they ‘are’ corrupt but the Dems will ‘white-wash’ them–so it’s OK. How Pres Trump withstood all this ‘cr*p’ for as long as he did–the man has stamina, I’ll say that for him. Welcome to the ‘dark side’!!!

  11. They are not Americans they’re communists and should be called out for treason and lets see if antifa will bail them out I don’t think so take back our country please

  12. Why is she not in jail or at least up for impeachment? Or is it only Republicans who get punished for things the Democrats view as their right to incite?

  13. Agree with all above posts! Our country is in the hands of a bunch of crooks! When are we going to get justice, get them out? What will it take? I say impeach the lot of them, clean the slate and bring back the REAL president, President Trump!

    1. OOPS!! My ‘free speech’ got me ‘booted out’ again!!! ROFL I’ll try again. What I said was–it sounds like a ‘plan’ to me, Patty. How do we implement it? Any ideas? Perhaps we should stage a ‘national’ (here’s the word they didn’t like) ‘b*yc*tt’ the elections!! No one v*tes at all!

  14. could it be that this idiot V.P. isn’t white, therefore not subject to the normal, and Common Sense of the rest of us? Is it, as usual, for this type of behavior to be excused because she is non-white? Time to forget about political policy and come to plain old common sense and take out the stupidity this country has adhered to for the sake of IGNORANCE!!

    1. What was all that ‘howling’ about ‘racism’ that the Dems were doing these past four years???? So, if we are ‘racist’ about WHITE people, I guess that doesn’t count–right?? Oh yes, I see the ‘unity’ forming already.

  15. Duh!!!! If you voted for China joe and camel face heels up you will be sorry and you should be ashamed because you did no research and listened to fake news CNN andf the others You will be saying woe is me in the near future.

    1. I would back that up, Jim, if it wasn’t for the fact that we’re ALL in the same ‘leaky boat’–not just the Biden supporters. He’s already sab*taging ‘them’!! He has betrayed nearly all of them in his first two weeks! WE ‘all’ will pay the price!


  17. Karmela Harris and Joe Biden like Mafia leaders must protect the criminals …after all birds of a feather flock together.

  18. I am sorry ya all but ya voted for these two Crooks, if ya been paying attention to some truths that were being told by other then the DEEP State handlers, ya would have known what these handlers have in mind for what was known as America. We as what was known as the country that is for freedom to go where we want and do what we want and Say what we want to say and wear the stuff we want. NOT to half to put on a mask everywhere we go, do not have more then 6 people in your own home because you will get sick.
    I am 85 Y.O. and a KOREAN War Vet, I have not been sick for 50 Years, I am not over weight, I have been 175 pounds sense the Corps. If ya all did not take care of your self in your life time it is only your own fault. You can not blame any one else for your own mistakes. If ya drink and smoke and eat like a glutton ya deserve what ya get.
    It is the same when ya all voted for 2 crooks and now all of America has to pay for this B. S. Ya can’t take from the rich and give to the fat, lazy, and poor just because of a new ruler in place, The handlers of the two that are now telling every one what to do, they are not the real rulers of what is known as
    President Trump was the only one that was able to turn the USA away from these handlers, but ya all seen the power that is behind our leaders that are in plain sight of the common folks like us.
    We will never know who the real power people are of the DEEP STATE but I am sure we are going to feel the pain of what is coming to our country and we will more then likely NEVER get back to the freedom we once knew.
    I Do not know who believes this tale of mine but I stand by it and Pray to my God all the time and hope that HE hears me, I know he talks to me but I not on his com list but still listen. Just my thoughts. I know I could pay for this but it has been said, so See ya all down the road, eh. Larry here.

  19. Where are Harris insurrection charges? By paying the bond, did she not incite and tell the thug what he was doing was okay, and to keep right on doing it.

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