Critics accuse Jimmy Kimmel of racism in attack on black Republican

Late-night ABC comedy host Jimmy Kimmel is facing allegations of racism after comments he made this week about Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker.  

Kimmel says Walker was “unfazed and unintelligible” in election night speech

During his monologue on Thursday evening, Kimmel mocked Walker’s speaking style, accusing the African American politician of sounding “unintelligible.”

The host began by noting how neither Democratic Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock nor his Republican challenger Herschel Walker managed to secure 50% of the vote on Tuesday night.

Under state law, that means the two candidates will have to face one another once again in a run-off election next month.

“Down in Georgia, Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock are headed to a run-off,” Kimmel told his audience, adding,  “A run-off is also what Herschel does when one of his kids shows up with a DNA kit.”

“Imagine being the staffer who had to explain that one to Herschel Walker,” the host continued. “You got 48%, which is less than 50%.”

Before playing a clip of Walker addressing his supporters on election night, Kimmel characterized the candidate as being “unfazed and unintelligible.”

Kimmel has given white Democrats a pass on cognitive ability and personal scandals

Yet as Breitbart pointed out, Kimmel has not accused white Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman of sounding intelligible despite the fact that he struggled to stay coherent during a debate with his Republican challenger Dr. Mehmet Oz.

What’s more, he hasn’t spent much time talking about President Joe Biden’s many verbal missteps and obvious signs of cognitive decline. Also unmentioned is the fact that Hunter Biden long failed to support the child he fathered with an exotic dancer.

Meanwhile, one Twitter user pointed out that Kimmel has a history of performing in blackface, something which is considered by many to be racist.