Critics blast Biden’s messaging on economy as inflation soars

On the 2020 campaign trail, Donald Trump boasted about having presided over a booming pre-COVID economy.

While President Joe Biden had promised to deliver similar prosperity post-pandemic, his record has been less than impressive. Now, it seems even those on the left are starting to panic.

A new report from Politico alleges that the Biden White House is “struggling to find a clear message” on the economy as Americans and their businesses struggle to recover from coronavirus-related shutdowns and a recent surge in inflation.

“Everything is tied together”

Of particular concern to experts is a disappointing employment report that showed just 266,000 new jobs were added in April, a figure that fell far below many analysts’ predictions, according to Fox News.

Also of concern are rising prices for consumers, including on things like gasoline. But the White House is shrugging it off, with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm blaming the coronavirus for the price increases.

“Why have gas prices gone up?” Granholm told CNN contributor Jake Tapper earlier this month, according to Fox. “Could that be because of the virus itself as well? Everything is tied together.”

Politico’s report also recalls how Biden “Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen spooked markets this month when she said interest rates could rise if the economy heated up too much — then clarified a few hours later that it wasn’t a prediction.”

“Get a hold of the narrative”

According to former Federal Reserve economist and current Jain Family Institute senior fellow Claudia Sahm, the lack of clarity from the White House on economic matters has become a problem in and of itself.

“When you have a messaging campaign where you’re reacting to the latest data point, that sows confusion and it makes it look like they don’t really have a plan,” Sahm told Politico.

“This is exactly the moment where you’ve got to really get a hold of the narrative and hang on,” Sahm added.

For their part, Republicans have not been shy about criticizing Biden’s performance in the area of the economy, particularly amid soaring inflation. In a statement, Florida Sen. Rick Scott (R) complained that the president’s “lack of leadership in the face of this serious threat is hurting people every day”

“It’s time for Biden to step [up],” he said. “He can’t keep hiding while American families suffer.”

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  6. How about limiting the comments to the subject of the article instead of free advertising for some get rich quick scheme that no one reads.

    1. I agree I go right through them, they are advertising and I have read the article and want to read the relies.

  7. It’s time to get rid of Biden and all of his government backside buddies before the can hurt America anymore with all of their insane ideas. It’s almost like the antichrist is here to destroy us. Our leaders ARE NOT SAVING US. JUST STEELING EVERYTHING WE HAVE. You do not see anything coming out of their pockets except their open empty hands.

  8. I have been a Republican supporter for about 9 years I have Donated about 5 or 6 times every since then I have been getting aproxmently 40 to 50 or more texting a day wanting to me to Donate why in the Hell don’t they Dig in there own Pockets I’m tired of getting all these Friggon Emails and texting my Vote should be good enough I wish they would leave me the Hell alone there the million ares not me Just give me a Break

  9. Biden is a disgrace and failure. He is destroying our great country. Please some way remove him and his companions from our government before there is nothing left of our great Nation. Impeach immediately all those corrupt people. God bless the USA!!

  10. Let me see now, he’s been in politics for 47+ years and accomplished nothing but fill his and his families’ pockets. So, what were you expecting to change?

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  12. Let us examine things to see what is the Problem. First the virus hit and thanks to the what some call an overreaction everything was closed and kept that way. This caused many small Businesses closed for good. This jobs were lost. Next we have Congress and Pedo Joe paying people to stay home which is STUPID. Next we have Gas prices going up because Pedo Joe killed a major pipeline, drilling on Federal land, and Fracking. All of which has American gas prices up by over a dollar in many places. Then some TERRORISTS hijacked a major pipeline causing prices on the East Coast to skyrocket. Now higher gas prices have caused driven up prices on everything else. Then we have the Democraps with their WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER filled skulls wanting Jack minimum wage up to $15 an Hour. Talk about driving INFLATION through the roof. Now those who actually voted for Pedo Joe and the Ho into office are all young people so they have not a clue about Jimmy Carter and his MISERY INDEX. But that was where both INFLATION and Many if not all other indicators of bad things for a Nation were all in double digits. Well they will learn the hard way because with Pedo Joe and the Ho in office those numbers will be in the triple if not Quadruple digits. Then there is all the WASTEFUL SPENDING Pedo Joe claims America needs. He swears that his tax hikes will pay for the spending the problem is the tax hikes will pay for the spending if all are put in place and those who are hit by the hikes don’t find ways to avoid the tax hikes. It will also take ten years to get that much in taxes( what Pedo Joe wants to waste). The problem is he wants to spend very wastefully now not over a ten year period.

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