Critics say Biden's recent executive order is another attempt to divide Americans on race

 February 21, 2023

In 2020, President Joe Biden campaigned on a pledge to bring the country together. However, many critics say Biden's talk of unity was just a disguise.

One of them is Federalist contributor Shawn Fleetwood. In a piece published on Monday, he laid out how one of Biden's latest moves is a vile attempt at dividing Americans according to race. 

Executive order aimed at promoting "equity"

At issue is an executive order the president signed last week called "Further Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through The Federal Government."

As Fleetwood explained, that order is aimed at expanding what the Biden administration refers to as "equity-advancing requirements for agencies."

The author stressed that "equity" is very different from traditional notions of equality. Whereas supporters of equality seek to ensure that people have the same rights and opportunities, equity proponents believe some individuals need to be denied those things in order to achieve a more equal outcome.

As an example, Fleetwood pointed to school officials in Virginia who withheld National Merit awards from students, allegedly because too many of the winners were Asian.

"Eerily similar" to race-based COVID policy

Fleetwood argued that this same approach is at work in Biden's latest executive order, as it contains "a directive for federal agencies to implement what’s called the 'Justice40 Initiative.'"

The Justice40 Initiative's website says it wishes "to create an equitable recovery for Americans facing challenges created by aging infrastructure, a frayed social safety net, natural disasters, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic."

"Justice40 must address inequities that hinder a sustainable, just society, and that disproportionately harm low-income and communities of color across America," it added.

According to Fleetwood, this approach sounds "eerily similar" to a COVID-related guidance put out in 2021 which instructed health-care providers to distribute life-saving monoclonal antibodies on the basis of race.

Justice40 Initiative head called for defunding police

What's more, Justice40 Initiative head Cassia Herron has made no secret of her far-left leanings, tweeting out demands to defund law enforcement and abolish prisons.

The author acknowledged that Biden's executive order is unsurprising given how during a notorious speech in January of 2022 he likened Republicans to slave owners and Bull Connor.

However, Fleetwood insisted that "collaboration between the administration and Justice40 represents the latest nail in the coffin of legacy media’s narrative that Biden is some sort of unifying moderate who advances centrist policies."

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