Critics slam Big Tech for clamping down on Trump after ignoring rhetoric from Pelosi, Dems

In the wake of last week’s deadly riot on Capitol Hill, various critics of President Donald Trump have advocated for new efforts to remove him from office.

Given some of the rhetoric being employed by officials on the left, however, some Americans are calling attention to an apparent double standard.

“Endorsing violence as a political tactic”

As a notable example, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has issued statements widely interpreted as threatening while facing no apparent calls for her to be penalized.

Meanwhile, the president has faced a nearly universal ban across social media platforms, including Twitter, for allegedly “inciting” a violent siege of the Capitol building on Wednesday.

Furthermore, public outcry has led to private companies effectively blacklisting Trump and his key allies.

Tom Elliott, the founder of multimedia firm Grabien, tweeted last week that “there would have been violence” if Trump had won November’s election because “Democrats have been endorsing violence as a political tactic throughout the Trump administration.”

Pelosi, for example, remarked that her approach to politics involved being “ready to throw a punch.”

“Not generally speaking unruly”

Her colleague, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), predicted “civil unrest” if Trump decided to fire former special counsel Robert Mueller.

Perhaps the most infamous example came from yet another California Democrat, Rep. Maxine Waters, in 2018. At that time, she instructed her supporters to harass Trump staffers, declaring: “And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Tweets and videos of these remarks from Democrats, however, remain largely accessible online, and none of the officials responsible for making them have been blocked from social media sites. Months of often destructive protests followed the death of George Floyd also demonstrated apparent media hypocrisy over the treatment of those demonstrations.

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, for example, stood in front of a burning building in Minneapolis, Minnesota, when he declared that the scene was “not generally speaking unruly.” Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) went further by advocating for “unrest” in the streets.

Appearing in Texas on Tuesday, Trump took the opportunity to defend his rhetoric ahead of last week’s riot as “totally appropriate.”

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32 Responses

  1. Why isn’t the so called Media bring this up. Ha! Ha! they are part of it. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Clinton and Obama are the HATE spreaders. The media thinks they are great.

    They have spread HATE for 4 years. The above Dem’s should be in jail along with others. I was a Dem. until I finally woke up.

    1. They have a D after their names so they are exempt from prosecution . It’s a two way street. Botox Nancy and the Dems have been after Trump since he walked down those stairs at Trump Towers. He’s not part of their swamp and they want him out so they can continue to rip the American taxpayers off.

  2. There is so much more that the Democrats have said and done and nothing is being done. But let Trump do anything similar and they are on him trying to get rid of him. What gives Pelosi the right to treat Trump like this? yes she is entitled to her opinion but don’t divide the United States with your opinion. She is in office to serve us not herself. I would love to give our homeless and veterans the money she has spent on getting rid of Trump ! The world would be a much better place. I personally want to know how to get her out of office????

    1. I agree!!
      And they don’t like the musicians who. Supported him and want them ban? What about the Republicans who are so called movie stars or singers can’t we ban them? So many bad mouth him to the point they should have been put in shackles !
      I just tell people not to support their music or movies. Any other ideas?

    2. VOTE her out and make sure the voters are LEGAL. Qe need paper ballots and voter PHOTO ID. I don’t think she’s running again. Many of the DemonRats and RINOS are retiring. AGE LIMIT NEEDED. Term limits needed. They limit the president to two terms but congress makes the laws. TOO MUCH POWER.

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  4. My father along with many manyAmericans have given their lives for this country.
    It makes me very sad to watch a devil driven
    Democratic Party destroy a President they
    Hated because the people of this country
    Watched Obama do everything he could to ruin this country, ruin the Democratic Party,
    Divide the people of this country. God help !

  5. Democrats have been crucifying President Trump since he took office
    No other president has receives this abuse it is nothing but hatred
    biden was elected by fraud have mercy the Bible is very clear
    Speaker pelosi should not hold her position

  6. I couldn’t agree more with you if there is nothing done with Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Senate and house members I believe there should be a complete investigation into any and all officials including our governor and judicial system as to all who where involved including the news media Facebook and Twitter or any other media and lets not forget the fbi cia or any one involved with the government

  7. Nancy Pelosi should be indicted, then removed from this country – never to return again!!! Her lies and corruption has just about destroyed America. She is evil and she is totally owned by SATAN!!! – Satan, of course, is the father of lies!!!

  8. All above posts are right on target! These people must be held accountable for their rhetoric, inciting people to go after republicans and Trump supporters, inciting violence! Pure and simple sedition on their part! Piglosi has overstepped her bounds, abused her authority, she must be removed as speaker! She has proven herself unfit to hold the speakership or any seat in congress. She, Waters, shiff, Schumer, Nadler and the rest are destroying our country! If allowed to continue, we will not be a free nation!

  9. People like Madonna said “I want to blow up the White House” They even acted out stabbing President Trump to death!! Enough is enough! THEN THEY WANT TO IMPEACH OUR PRESIDENT! They have lied so much they believe their own lies. No way was President Trump responsible for Jan. 6. As Pelosi said, “people will do what people will do”. (Antifa) they can’t stand that President Trump is loved and admired by 73 million! It was wrong what happened at the capitol, but come on, y’all were not prepared in any way and footage looks like some doors were opened for the rioters! We are not stupid!

  10. Well we can get rid of them Nancy pelosi Chuck Schumer Obama Biden and Nancy pelosi and doesn’t necessarily mean that these freaks need to be voted out we can get them out other ways

    1. Arresting, trying, convicting, sentencing them to HANG by the neck until dead for TREASON against a sitting president, the citizens and America. THAT IS HOW YOU DETER TREASON. BEING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY.

  11. Democrats are United, republicans are divided: hence they lost;Trump should start his own party & platform; his followers will follow to MAGA !

    1. What we need to do is vote RINOS OUT. A third party does nothing but give dems a stronger hold. It divides the republicans. When you vote independent or libertarian you are taking votes from one of the major parties. 3 parties hurt.

  12. Everything abt the prophets is true: the apocalypse is starting (pandemic,disease,discord death) & the USA appears to be the second Babylon? I believe & prefer for judgment day to end all this evil! I know of no sin If u think supporting Trump is a sin?Communism is the Waterloo of the USA

  13. I agree Nancy Pelosi, chuck shumer, & all of their evil partners including antifa, BLM, should be indicted for several crimes, especially on the capital. The fbi, cia, news media, & all of the postal workers who committed fraud during the election. They should all be accountable. I see now they are dictating what kind of mask you can wear. Baloney.

  14. Everything this year has gone bad: even Trump is unable to save the USA but I have enjoyed the last 4 yrs .Now every thing is evil & Satanic: those people know who they are. I was never a great believer but now I am, only the second coming should be fast & swift ; this one is slow & painful; am I crazy to say that I liken Trump to Christ?

  15. Corrrect me if I’m wrong but didn’t K . Harris help bail out rioters this last summer and said that they should keep doing it?
    No one seems to say anything about this and she is going to be the VP.
    Something wrong here, folks; terribly wrong!

  16. I’ve been saying this all along……she needs to be indicted for this horrific behavior, not installed as vice president. What do we have to do to get rid of herl

  17. Nancy Pelosi and aALL of her followers are sick people and many should be in prison or done away with. They are tearing America apart and are too stupid and BLIND to understand the truth of the matter. Its time we the citizens stood up together and demand the Govt leaders come down with everything legal to do away with this TRASH !! THEY ARE A DIGUSTING GROUP OF IDIOTS !!!! Come on America lets stand up against them and do away with this trash!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Whoops!!! There goes ANOTHER large tax base from NY, hahaha!!! Texas WELCOMES the NRA!! Stay tuned, more companies are making arrangements to leave the cesspool of NYC & the State of New York!!!:)

  19. Politicians are the MOST Evil & Corrupt occupation in America!! They say & promise ANYTHING and Beg for money from We The People & Corporations, then Once Elected, they Belong to who gave this most money and are corrupt forever!! We MUST HAVE TERM LIMITS for ALL Politicians!!!

  20. I am so sick of the media glorifying criminals who have been shot and killed by police who were doing their jobs. The criminals resisted the police, and were unable to be restrained and even attempted to attack the police, deserve to be shot. As far as George Floyd, he was trying to swallow his stash and in retrospect I think that the police should have put him into the cruiser and allowed to suffer the same fate that his customers experienced, in bliss. Which he reportedly did.

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