Critics outraged after Tulane University invites Hunter Biden to lead course on ‘media polarization’

Despite his entanglement in a number of sordid scandals, Tulane University recently announced that President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, will be a part of its upcoming lecture series on media polarization.

Upon hearing the news, a number of social media observers insisted that the younger Biden belongs behind bars, not at a prestigious university, as Fox News reported.

“A waste of time”

For its part, Tulane is touting the “Media Polarization and Public Policy Impacts” course as a 10-week series taking place this summer.

According to the university, the event will address “the current state of the media landscape in the United States and how media polarization, fake news and the economics of the new business impact public policymaking in Washington D.C.”

Conservative commentator Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA said that the inclusion of Hunter Biden is an example of why many aspects of higher education have outlived their usefulness.

“In case you needed more proof that college is a waste of time [and] money, here it is: Hunter Biden is joining the faculty at [Tulane] to teach a class on ‘fake news,'” he tweeted.

Kirk continued by suggesting that “Hunter Biden should be in jail, not teaching or influencing the future of America.”

“Biden’s class at Tulane”

His criticism was echoed by a number of other right-wing figures, including U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO).

“Perhaps Hunter Biden’s class at Tulane will be about how to skirt around gun laws?” she asked in a tweet of her own. “It’s a subject he has a great deal of experience in.”

Boebert’s statement was an apparent reference to allegations that Hunter Biden lied on a federal background check form upon purchasing a handgun in 2018. A related controversy involves the gun being thrown in a trash can by his then-girlfriend. The gun dealer who sold him the weapon later claimed that he was visited by Secret Service agents who demanded to see the form Hunter Biden completed.

Earlier this week, Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) issued a request for a federal probe into the matter, writing: “After the firearm was discarded, the U.S. Secret Service (USSS) allegedly became involved and sought paperwork from the Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) connected to Hunter Biden’s purchase of the firearm.

In response, the Secret Service wrote that it “maintains there was no Secret Service involvement in the matter described,” according to Fox.

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23 Responses


  2. It is a sad commentary on the state of education in this country that Hynter woukd be asked by any educational institute to speak. Not only does he face indictment for crimes against the country, his immoral acts including the rape of his niece are proven by the evidence found on his computer. He needs to be brought to justice along with Jie and the rest of his criminal family!

    1. I agree, he is a criminal and needs to be put in jail…mot speaking at a university

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    1. No problem, I agree with you Hunter Biden should be in jail. His whole family is crooked. His father the Great Joe has been covering his behind for a long time. Just because he is the son of Joe doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be in jail. He is a disgrace. How could Toulane University even think of this moron teaching. What is he going to teach, courses on treason, crack cocaine, womanizing, lying, cheating, doing business with a communist country, etc.

      1. Tulane stands to make millions of tax payer dollars cloaked in the form of the Biden 2.1 trillion theft of the Americans present and future. All his to show how Hunter is a legitimate trust worthy person.
        Once again Joe takes care of his family no matter how criminal they are

  4. We are currently living in an upside down world! The liberals are destroying everything that is good about our country! The Biden’s are like leaches…. They have made millions off the taxpayers and have gotten away with it! They lie, they cheat and they steal…God help our nation !

  5. Anyone who attends that farce of a seminar should be on a watch list of traitors Tulane should have all government funding withheld and anyone who donates to school should be investigated thourgly

  6. No more taxpayer funded money to Tulane. What a crock, cocainebiden can find lots of his fixes there I am sure

  7. Perhaps we could rewind the time and start all over, cleansing outlaws in fair street fights?? How would you like such challenges? GUNSMOKE TV serial could set example how we shall handle injustices confronting evil face to face!? Or perhaps going into time of Al Kapon that cleansed cirruption leaving around evidence that could not be denied?!
    Be serious, while Donald Trump could not harness liberal judges, that refused RECOUNT of ballots, loosing his election, it is not easy to detrone top figures, while they hold the top office.
    How could we, Citizens overcome scams that stole presidential election, took charge in the Capitol Hill, and now are raging ignoring us, lovers of justice, orders, security, freedoms?! We know they are thieves, liars, perverse demonic family…..
    Personally I get my petition to Divine throne, believing that Good Lord is willing to stand up for us, and what is right, without partiality.
    It is very upsetting time for many if us and people of good will, fearing God shall stand in solidarity and with Donald Trump that proved to stand up for us, making us feel at home… Let God have mercy upon us and deliver us from evil oppression of imposters….
    As Conservatives we know that spiritual war is on, and when we favor our Heavenly Father with our good deeds, we shall overcome our enemies.
    Truth shall make us free!

  8. I don’t give a crap if his dad is the so called whatever he still broke the law and needs to bebin prison and Joe blow needs to be there right beside him and Pelosi and harris

  9. With Hunter Biden not going to jail tell all of us just how crooked the Democratic party is. They have been crooked for a long time with Joe at the helm .It shouldn’t be any surprise there is no charges against any of the Bidens for anything.Most all of the democratic party is also in a hide the facts mode covering the unlawful actions of the Bidens as well as many of the parties members for a host of crimes .From the cheating and down right crooked election results and many other actions covering unlawful acts since then. It’s no wonder the country is in such bad shape and getting worst by the day. What i an surprised by is this. The republicans lack of energy to go after all involved. There is undisputed proof in many cases and yet to charges have been brought forth. Its not a matter of not having the proof. The proof has been out there we all saw it So why is nothing being done. If it were you or i, we would already be in jail. When are they going to act ? EVER ? Its way past time for actions against democrats that are daily are trying there best to take over the country. Does the country have to fall before anybody makes a move to stop these crooks. The talk is we need to get more republicans in office in 2022 then again in 2024. With all the lieing,cheating,and unconstitutional act that we have seen after Biden got in power,there has been enough proof already to have gotten them out of office. It seems to me we have a vary lazy set of leaders in Washington.

    1. I agree, Robert — why haven’t the reps done anything to protect us, to
      put people where they belong ? I don’t understand their lack of movement.

  10. Hunter Biden is an indication of thd whole family. They think they are all something, but they are really gutter trash, no morals, liars and corrupt to the core!

  11. What a joke- he can teach from prison how to not serve time when u r totally guilty and do whatever he wants cuz his dad is just as crooked and got the presidency illegally. Both belong in jail or just shot on the street.

  12. The only thing keeping Hunter out of Jail is his corrupt father’s position that he cheated and stole from our best President Trump who has no brain problems.

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