Cruz reintroduces bill to prevent Democrats from packing Supreme Court

When Democrats secured a governing majority in the U.S. Senate through a pair of Georgia runoff races earlier this year, many conservatives feared that the party would use its power to expand, or “pack,” the U.S. Supreme Court.

For his part, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has made it clear that he is not on board with any such effort, going so far as to seek a constitutional amendment to prevent it from happening.

“A political tool”

According to Fox News, Cruz announced this week his proposal of legislation that includes an amendment fixing the size of the nation’s highest court at nine justices.

In reality, Cruz is reintroducing a bill that was first brought up in November. The proposal has attracted support from others in his party, including Indiana Sens. Todd Young and Mike Braun, Florida Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

“As my Democrat colleagues brazenly discuss expanding the number of justices on the Supreme Court, this legislation and constitutional amendment ensures we prevent either party from wielding the Supreme Court as a political tool for their own advantage,” Cruz explained in a statement, going on to call for more support among Senate Republicans.

“I urge my colleagues to defend the fundamental liberties of their constituents — their religious liberty, freedom of speech, and Second Amendment rights — and swiftly take up and pass these proposals to prevent Court-packing,” the senator said.

Although President Joe Biden was reluctant to provide specific answers regarding the possibility of packing the court during the 2020 presidential campaign season, he eventually proposed creating a bipartisan panel tasked with studying the idea.

“A number of other things”

In a CBS News interview in October, Biden said: “If elected, what I will do is I’ll put together a national commission, a bipartisan commission of scholars, constitutional scholars, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives.”

Over the course of 180 days, the then-nominee said that he would call on its members to develop “recommendations as to how to reform the court system,” which he said is “getting out of whack.”

Nevertheless, he maintained at the time that it would not be “about court-packing,” insisting that there is “a number of other things that our constitutional scholars have debated” and that he is open to hearing any such possibilities.

Others in the Democratic Party are decidedly more aggressive in their advocacy for adding new Supreme Court seats. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), for example, called the current makeup “illegitimate” and demanded that his party work to change it.

Not everyone on his side of the aisle is convinced, though, including Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), who has repeatedly declared that he would not back the move.

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16 Responses

  1. Please don’t let them get away with packing the court as that would end America as we have known it. So much at stake here.

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  3. America ended as we knew it, 03 November 2020. When the democrats were allowed to get away with voter fraud. Changing the state laws by people who didn’t have the authority. And the SCOTUS not hearing any of the cases put before them. Democrat Chief Justice John Roberts has been a big part of the denials. If it was Obama wanting the cases heard, it would have happened. Just like changing the law on Obama care, a Supreme Court Justice legislating from the bench. It makes me sick to see the partisanship coming out of the SCOTUS.. America has been sold out by the elitist.

      1. The only reason the Democrats want to pack the supreme court is so they can control non democrats. They play dirty and a bunch of liars. Shummer,pelosi cortez and Hillarry all are no good. First legalizing the illegals and now pack the supreme court. If this happens the democrats will destroy AMERICA. The country better wake up before it,s TOO late

  4. Know what? America is already destroyed. It will only get worse from here. The Demoncraps may as well do as they want. The Repubs won’t even try to stop them, just like they didn’t stop the voter/election fraud when they could have… “We The People” won’t stop them. Won’t even try. It would take a Love of Country… A love of Freedom. And the kind of guts our parents and grandparents had in WW2… The Government is all in it together. Don’t give a sh*t about us, and know we wont do anything but wine about it. If they did Biden would still be in his basement with Hitlery dreaming about what they’d do to Trump if they were President. If our children were taught about respect 40 years ago… If we’d kept an eye on the education our kids were getting all along… But NO we were to busy believing the lies we were being fed to us by the élite as to why they should be rich and control everything and everyone else should be kept poor and control nothing… Because they are smarter then the rest of us??… just ask them…Why Bill Gates and those like him were allowed to control vaccinating the kids in Africa that killed and sterilized thousands and NOTHING was done to him for it… Why is he allowed to advise anything done in the world?… Oh, I forgot, he’s an elite… If we’d never used TV, computers and smart phones as babysitters… If we’d never invented the internet… If we’d been responsible for what we allowed to poison us and our children, what would, where would we be? Would we still want to exterminate nearly all the population of the world so those on top can have their utopia and the few slaves left alive could cater to their every need… Well at least the sheeple will wake up just before they are exterminated for being useless eaters to make way for the New World Order… Looks like we are about to get exactly what we asked for…

  5. Only our heavenly Father can change this madness. Believe it or not,He is still in control.He is Sovereign and sees what all of these wicked people are doing. They,will be held accountable

  6. What happened at Hillary’s hearing? What happens to Hunter’s laptop? What happened to joes impeachment? What happens to the dossier? Why are these things not in the media?? We want to know what’s going on but it is always swept under the rug when it comes to the left.

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