Ted Cruz blasts House election reform measures as ‘brazen and shameless power grab’ by Dems

For millions of Americans, it’s hard to imagine what America will look like after four years of the Biden administration. It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that many fear the country won’t survive the radical changes already underway.

But what might Democrats do with a century or more of unbroken power? Sounds like a nightmare, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her fellow Dems are working on that right now, as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) reminded the country Wednesday.

In a thundering speech, Cruz explained how a so-called “voting rights” bill out of the House, H.R. 1, will enable a Democrat “power grab” by facilitating systematic election fraud, the Washington Examiner reported.

No. 1 priority

Having won the White House and both houses of Congress, Democrats are wasting no time pushing their radical agenda down America’s throat, while doing everything possible to establish one-party rule beyond Biden’s term.

We see this in a push for “voting rights” led by Biden and Democrats on the Hill. As they put it, any opposition to H.R. 1 is a racist attack on democracy that supposedly shows Republicans are secretly afraid they’ll lose if everyone votes. It’s “un-American” and “sick,” a throwback to Jim Crow, Biden declared at his first press conference as president Thursday, according to Politico.

This is how Democrats are choosing to frame a bill that, Cruz said, “will promote widespread fraud and illegal voting.”

“It is a brazen and shameless power grab by Democrats,” the senator insisted, according to the Washington Examiner. “It speaks volumes that this is H.R. 1 and S. 1, that the No. 1 priority of Democrats is…keeping Democrats in power for 100 years.”

One-party rule?

As Cruz pointed out, the bill could end up registering “millions” of illegal immigrants to vote by automatically registering anyone with a driver’s license, who receives welfare or unemployment, or who attends a public university.

The bill also — and this is just for starters — enfranchises millions of felons, targets voter ID requirements, and would “mandate” ballot harvesting, Cruz noted.

Of course, this is not the only push underway by Democrats to establish de facto one-party rule. With Democrats going full throttle on open borders, including the biggest and most brazen amnesty in American history, Cruz’s warnings on illegal immigrants voting are especially relevant.

It seems clear that Biden and his fellow Democrats are making a political calculation to consolidate power by simply importing new voters by the millions, while shouting down anyone who opposes their “voting rights” and “immigration reform” agendas as a bigot.

Americans who thought there was funny business in the 2020 election, you’ve seen nothing yet. Time for Republicans to locate their spines and stop this madness in its tracks.

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15 Responses

  1. BIDEN-HARRIS have broken more than one Federal Law which calls for Impeachment Immediately and Removed from our White House and Capitol Immediately. We the People call on our Rep.’s and Senator’s to take a stand now while there is still a little bit of our America left.
    These Deranged Swamp Creatures have done Absolutely Nothing but Destroying our Country and way of Life. HR 1 would definitely Kill our Country.

  2. Hopefully both the house and senate willl be republican in the 2024 elections. We all need to get out and vote.

    1. Oh please, you can’t keep hoping that 2022 or 2024 will have GOP back in power. This last fraud election has soured many GOP voters due to the spinless GOP not backing Trump and then they just followed the dems and certified the fraud election. Dems are already planning on how to cheat in 2022 and with ALL the courts and FBI behind them, they can’t lose.

      1. Good points and add to that you will play hell finding many good conservatives to run for office and donations will dry up if the fix is b4 we even cast a vote. Sucks big time.

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  4. Something needs to be done to stop the madness. We have a senile president. Anyone in the medical field can see Biden’s decline and inability to function. It’s called dementia. Who is running this country?? There is no truth anywhere. Cry racism and you get what you want. Shameful and sad. Democrats want to run everything by lying, cheating, and stealing. Impeachment anyone?? USA is crumbling fast. Don’t think the world leaders aren’t watching and laughing.

  5. I can tell you this. If the democrats keep on doing what they want to , to our country there will be a war in this country and Pelosi will be the first one of the democrats to pay with her life.

  6. BIdumb needs to be impeached for not enforcing the immigration laws to the letter. EO’s are not the law of the land unless under martial law of which we are not. So, bIdumb can negate any law he sees fit by EO?
    Where are the law suits via repubs. When POTUS Trump was in office, every action he did concerning immigration law was immediately ruled on by a judge. Thus, Trump had to wait for SCOTUS to rule in his favor.

  7. The Dema are the racist ones ,They are against the human race right now and getting worse . Not just My opinion but facts .All the ones in power have no souls and power hungry . Tonight I have to say a prayer to God to do what ever is necessary to remove them from power or the world . That I leave to God as He wants and is appropriate .

  8. The Democrats are getting exactly what they voted for: CHAOS They listened to the fake promises of a man hidden away, and believed him. The pandemic was not a Political issues, but in this election it became one and all the negative Executive Orders that had restored the economy and world trade under 45, were wiped away by 46 and the borders controls that had worked so well were dismantled. Despite every effort to block him, 45 prevaioled and our economy boomed .. then the pandemic. Sorry folks. Hope you will turn the damage done by this administration will get turned around in 2022 with a Republican House and Senate.

  9. George Soros and his Billions are behind this too. The Great Reset, the New World Order, this is what’s in the making. BLM Marxist’s are pushing Biden for communism. It’s all Frightening.

  10. How can we let demented persons run this country. We the people of the United State have the right to kick this people out of office. We need to get the Supreme Court involve or any other means available outside of violence.

  11. Agree with all posts! HR1 must be voted down! Contact your representatives and demand they vote against it!

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