Ocasio-Cortez accuses Ted Cruz of trying to get her killed in fiery Twitter exchange

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) accused Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) of seeking to have her murdered in a dramatic exchange that unfolded amid an unusual market war between retail traders and hedge funds, Fox News reported Thursday.

The Democrat congresswoman swiftly rejected an offer of support from Cruz to investigate alleged unfairness in the financial markets after small investors were locked out of trading GameStop shares by hedge fund-aligned brokerage firms.

Breaking it down

The back-and-forth came after retail traders on the website Reddit loosely coordinated a shocking rally in GameStop’s shares, prompting the hedge funds betting on GameStop to fail to rush to cover their losses, in what is called a short squeeze.

In short selling, an investor borrows stocks with the expectation that the price will fall, allowing them to net a profit when they buy it back at a lower price before returning the “borrowed” stocks. Short sellers have lost nearly $20 billion in the GameStop phenomenon, Fox Business reports.

The stock rally has been described as a populist revolt fueled by anger at predatory investors on Wall Street and a “rigged” financial system.

An ensuing clampdown on retail traders fueled further anger and complaints of a double standard favoring hedge funds. According to Fox News, Ocasio-Cortez, among others, called for an investigation after the online trading app Robinhood restricted trading for GameStop and other specifically targeted stocks that had been shorted by the hedge funds.

Cruz agreed, but the brash congresswoman fired back with rehashed claims that Republican lawmakers, such as Cruz, are responsible for the recent “insurrection” at the Capitol, which she said nearly resulted in her death, as Fox noted.

AOC exposed?

Ocasio-Cortez also reiterated Democratic calls for Cruz to immediately resign.

“I am happy to work with Republicans on this issue where there’s common ground, but you almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago so you can sit this one out,” she tweeted in response to Cruz’s agreement with her assessment of the GameStop and Robinhood controversy.

According to The Daily Wire, Cruz responded by saying that the progressive congresswoman was not demonstrating a desire for “unity” that Democrats, including President Joe Biden, claim to want.

Despite the seriousness of Ocasio-Cortez’s claim, Twitter has taken no apparent action, Fox News reports.

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33 Responses

    1. She should be blocked and banned ftom all media outlets that republicans have been… but she is a liberal, so she wont. I dont see her being factchecked… no surprise there..

      1. She should be sued by Cruz and any other members of the congress that have been accused by AOC of trying to murder her. In another article I read she accused Rep Andy Harris (R- Maryland) of bringing a gun to Biden’s inaugeration. Andy Harris did not attend the event and was not even in DC on that day. AOC should be taken to court for making these kind of false statements.

      2. I agree! If anyone needs to resign or step down or be expelled? It is her and those other woman, known to many as the hate squad!!

    2. this bar fly needs too go/ it like some others are too stupid to be in congress, we need real American lovers in congress, it seems most democrats and some republicans fail to meet that

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  2. I have read several accounts for this “almost got you murdered”. I have not seen any clues that Mr. Cruz has threaten you in any form.
    It appears to me that you are like most domorates who cry “wolf” when there is nothing to cry about.
    It is my understanding that some of this stuff comes with the job (I guese you do have a job or is it just a position?)
    You have charged Mr. Cruz is a chargeable offense, so I suggest that you apologize and shake hands, as you might understand the charge could be reversed. So grow up!!!

  3. He did not try to kill you AOC. Besides, the storming of the Capitol were dems. They worked with others to do the attack and make it look like the Trumpers did it. Well they didn’t. Plus 2 bombs were planted the night before. So quit crying like a baby. Clean up the dems. who are so corrupt. Especially Pelosi and Schummer. Don’t forget gross chicken man.

    1. It was your beloved Pelosi that tried to get you “killed”
      Pelosi refused to help Capital police by increasing security so all the blood,anger and damage is on Pelosi’s plate. Lets charge her

  4. She can say anything she wants because she’s a Democrat but a republican would be accused of starting problems

  5. Is there ever a time when she is not whining and crying about everything for God’s sakes grow up Or get out of politics

  6. Just wait for AOC’s reaction if she is near President Biden at a future date and he cops a feel of her anatomy and sniffs her hair when no one is looking. Will she have a thrill up her leg or feel like Tara Reade?

  7. Are all the supposed smart people from New York or California? They all must have went to he same school. Their beliefs of tearing down America when they got their jobs because of tax payers money. Give us our money back. You are fired. You all can gather at Nancy Pelosi’s house and talk about how bad the world is. In the mean time, normal hard working men and women can go back to work and school before their dumb decisions ruined our lives. Please, no more so called unity from their perspective.

  8. AOC is too immature to be in congress! She behaves like a 12 year old child( is that possibly her I.q.score🥴)? She needs to be OUT of congress along with the rest of the “ dingbat squad “ she is part of. Cruz should sue her for slander, along with the rest of the demonrats in congress! Piglosi is the head rat in slandering President Trump and all republicans!

  9. She had one too many rum runners. That stupid girl is a nutcase and should be admitted to a mental ward. My lord get her off the tv.

  10. AOC – a firecracker just in the wings of blowing up!!! A little spoiled brat is the way I see her. Very, very immature. (Yeah, right Ted Cruz ALMOST!! had her murdered!!! Just how do you almost have someone murdered???? Is also murdering someone a crime???? AOC would come nearing to blowing someone up than ALMOST anyone I know!!! She is just a little spoiled brat explosion waiting on a place to happen!!!

  11. I will never, ever vote for a Demoncrat as long as I live. I have seen the most idiotic shenanigans in the past years from those folks including Obama, who I could not stand. I was raised a Democrat, but as I grew older, and the Democratic Party changed,
    I totally altered the way I felt about politics.

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