Cruz hits back after Politifact pins ‘false’ label on his defense of GOP Supreme Court confirmations

Politifact issued a “false” rating to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for his recent remarks regarding the Democratic Party’s push to expand the U.S. Supreme Court by adding four justices to the bench.

According to the Washington Examiner, the Texas Republican responded by slamming the site and its fact-checkers, arguing that they misrepresented the truth about the court-packing scheme.

“No consistency on their part”

Under the guise of reaching an objective determination, Politifact relied on the progressive talking point that they are merely trying to “unpack” the nation’s highest court after the GOP corrupted it.

The outlet zeroed in on partisan grievances surrounding the nomination of Merrick Garland by then-President Barack Obama, which Republicans refused to consider. The seat remained vacant until Obama’s successor, Republican President Donald Trump, filled it with Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Last year, Democrats claimed that Republicans were being hypocrites for moving to quickly confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the high court shortly before the presidential election despite blocking Garland’s confirmation in an election year.

While Politifact conceded that Republicans had a “right” to do so, it claimed that Cruz was incorrect when he said his party did not try to “rig the game” by holding a perceived double standard.

“But there was no consistency on their part when they denied Garland a hearing for nearly a year yet rushed through Barrett’s nomination within weeks — other than advancing the party’s agenda,” Politifact asserted.

“Nobody even suggested it”

The notion of packing the court gained momentum during the Trump administration as some on the left began to insist that the Supreme Court had lost its “legitimacy” through GOP politicization.

More recently, several prominent Democrats — not to mention Politifact — have contended that Republicans were responsible for packing the court, but critics say they are pursuing an obvious power grab by promoting a plan to expand the number of justices to 13.

Cruz concluded that Politifact’s report used the term “court-packing” in a misleading way to falsely indict Republicans who supported the confirmation of justices to fill vacancies on the bench.

“Lying liars lie [and] that’s what Politi’fact’ does every day,” the senator wrote in a statement. “To ‘pack’ the Supreme Court is to ADD seats for political advantage. Republicans did NOT do so when we had control — nobody even suggested it.”

While there is room for political disagreement and debate regarding the behavior of GOP legislators, Cruz appears justified in criticizing Politifact for pretending to render an omniscient verdict. Sometimes, the difference between “fact-checking” and partisan propaganda can be hard to determine.

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    1. It’s a close call, both are absolutely worthy of the most aggregious criticisms humanly possible. Suffice it to say, both are incapable, non- caring humans ( and I use that phrase loosely). The world would not miss them for a milli second. Hope the US survives this unimaginable grotesque duo.

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  2. Joe O’Biden is an empty shell with words filed in by ” POSEY” , Shumer et-all radical Dumbocrats THAT IS A SHAME for all Americans and those few Democrats who are truthfull and have a open mind know it

  3. The GOP put real judges on the courts. Unlike the Democrats who want to put liberal activists on the court who don’t care about our laws

  4. lets get something straight!!!! This man you call Biden is not the real Joe Biden! Its a clone!!! I have photos of the real Biden and He is an old man.. with livers spots on his left side of his forehead!!! This Biden has no ear lobe! So now we have clones . that is a traitor to our Republic. Even Hillary had a clone , and she is history. Rise Up Americans, We are the People… We are the Law of our Lands.

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  6. The bible does say never follow a blind man for he will lead you into a ditch. Sounds like Jerk Biteme and Cum-O-Lot Terrorist are two blind men leading this country over a cliff.

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