Ted Cruz faces political firestorm, calls to resign in wake of Cancun controversy

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been walking on thin ice in recent days over a winter getaway to a Cancun resort that turned into a total public relations fiasco.

The Texas senator is facing pressure to resign after he admitted to making a “mistake” by flying to Mexico in the middle of a historic storm that left millions of his fellow Texans without power, The Hill reports.

Back to Texas

Images first surfaced Wednesday evening of Cruz boarding a plane to Mexico with his family. As soon as the trip was publicized, it was criticized as inappropriate given the conditions in Texas.

Cruz would not be out of the cold 24 hours before the controversy forced his whiplash return.

Although the Republican had briefly avoided the winter storm, he returned home to a political whirlwind Thursday afternoon as protesters gathered outside his home demanding his resignation, reports noted.

“Obviously a mistake”

The senator expressed regret and acknowledged that the vacation was a “mistake,” but said he was “trying to be a dad” to his two daughters.

“Whether the decision to go was tone deaf? Look, it was obviously a mistake. In hindsight, I wouldn’t have done it,” Cruz said, according to The Hill. “I was trying to be a dad.”

The senator went on: “All of us have made decisions — when you got two girls who have been cold for two days and haven’t had heat or power and they’re saying, ‘Hey look, we don’t have school, why don’t we go. Let’s get out of here.’”

Cruz in a tough spot

Adding to Cruz’s woes, leaked texts surfaced from his wife Heidi’s group chat in which she encouraged friends to come along on their trip, referring to the “FREEZING” conditions at home, according to the New York Post.

Texas Democrats are also pressing the matter. “The Texas Democratic Party calls on Ted Cruz to resign or be expelled from office,” state Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said in a statement, The Hill reported.

As of Friday, the number of those without power was down to about 180,000 from a peak of around 4 million earlier in the week, according to USA Today. But millions are still having problems accessing clean water, and the storm has reportedly killed dozens in Texas and across the South.

In the meantime, some have suggested that there is a double standard in the media coverage of the Cruz Cancun controversy and the relatively muted reaction to the nursing home scandal that is currently engulfing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).

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127 Responses

  1. If the Dems were doing their Job they wouldn’t have known you were gone. They would have told a pack lies on you if you hadn’t gone. Coumo can kill elderly people and they have done nothing. I can’t wait till 22 gets here, and vote all those evil elderly people out of office.the Dems havent done one ouch of work for America, for 5 years they are to busy keeping those long evil noses into Trumps business. They know positively Trump did not cause that riot, Pelosi did and she knows she did.

    1. I completely agree with you and sat to Mr.Cruz DO NOT RESIGN. stay the good fight and show the dems just how stupid they are and have been.

        1. There is nothing you could have done here anyway. Your job is in DC. It is Governor Abbott’s responsibility to take care of the home front. You keep fighting the good fight. If the Dems are after you then you must be doing something right!!

      1. I agree Ted Cruz doesn’t need to resign over something that is so silly as a short vacation. Fight the good fight for Texans and others.

    2. They will find a way to steal that also in 22. Thats all they are good at. Is lieing and stealing. They bail out antifa and blm after burning half the city down killing and robbing.

    3. Completely agree! I say, to stay the course! Everyone of the Dems have done worse things than you have. I am proud that you love your family!

  2. I don’t understand why Ted Cruz is being criticized for taking a 2 day trip to Cancun when the Congress was on a break. If it was in session he would be in Washington DC and not in Texas. Does anyone think that Ted Cruz satying in Texas for 2 days would change the weather or change anything else for the people? As far as his family is concerned they have the right to go anywhere they want. Others in Texas can do the same. Why is every one making such a big thing out of this? Mr. Cruz please don’t listen to anyone, especially these Democrats. We need you in the Senate.

    1. 100%correct. You have nothing to apologize for. This is another smoke screen to take away from Cuomos screw ups. Murderer that he is. Ted Cruz, you are doing a tremendous great job. Don’t hang your head for a moment! 🤗❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      1. I don’t see any problem in him going away with family. What could he have done? It wasn’t his fault it snowed & had freezing temperature’s. Do not resign because of democrats complaining. They need to clean up there own problems & they have plenty.

      2. And just exactly what did the DEMOCRATS do about the freezinf temperatures and icy, snowy conditions?
        Two things:
        1. Tried to figure out a way to blame it on
        President Trump?
        2. Tried to come up with something else to
        prosecut DJT for?

      1. They should be going after Hunter Biden, and commy Joe!!! They are doing the things that their accusing President Trump and his followers of.The finger keeps pointing back at the power hungry, incompetent, communist Democrats!!!

      1. I’m not from Texas but as an Oklahoman please don’t resign. We need strong Republicans like yourself in the Senate. I need you in the Senate as I’m tired of the Democratic fruitcakes and RINO’s. Someone with common sense like yourself have to hold office.

    2. EXACTLY! Finally! The cool voice of reason. It is too bad that critical thinking and common sense are fast becoming extinct. Thank you, It is nice to know that the whole country hasn’t become addicted to outrage.

    3. I agree, Stay in place and push back. If I had the ability to fly to Cancun, I would, just to feel warm for a short while. ( I’m In Ohio )
      Want to make changes, then, we have to have voter ID and in person only voting. The Dem-O-Craps have been fighting this for 20+ years. And I understand Texas is getting another 26K possible Dem voters, Thanks to the Dem-O-Craps in charge.

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  4. Cruz went on a flight to Cancun. Most of the Democrats are on vacation everyday. They run their pothole and accomplish nothing or spend taxpayer money on other countries. Use our money for us. If they want to use their paycheck to help those things, go ahead. Leave my money out of it. Would it be that hard to use that money for our infrastructure?

  5. I’m standing with Sen. Cruz. He did the same thing any responsible,good parent would do. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM TAKING HIS FAMILY TO WARMTH AND SAFETY AND RETURNING TO DO HIS JOB. He does have a life!

  6. I absolutely support Senator Cruz’s decision to take a break after the Dems vilified him for supporting President Trump and the fraudulent voting issues. But, unfortunately you sometimes have to think outside the box and in this case knowing how the Dems and media would slant it, he probably should have chosen a different time to go. Bless his heart, just like DJT he can’t win no matter what he does. I just hope it won’t impact his run for office again. I think he is one of the smartest and most loyal conservative Senators we have. Besides what could he have done about the situation? Very little.

  7. What Could He Have Done ? Shoveled Snow ? Driven A Snow Plow ? Climbed An Electric Pole ? He Lost Power Too ! He Did Not Hurt Anyone ! Stop Persecuting The Right As The Left Has Numerous Far Greater Sins To Atone For. Why Is #EricSwalwell Still In The Intelligence Committee After Being Compromised By His China Spy Girlfriend ?? What About Hunter Biden ? & Of Course #GovernorCuomo ?? Joe Biden Is Destroying America & This Is Your Big News Story ? Really ? #FovererRepublicanRed #TeamTrump

  8. Senator Ted Cruze has the right to be with his family on his time off. People need to get a life. If you don’t have power then do something about.

  9. How many people could work on a public job for 5 years, get paid a large salary and do nothing but show up and try to get their boss removed and still keep their job like the Democrats have? Ted Cruz, ignor all these wicked people.

  10. I can’t believe Ted Cruz would resign because of a little criticism about his Cancun trip. He needs to tell everyone to just shut up and concentrate on the real problems in America.

  11. Get off his back. You put your energy toward getting that murderer
    thrown out of office in New York❗
    And the wrong nancy pelosi did just to frame President Trump. The old
    witch. Get her out of office❗

  12. Senator Cruz works very hard for the American people. He is entitled to spend some quality time with his family, get off his back! He isn’t Governor of the state! Who is to blame is dumb and dumber in the Whitehouse! They don’t give a damn about American citizens and that is a proven fact. They don’t what the hell to do, so they don’t do anything! Instead of giving WHO who lied about Covid, they gave them over 2million which could have bought a lot of generators, food, gas and water to Texans who need it! Thanks dumb and dumber for not caring about Americans!

  13. Do not resign! It terrible what people had to go through in that weather, but there isn’t one person who if they had a chance would not have sought better weather for their family.

  14. Cruz is a great dad and senator What he did was NOTHING compared to what Hunter , Cuomo , Swalwell etc did. I agree with the lady who said J. Biden is RUINING our country.. He has already done more harm in four weeks than most presidents do in four years . He REALLY is a complete IDIOT . I’m REALLY worried about what Biden and all of his hypocritical liberal cronies are doing . Keep up the great work Ted and GOD save our country !!!!!

  15. Dear Ted – don’t sweat it. This is only a confirmation that your voice is powerful and they are afraid of you because your Intelligence and knowing is a threat.

  16. Ted. Wth did they want you to do here. You couldn’t make the show and ice melt. You couldn’t drag electric lines up the poles. You sure couldn’t get all those people back that Little Joey ran off when he shut all the gas and oil off. I would think that the winers would go after the DemocRATS for the problems. They screwed it up, not you Ted. You are to good an elected official than the dumba**es that are wineing. Send them back to California with the rest of the fruit lopes.

  17. What’ the problem? He is a free spirit. he can do what he darn well pleases.
    What could he do about the power outages, water pipes freezing over, and all the rest. Stupid Dems got to make a mole hill into a mountain.

  18. Senator Cruz has already explained that his daughters were depressed over the unusual cold and asked if they couldn’t go south. I don’t know all the details, but he felt he owed it to them to take them south, and he came back almost immediately. The Senate is not in session, and there isn’t that much he can do except speak up about the mistakes that have been made to satisfy the “tree huggers”. What is the phrase… “Misery love company”? Now they know that solar doesn’t do its job when there is no sun, the wonderful windmills can’t take the cold and thus freeze up. The natural gas lines freezing was not expected. They could have been insulated. I guess you can’t win when you try to satisfy the complainers who know it all.

  19. Senator Cruz has every right to take his family to some place warmer. If you were in the same fix and could afford to go and take your kids to some place warm wouldn’t you? Try talking about the real problem of Como killing 15,000 nursing home people and destroying the families of those who died because of him! Cruz can’t do anything about the water or power or the cold. The Demorats need to back off and stupid people in front of his house. They must not be to cold to be doing that unless the Democrats are paying them to be there!

  20. Ted, there isn’t any human being alive, past present or future that hasn’t made a mistake, except One and you aren’t Him. If you had stayed home in Houston, could you have made the ice and snow go away and make the homes warm and the hot and cold water started working. No, you aren’t Him. Your only mistake was coming back to Houston instead of staying with Heidi and your girls. From the vantage point of 90 years old, your wife and girls need you too. When we leave this old world the only thing that we leave behind is the good true things that we have instilled in our children.

  21. We need Ted Cruz. I hope he doesn’t resign when we the American people need him the most. Senator Cruz has worked harder and accomplished more than most Senators have done in their time in Congress.

  22. This is a perfect example of, “The Pot Calling The Kettle Black!” The, “Demo/Commies,” are nothing but a bunch of. “Hypocrites!” They wait for something to accuse the other party members to do something they do all the time, then they attack them! Do some thing for the USA instead of criticizing the other side!

  23. Senator Ted Cruz has displayed strength and honor for Texas. He was not sleeping with a Russian spy, FunkFang, he didn’t have a laptop smoking crack with young girls, Ted does not have ties to China nor sent covid patients to nursing homes so give the man a break. He gets in the faces of radicals like AOC and the likes. So he went to Cancun. Crucify him😳. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Ted Cruz ranks up there with the likes of DeSantos, cotton, the good guys.

  24. Ted Cruz did nothing wrong! Pelosi/Schumer lost the impeachment, so now they are trying to find something or someone to blame for something. If they don’t want to help all Americans then they need to resign! Do what you are getting paid to do, “your job”. If you can’t handle that, step down and head to the nearest door and leave.

  25. I wish the senators in my state worked as hard as Ted Cruz. He is always defending the constitution and the people of the entire U.S.. How dare democrat trouble makers accuse him of being negligent to his duties in Texas! He is a good father and husband. NO one has the right to condemn him for taking care of his family. I am so sick of democrats. They are just trying to take the attention off of their destruction of our country. Cruz has nothing to apoligize for!!!

  26. Getting tired of the democrats making so much of anything that republicans do and yet they are the ones not doing their job because they are so busy trying to find something about D.J.Trump or anyone that says something nice about him, ..They did nothing to quell the rioting and looting, nothing about Hunter, Pelosi stated Trump will never be in the WH when asked, they knew that Jan 6 there was going to be a problem. Maxine W, was on her platform telling people to condemn Trump and the Republicans,. HIPOCRITES
    Why ? has she not been brought up on Empeachment charges. The democratic party was for the people years back,. but today they are vicious and have turned their backs on the people who once believed in them. Leave
    Mr Trump alone, he has had nothing but scorn since and before becoming our President… Trying to punish people who enjoy certain TV programs, & stores removing items, all because they are friendly with D.J T.How Hateful !! It’s going to cost you an Election, People are starting to get smart.

    1. Have to agree. Now there are generals combing through the Army, looking to find any soldier who might have voted for DJT. This is bound to come back on the Dems who voted for that empty shell, sleepy Joe Biden.

  27. Ted Cruz do not even think about resigning you didnt do anything wrong. Look how long it took Joe Biden to declare a state of emergency but that was only after our governor pushed him into doing it.

  28. Senator Cruz , Need not resign just because you are being a dad to your girls. Texans are a strong people and know how to survive.

  29. I heard nancy pelosi was in Hawaii. It’s ok that the democrats lived their lives through the pandemic and vacationed while murders, rioting, burning cities down and attacks on citizens occupied. Did they want Ted to climb the wind towers with a hair dryer to thaw them out ? It goes to prove that this bull sh it called solar energy is a ridiculous idea But the Democrats loved it, which is why Biden’s getting rid of the keystones pipeline. Even CHINA hasn’t gone that far. Another case of what is good for the e. doesn’t apply to we. Stay strong Ted Cruz, it’s just a bunch of Democrats who want to bit cheaper and complain. Why expect anything more from the party of Hate ? Glad your family came first, Great Dad and a Great politician ! We love you !!

  30. Ted Cruz could work remotely if he was not in Texas physically at the time of the weather crisis. What is the big deal?

    1. I’m sure after all these years, Senator Cruz makes a good living in the Senate. He’s earned it. I’m sure he could make even more in private practice. After all, he’s successfully presented cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. Even a first term Representative earns more than most blue collar workers.

  31. DO NOT RESIGN !!!!! If you had been going to church, they would have found something wrong about it!!!!! You have served us faithfully in that incinerator up there called Washington D.C. for these horrible last 4 years, so I say TAKE A BREAK, SIT DOWN AND KICK UP YOUR HEELS FOR A WHILE. You really earned it !!!!!!!!!!

  32. Why don’t we the people not send the evil ones resignation letters like they are so quick to do with the Republicans. Especially the black mailer that calls himself the President of Amerika. The black lady that started the riots with her line “get in their faces where ever they are” If I remember correct was Maxine Waters, she was also the one that started to coin the line “Impeach him” or was that Peelosi one of the other evil doer. But I think, whatever we do is like peeing up a rope. Nothing gets done whatever we do anyway.

  33. Do not resign. We need you in Washington don’t give in to the demons your a fighter an a good Senator.If God forgives we also forgive it was’nt that big of a deal like what the democrats have done to the people and America Please do it for your daughters if you want them to have a good life in the U.S.A.

  34. Don’t you dare resign. If Pelosi can go to a hair salon at the height of the Covid Pandemic and they blow it off as ( nothing to see hear it’s all good ). Then Ted Cruz can go on vacation which actually he didn’t. After he realized it was a bad Idea he came right back . Look at all the Democrats that went to Puerto Rico during the early days of the pandemic. They said it was for some kind meeting bologna. The Media if that’s what you want to call them want to call them will always cover for the Dems. Then I say screw them and fight dirty like they do. Act like Scumbag NY Governor Cuomo. Just keep your head down and keep punching . Blow it off and move on. Please do not resign.

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