Lawmaker, daughter of Cuban immigrant: Court packing will lead to tyranny

There’s been a concerted movement in the Democratic Party, particularly over the past year, to push toward packing the Supreme Court — a move that would fundamentally undermine America’s balance of powers.

Now, a Republican lawmaker whose mother escaped from under a tyrannical government is warning Americans about the devastating effects packing the court would have in the United States.

New York Rep. Nicole Malliotakis is the daughter of a Cuban immigrant who decades ago fled from Cuba’s communist dictatorship. At a press conference last week celebrating Cuban Independence Day, Malliotakis drew parallels between the Democrats’ proposal and what has happened in authoritarian countries like Cuba and Venezuela.

Drawing parallels to Cuban dictatorship

“I am the daughter of a Cuban refugee,” the congresswoman said. “My mom came in 1959 when Fidel Castro took power. Unfortunately, like many families, my family was split apart. My mother came with her sister, with my grandmother, and they came to the United States for freedom.”

“My grandfather chose to stay behind because he was a small business owner, he had two gas stations in a home, which the regime eventually took,” Malliotakis said.

“And I am here today to warn the American people about what could potentially happen should we not fight to preserve these freedoms, these liberties and the American dream for future generations,” she continued.

“Some of the stuff I hear being proposed from my colleagues on the other side are quite scary,” the representative said, adding that “one of the scariest” is the suggestion that America’s highest court needs to be expanded.

Chavez packed Venezuela’s courts

Malliotakis explained that this action was “exactly how Hugo Chavez destroyed Venezuela.”

“He packed the court from 20 to 32 justices, passed 45,000 consecutive cases, ruled in his and Maduro’s favor,” the lawmaker went on, referencing both of the left-wing strongmen who have ruled over Venezuela since 1999.

Malliotakis recalled that oil-rich Venezuela was once “the wealthiest nation in South America” and has since been reduced to poverty.

Among those pushing to pack the court is a fellow New Yorker, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D). Nadler spoke at an April press conference in which he called for adding additional justices to the court, Fox News reported.

Under Nadler’s proposal, the number of justices would increase from 9 to 13, with all of the new appointees being selected by President Joe Biden.

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