Democratic Texas Rep. Cuellar criticizes Biden administration’s border visit, immigration policies

As President Joe Biden works to undo the Trump administration’s border security and immigration policies, it isn’t surprising he is being criticized by Republicans for the massive surge of migrants at the southern border.

However, even some Democrats have come out against Biden on the immigration issue, chief among them Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), a moderate who represents a district along the border with Mexico, Fox News reported.

During an interview Tuesday with Fox News Radio host Brian Kilmeade, Cuellar lashed out at the administration for its lax enforcement of border and immigration laws as well as for paying a brief visit to the border in his district without notification or a request for any input.

No notice, no “courtesy”

During the radio interview, Cuellar noted the spike in border encounters over the past few months and expressed his concern over the impact it was having on local border communities, particularly with regard to hospitals and the still-ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The congressman also took issue with the recent Biden administration delegation that traveled to the Texas border. “With all due respect, I don’t think no member of Congress got told that,” he said. The congressman revealed that the delegation had visited his district and hometown, as well as those of other members, without the “courtesy” of any advance notice or offer to accompany them.

“Again, with all due respect, coming in for a few hours doesn’t substitute for people on the border that live there and talk to Border Patrol, talk to (Non-Governmental Organizations) all the time,” Cuellar said. “We don’t just go in there for a few hours and think that we know the border better.”

He indicated that Biden and his people were only listening to immigration activists instead of finding a “balance” by considering the knowledge and opinions of community leaders and law enforcement officials who deal with the fallout of policy decisions on a daily basis.

Mixed messaging

Later in the program, Cuellar stressed the need for “humane” policies paired with a respect for “law and order,” and proceeded to criticize the Biden administration for its messaging that was being received by migrants down in Central America.

According to Cuellar, migrants in Central America are hearing three main messages — from the Biden administration, from networks of family and friends, and from the cartels and criminal organizations. Those messages are, in respective order: “Don’t come now, come later”; “Hey, I made it in and you can too”; and, finally, “We can get you in, this is the time to get in.”

With regard to the surge of unaccompanied minors at the border, Cuellar concluded, “I, as a parent, wouldn’t like to send my kids and put them in the hands of ‘coyote’ criminals,” given the fact that many will be preyed upon by criminals and some won’t even make it to the border at all.

This isn’t the first time Cuellar has bucked his party and spoken out against excessively liberal immigration policies. In February, Axios reported that the congressman warned President Biden against suddenly reversing all of Trump’s policies due to the substantial impact it would have on border communities, many of which are predominately populated by immigrants themselves.

“You just can’t say, ‘Yeah, yeah, let everybody in’ — because then we’re affected down there at the border,” Cuellar told Axios.

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25 Responses

  1. biden has no reguard for the american people, or anything other than bringing in more ilegal votes for the democrat party.
    He’s doing exactly what his puppet master tells him to do!

    1. Yes he is a ghost, shows up when they tell him, Harris & Obama are running all, he is on his third term. Just probably was taken care of before he ran, he was interviewed by a reporter, that’s when he told him he was running it from the basement.

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  3. The governors of the border states have to step in and close the border, send all immigrants caught sneaking in back. Biden won’t do anything to stop the incursion.

    1. Border Patrol should load them up and put them out in front of White House and some at Capital Bldg. Maybe she would have a reason for the fence.

        1. That’s what I’ve been saying. These left wing scumbags in Washington only like fences when they think American patriots have finally had enough of their b.s. But since they hate white conservatives so much and love all these illegal foreigners invading this country, it’s time to just dump all of these illegal foreigners inside of Pelosi’s fence. Let her and that other turd Schumer take care of them.

      1. I agree, if they had to deal with the mess they caused opening up the border they’d be singing a different tune

  4. What would you expect from Buffoon Biden the only reason he’s in the seat is because it was a rigged election.
    The only thing that the Democrats can actually FIX is elections every thing else they DESTROY.

  5. Where are all these people going to go and all the kids where are they coming from. I guess pelosi is going to feed them that is part of the 1.9 trillion bill. They are coming in from all over the world. Crazy Joe and the Swamp are not thinging about us that live here only of them selves

  6. AS I SAID BEFORE, God bless the Governor of Texas, the national guard and all police officers who are trying to guard our borders! The communist idiots in Washington want OUR country to be filled with ILLEGALS who will use up all our resources that belong to LEGAL CITIZENS OF USA. Our Constitution will just be another piece of paper to be discarded! WAKE UP AMERICA AND DO SOMETHING NOW!

  7. When will the rest of the Demonrat party begin to comprehend that party doesn’t care about it’s own but only their power?

  8. What the border states need to do is get themselves a state border patrol going and determine who they want to let into their state, like if you don’t have a vaccination cert, or a clean bill of health for the past 20 days or something like that, sounds legal to me.

  9. If the Democrats wouldn’t have cheated Biden into office , We would not have this crazy old Brainless idiot calling the shots that are Destroying our country and making life harder for the people of America.

  10. He is expecting that these illegal aliens are going to vote Democrat. But guess what Biden. Most of them are going to see where you are taking this nation. And they just came from there and are not looking to go back to that. So I am guessing that most of them are going to vote Republican.

  11. Why are the un-accompanied children being taken to Virginia? Is ther a tunnel from the facility to the WH???
    Why is the Humn&Child trafficking issue suddenly surging???
    This was something the previous administration made a focus and everyone hated him for it. WHY IS MSM NOT ASKING THESE QUESTIONS?????

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