Cuomo under fire after report reveals New York undercounted nursing home deaths

It appears that another so-called conservative conspiracy theory has been proved true.

As Breitbart’s John Nolte points out in a recent opinion piece, many believe that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) coronavirus policies contributed to the unnecessary deaths of thousands of elderly nursing home residents, and a recent report shows they were right.

We knew it

Nolte writes that the so-called “conspiracy theorists” over the past couple of weeks have been proven right on at least two accounts.

The first “conspiracy theory” that has been proved right is the conservatives’ belief that Democratic officials, including Cuomo, kept their states locked down in order to hurt former President Donald Trump politically. We know this, according to Nolte, because almost as soon as Trump left the White House these same Democratic officials all of a sudden decided to open their states back up.

And, the other “conspiracy theory,” according to Nolte, that has been shown to be true is that, “as hospital ships and a makeshift hospital sat almost entirely empty, Cuomo was indeed pouring [COVID-19] infection into nursing homes and as a result, some 15,000 died.”

The kicker here is that this second so-called conspiracy theory has actually been proved true by one of Cuomo’s own — New York Attorney General Letitia James (D).

It’s true

This past week, James’ office released a report showing that the number of New York nursing home deaths due to the coronavirus were likely underreported by Cuomo’s administration by as much as 50 percent.

James’ team sampled 62 nursing homes across the state and found that these facilities had reported 1,914 coronavirus-related deaths while the state’s Department of Health only claimed that there had been 1,229 such cases.

What this means is that New York’s COVID-19 nursing home death count could be actually twice as high as the government claims. Currently, the New York State Department of Health has reported over 6,000 coronavirus-related nursing home deaths and an additional 3,000 presumed coronavirus-related nursing home deaths.

A key finding of James’ team was that Cuomo contributed to this situation by signing a directive that sent recovering COVID-19 patients from hospitals to nursing homes, allowing the virus to spread among the most vulnerable part of the population.

Cuomo’s response was to ask “who cares” where these people died. “Whether a person died in the hospital or in the nursing home, people died, people died,” Cuomo said.

Chalk up another one for the conservative “conspiracy theorists.” It sure seems that we are on a roll lately.

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23 Responses

  1. Cuomo should be sued by all the families who lost loved ones in the nursing homes from covid! He KNEW the elderly were more vulnerable! His statement “ who cares where they died” is a slap in the face of all those grieving families! Sue him for wrongful death!

      1. Better yet! Infect him with COVID and keep him away from treatment.

        Those elderly did not deserve to die before their time.

      2. Absolutely. charge Cuomo with “murder”.
        The thought of him sending covid19 victims to any nursing home when it was KNOWN elderly more susceptible to ANY illness and to say, “Who cares where they die”, and ALL THIS JUST TO BRING PRESIDENT TRUMP DOWN at the EXPENSE OF HUMAN LIVES?
        STEP DOWN
        I M M E D I A TELY

  2. I think everyone knew he killed off the seniors in nursing homes. Too bad that Cuomo doesn’t. A ego so big his head should fall off. Lets blame the workers and President Trump? Isn’t that his motto?

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  4. Cuomo is a Democrat and they all have lied and held back information why does anyone think this is news. Must be living in a bunker . A democratic run America is no longer “American “!

  5. Just like all the other demoncRAT criminals he will get away with it. Just as hunter and biteme got away with all the crimes they committed. As the clintons and the obSamas. Nothing new here.

  6. Chris cuomo lives in a bunker remember he got into a fight with a bicyclist while he was suppose to be quarantining. He was at his new property, supposedly it is an all steel house he is having built. Why ? So he and his family and his brother can hide when the sh it hits the fan. They will all go down at some point, the sooner the better for every new Yorker.

  7. The Cuomo brothers are disgusting! He should put his Emmy award right up his @ss along with his brothers Super Big Q-Tip!!!

  8. The reason he did it was to get favor from Biden and the democrats for all the extra votes from the unreported deaths. You know all those dead people voted and are now dead. SHAME ON HIM

  9. Of course, Cuomo killed these people in the nursing facilities. He did not care; it is as though he wanted to kill them. He stated on national TV that these sick COVID-19 patients had to move to the various nursing facilities!! He knew others in these facilities would catch COVID-19 and that many, many of these people would die (and COVID-19 is not an easy death to go through. So actually he had them tortured before killing them. I see many, many lawsuits coming up against Cuomo. BUT what should also happen is: he should be indicted, tried and sent to prison. Deliberate murder is a CRIME!!!

  10. Recently Cuomo tried to blame the Trump Admin for ordering him to do this crime. As I recall Trump offered much help and even sent a ship to house covid patients. Never have I heard of Trump ordering or even requesting covid patients in with old folks whose health is compromised and so prone to infection.
    Personally, in NYC and some other big cities this was done running up most covid deaths among the elderly – an easy target to promote the covid scam and shut down the country. Real covid issues I believe were pushed on America and the world by the Chinese Communists from Wuhan Lab, you probably have no idea how secure labs like this are and how many countermeasures are used to prevent leakage including ‘melt it down’. This was no accident. I personally believe that the New World Order globalists were given orders to release it not only to affect election in the election year but to take down the USA and other world economies to create crisis so the would be world rulers could take charge through the UN which the global bankers who run the NWO control. Their predecessors started the UN.

  11. Cuomo should be forced to live with AOC and his brother in a 4 foot by 6 foot room with one toilet, and no beds or chairs, or sunlight. The room will be lit 24 hours a day. No books, no T.V. , no phone , no window. No air conditioning or ventilation.

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