Cuomo: ‘Who cares’ whether people died in nursing homes or hospitals from COVID-19

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s (D) star has abruptly fallen after evidence surfaced that his administration suppressed the truth about the number of nursing home deaths from COVID-19.

Cuomo’s response to the rising tide of criticism? “Whether a person died in the hospital or in the nursing home, people died, people died,” adding “who cares” where they died. 

Callous disregard

Despite the fact that he directly issued an executive order requiring nursing homes — which house the most vulnerable populations to COVID-19 — to accept COVID-19 patients during the height of the state’s crisis, Cuomo has no intention of taking responsibility for the disaster.

Cuomo’s downfall comes from a quite unexpected source: Democratic New York Attorney General Letitia James, who has been examining the death toll resulting from Cuomo’s order and has found that Cuomo’s public health administration may have misrepresented the impact of the disaster.

Cuomo held a press conference on Friday in which he took questions about James’ report. It didn’t go well.

When asked what he would say to families that lost loved ones as a result of his executive order, Cuomo responded that he would say “everyone did the best they could” before attempting to blame the disaster on federal guidelines.

“Whether a person died in the hospital or in the nursing home, people died, people died,” Cuomo declared, adding that New York’s nursing home deaths fell below the 28 percent national threshold of COVID-19 deaths overall.

“New York State, we’re only about 28%, only, but we’re below the national average in number of deaths in nursing homes — but who cares?” he asked. “Thirty-three, twenty-eight, died in a hospital, died in a nursing home, they died.”

Back to Trump

Cuomo repeated the argument that the Trump administration is responsible for nursing home deaths, a claim first made during an interview on Tuesday that didn’t quite go over as expected.

“This state, I’m very proud of what New Yorkers have done, because they have rallied. We were ambushed like no other state, Nicolle, and again, it was from federal incompetence,” Cuomo told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on Tuesday.

“Incompetent government kills people. More people died than needed to die in COVID. That’s the truth,” he concluded.

The statement backfired spectacularly, as the media and internet exploded in accusations that his was the incompetent governance. Fox News’ Judge Jeanine responded to Cuomo’s attempt to deflect responsibility:

Andrew Cuomo, you are the essence of incompetent government. New York was the epicenter of the virus. New York had the highest number of deaths compared to any other state in the union, and he wants to blame it on the government? You’re the government, Andrew Cuomo. You’re the one that was killing people.

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23 Responses

    1. sums up the dem party I do believe. He is the just one of many with the idea elder lives don’t matter. In fact, I don’t think he cares about anyone’s life.

  1. Him and his decisions are not responsible, people died who cares where they died, everyone did their best. But then he has no problem trying to blame shift to the federal government, and it’s Trump’s fault. What a hypocrite. Maybe instead of using a virus as a political hammer, all our politicians should have put the blame on where it came from and actually did their best. But they chose to serve themselves and not our citizens and country, as always.

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  3. The point isn’t “where” they died, but how many died after contracting the virus in the nursing homes that would not have if not for admitting infected patients into the most critical environment. It’s all on Cuomo.

  4. Cuomo is nothing more then a piece of excrement found on a subway in New York City. Deposited by a homeless individual that gets more help from a rotting Democratic Party. Let’s see what the Senate and House makeup will be in two years. Polos,i Schumer,AOC, and Cuomo should be impeached or relieved of their duties and jailed for treason to the USA.

  5. This is the Michel and Fredo Show. Neither knows what is going on, but both lie really well
    Michel kills for political gain, and Fredo plays the fool to keep the eyes of the world from Mikey.
    Both need to be used as range objects.

  6. Can any news media question him about the FACT that President Trump sent the USS Comfort naval ship that was able to hold 400 patients and fully stocked with doctors, nurses and pep equipment.He(Cuomo) never used it. Did it have something to do with what I read that for every death due to the virus the state received 22,000.00 dollars. Was that the money he gave himself a raise with ?He gave himself a raise in March of 22,000 dollars and then gave himself another raise which ended up as a 45,000 dollar raise in less than 8 months. While people were dying and family members couldn’t see them he was busy writing a book on how well he handled the pandemic ???? . Time to get a petition to oust him from public office NOW.

  7. His were just the early tests of the Democrat euthanasia plan for seniors and it went successfully unnoticed and largely ignored so… watch for more of the same. They need to free up Social Security and Medicare money for all the Foreign Invaders and “Refugees” they’re bringing in to vote for them.

  8. Cuomo said that people died who cares where they died? That is not the question, he is deflecting from the real question. It isn’t where people died, the real question is why did they die. The only answer that I can come up with is Cuomo.

  9. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has reportedly threatened to misuse Congressional budget reconciliation to ram through another COVID-19 stimulus package without Republican support.
    This is just a [email protected] [email protected] to the republicans, [email protected] this with everything I want or else. Well if that is the way you want it go for it a lone. It will be on your head as to how you will pay for it. If you rob the seniors pensions I am quite sure they will remember, all seniors Dems Repubs and Libs. Who will show up for your next election. Probably Antifuka or maybe BLM.

  10. Cuomo has already made a fatal mistake. He killed all of those people in the nursing homes in NY. He forced the nursing facilities to admit known patients with COVID-19!!! What was he thinking would happen??? He should have been thinking that if he forced these nursing facilities to take in people with COVID-19 that they would expose more and more patients to this disease. That these unsuspecting people would contract COVID-19, then die!!. Cuomo forced the nursing facilities to take in these sick people, knowing all the while that other people living in these would catch this disease and end up dying. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED!!! this was a planned attack on the people already living in these facilities!!! Cuomo did not just attempt murder; he created murder!!! So, he can’t get out of this one. He, himself, stated on national TV, that he was forcing these facilities to take in these sick COVID-19 patients because “that was the law in New York”!!!

  11. Quirky cuomo is just a disgustingly callous creature; with someone like him in charge, you don’t “need” communism – -it’a already there.

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