DA Bragg's office reportedly deleted critical phone records between Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen

 May 12, 2024

DA Alvin Bragg, in his prosecutorial pursuit of former President Donald Trump, has had a handful of serious setbacks over the past week or so.

According to The Epoch Times, that was evidenced once again after a paralegal from Bragg's office testified "that some phone call records between Michael Cohen and Stephanie Clifford’s (a.k.a. Stormy Daniels) lawyer were deleted."

The deleted records, of course, pose evidentiary issues for Bragg's prosecutors that Trump's lawyers immediately seized upon.

The revelation came at about the same time of Stormy Daniels' salacious testimony, which many legal experts insisted helped Trump's defense in the ongoing trial.

What happened?

Paralegal Jaden Jarmel-Schneider, who works in Bragg's office, was asked by Trump lawyer Emil Bove about some three pages of phone records that were deleted.

The paralegal, under questioning, confirmed that some records had, in fact, been deleted.

The outlet noted:

Mr. Jarmel-Schneider confirmed some deletions. He acknowledged that some phone call records from 2018 between Mr. Cohen and Keith Davidson (Ms. Clifford’s lawyer) had been deleted, along with some records of conversations between Ms. Clifford’s manager Gina Rodriguez and then-National Enquirer editor Dylan Howard about Ms. Clifford’s claim that she had an affair with President Trump.

The paralegal became somewhat defensive when Bove said the deletions were "significant," calling the description mischaracterized.

Trump's defense attorneys made a simple, yet powerful point: The prosecutors submitted the phone records into evidence but failed to tell Trump's lawyers that some of the records had been deleted, calling into question the integrity of the evidence.

Of course, if the situation were reversed, it's fair to say that the prosecution would have a major issue with deleted records that weren't disclosed.

Many agree

Donald Trump Jr. was one of the first to point out that in a reversal of the situation, Bragg's office would have exploded.

"It is a felony. We have no department of justice. Not under this corrupt regime," one X user wrote.

It was noted by others that tampering with evidence in the state of New York is a Class E felony. Only time will tell if anyone in Bragg's office will be held accountable. Don't bet on it.

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