‘It’s lymphoma’: Dan Bongino expresses optimism despite results of recent diagnosis

Former New York City police officer and U.S. Secret Service agent Dan Bongino revealed some distressing personal news with his fans this week.

The conservative pundit confirmed what he and others had feared: A tumor on his neck that was recently removed in surgery was determined to be cancerous, as reported by the Daily Caller.

“Either way, we’ll be okay”

The 45-year-old Bongino stressed during his radio program on Friday, however, that he remains “optimistic” about a plan of treatment that was already in progress.

More than a week earlier, he confirmed that he had undergone surgery to remove the lump, sharing at the time that his doctors believed it could be a sign of lymphoma.

“I’m out of surgery & I feel good,” he wrote in an Instagram post on Oct. 7. “They removed the whole tumor from my neck. The bad news is, it looks like lymphoma. The good news is, there are treatments [sic] options. Either way, we’ll be okay.”

It was during his radio show this week that he took a few minutes to address what many of his fans and friends were waiting to hear.

“But it’s treatable”

“We did get a diagnosis yesterday from my doctor,” he said. “Unfortunately, it is cancer. It’s lymphoma, the Hodgkin’s type, but it is treatable.”

Bongino moved on quickly, though, telling his audience that he felt they deserved an update.

“Nothing to be depressed about, there’s a treatment plan,” he said. “But, I do have cancer, and that is hard for me to say, but we’ll be OK and I am optimistic — that’s not some act I’m putting on for the show. We’ll be OK. We’ve got good doctors, good family, good support network, great friends, and the best audience in the business.”

In addition to his own fearless spirit and no-quit attitude, Bongino has received an outpouring of prayers and support from friends, family, and fans across the country.

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