Danchenko acquitted in Durham case involving Trump dossier

A Virginia court acquitted Igor Danchenko, the source of the Steele dossier that falsely connected former President Donald Trump to a Russian bank.

The dossier was compiled by British spy Christopher Steele for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

The verdict

“In closing arguments Monday, Durham indicated that he believed the FBI had bungled the Trump-Russia probe that hamstrung the 45th president’s administration for nearly three years, but said Danchenko’s lies had played a role,” The Daily Wire reported.

“Danchenko initially faced five counts of making false statements to the FBI, one of which was dismissed by the court. The jury acquitted him of the other four,” it added.

The summary

“The verdict was a final blow to the politically charged criminal investigation by John H. Durham, the special counsel appointed by Attorney General William P. Barr three years ago to scour the F.B.I.’s inquiry into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia for any wrongdoing,” the New York Times claimed.

“Mr. Trump and his supporters had long insisted the Durham inquiry would prove a ‘deep state’ conspiracy against him, but despite pursuing various such claims, Mr. Durham never charged any high-level government officials,” it added.

Many conservatives blasted Danchenko, calling him a paid FBI informant for years.

The case doesn’t help with Trump’s efforts to clear his name, but it also will not hurt him if he attempts to run again in 2024.