Danish government makes massive COVID vaccination announcement

The Danish government is now only recommending COVID vaccination for citizens 50 years old and older. 

This is a significant shift from not that long ago when governments around the world were pushing COVID vaccinations on just about every single one of their citizens, including the very young.

The announcement

The Danish government, back in April, was the first to stop its COVID vaccination program, saying, “spring has arrived, vaccine coverage in the Danish population is high, and the epidemic has reversed.” And, prior to that, the Danish government stopped allowing those under the age of 18 to be vaccinated.

The Danish government, nonetheless, made it clear that it would likely reinstate the vaccine program for the fall. And, that it was it is doing, except that it is now only for those aged 50 and above.

The Danish Health Authority made the announcement just recently, saying:

With the autumn vaccination programme, we aim to prevent serious illness, hospitalisation and death. The risk of becoming severely ill from covid-19 increases with age. Therefore, people who have reached the age of 50 and particularly vulnerable people will be offered vaccination.

“We expect that many people will be infected with covid-19 during autumn and winter,” the agency added. “It is therefore important that the population remembers the guidance on how to prevent infection, which also applies to a number of other infectious diseases.”

Why just 50 and above?

The big question is why the Danish government is now restricting its COVID vaccination program to those 50 and older. The government is very careful how it goes about answering this question.

It says:

The purpose of the vaccination programme is to prevent severe illness, hospitalisation, and death. Therefore, people at the highest risk of becoming severely ill will be offered booster vaccination. The purpose of vaccination is not to prevent infection with covid-19, and people aged under 50 are therefore currently not being offered booster vaccination.

The Danish Health Authority continues:

People aged under 50 are generally not at particularly higher risk of becoming severely ill from covid-19. In addition, younger people aged under 50 are well protected against becoming severely ill from covid-19, as a very large number of them have already been vaccinated and have previously been infected with covid-19, and there is consequently good immunity among this part of the population.

There are several things to note here, including that the Danish government admits that the vaccines do “not prevent infection” and that people 50 and younger who are in decent health are “not at particularly high risk of becoming severely ill from covid-19.” These are significant admissions.

Coming to America?

At the moment, it is not looking as though America is going to be following in Denmark’s footsteps here.

President Joe Biden did just claim that the COVID-pandemic is “over,” but he has been contradicted by members of his own administration. This has suggested to many that Biden just made the claim in order to try to win some votes in the midterm elections.