DC Trump judge strikes down multiple motions against former president

 August 30, 2023

The judge overseeing former President Donald Trump's charges in Washington, D.C., denied six motions against him Tuesday.

The decisions came one day after Trump's court date in Washington was set for March 4, including a filing from Victor Shorkin.

The details

"The 'Shorkin' affidavit appeared to be a reference to the former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was fired from his post for allegedly investigating a natural gas company when President Joe Biden's son served on the board," the Washington Examiner reported.

"Chutkan denied the filing against 'Shorkin,' citing federal rules that disallow amicus briefs in criminal cases and court guidelines for federal courts in the District of Columbia," it continued.

The court date

"The schedule suggested by the former president for the trial to take place in April 2026, well past the next presidential election, is 'far beyond what is necessary,' and risks witnesses becoming unavailable or their memories fading, Chutkan said," according to CBS News.

"Instead, the judge said the trial will begin March 4, 2024. Chutkan's schedule means the proceeding, as it currently stands, will begin one day before Super Tuesday, a crucial date on the presidential election calendar when more than a dozen states will hold their presidential primaries," it added.

Moving to West Virginia?

Lawyers involved in Trump's Washington case argue that the former president will not get a fair trial in the capital.

Instead, they are arguing to move his trial to West Virginia, a state Trump won in 2020 by a large margin.

Trump also faces trials in cases in Fulton County, Georgia, and in Florida. The Georgia case includes 18 other co-defendants, such as Mark Meadows, who argued this week to move his case to federal court.

The former president's Florida case involves classified documents found in his home during an FBI raid last year.

The indictments don't seem to be hurting his White House run, however, as Trump continues to lead other GOP candidates by a wide margin.

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