Fox’s Janice Dean says Cuomo, others ‘should all go to jail’ over nursing home COVID deaths

A top aide of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) recently admitted that the Cuomo administration deliberately covered up the true COVID death toll in nursing homes in order to try and avoid political and potentially criminal consequences.

The admission prompted Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean, who has been highly critical of Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic for personal reasons, to insist that those involved in the nursing home scandal should “go to jail.”

Dean’s personal interest in the matter stems from the fact that both of her parents-in-law contracted the coronavirus and died while residing in long-term adult care facilities in 2020, which she blames on Gov. Cuomo’s policy of forcing nursing homes to accept COVID patients who had been released from hospitals.

“They should all go to jail”

In a tweet posted Thursday evening, Dean wrote, “The Secretary to @NYGovCuomo @melissadderosa admitted in a closed door meeting yesterday with democratic lawmakers that they covered it all up. They should all go to jail.”

Twenty minutes later, she followed up with another tweet that reemphasized, “They all should go to jail.”

“Bombshell” admission of guilt

Dean’s tweets didn’t stray far from the message she put forward one night earlier during an appearance on “Fox News Primetime” with rotating guest host Mark Steyn.

“This is the biggest bombshell we have had so far,” Dean said. “We had a trickling in of the numbers. We knew the numbers were much bigger than the governor was admitting.”

“Over 15,000 residents died from getting COVID in their nursing homes,” she continued, “and now the biggest bombshell coming from the New York Post that his secretary, Melissa DeRosa, admitted that they covered it all up.”

“I would like to thank whoever that Democratic lawmaker that was the leak yesterday that gave us that information because I believe all of them should go to jail,” Dean said.

Need to see justice served

“We need to see these people on the stand, with a jury, with us, the people that lost our loved ones, in the audience to see them tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” Dean insisted. “Justice needs to be served. We don’t have our loved ones here today, but by God, I am here to be a voice for all of them.”

“I have never been a political person in my entire life [but] it affected my family,” she added. “I’m speaking on behalf of them. It is their 60th wedding anniversary today, Mark, and the angels won.”

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44 Responses

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  2. Lol, this fool won’t go to jail because Bitme will give him a full pardon. Bitme doesn’t care at all what people now thinks of him. He knows he is only a one term President and he is going to do all he can to destroy this country and to protect his friends and family.

    1. your probably right after all the whole covid scam was to get briben biden elected. When it was obviously failing they went to the paid riots and when that failed they went to voter fruad.

    2. I kinda have to agree with you. Biden knows he won’t have a 2nd term and maybe not even finish 1 term so he doesn’t give 2 sh*ts what people think and besides I bet murderer Coumo has plenty of dirt on Biden and crew. Biden has the DOJ and corrupt FBI to make this all go away. Then these scum can get back on track and still go afterTrump.
      But I agree that Cuomo and company must ser prison! This dem POS killed 15000 elderly people. Coumo deserves the electric chair!

    1. Just knowing of his Satanic Comments Upon the Older Senior, Does He Think he is not Getting Old? Portraying the most knowledgeable when he visited the White House to See Biden about the Coronavirus . The Fake News of his Brother as well as the Fiction of a Lousy Book written by Him.

  3. Janice Dean is absolutely correct and in addition to those consequences for big mouth Cuomo, severe criminal action should be considered and initiated for all individuals, Medical Organizations and Media, who actively downplayed the projected effectiveness of Hydroxichloraquine, when utilized early on in Covid treatment. There alleged tests and comments regarding same were fraudulent at best and their rants regarding subsequent cardiac damage were scientifically absurd. Their sadistic motivations were motivated ONLY by their inherent HATE for Donald J. Trump. PERIOD!!!!!!

    1. I agree Mr. McGinty. But it’s more than just hate for Trump.
      It’s about selling vaccines. Big Pharma, Fauci and Gates should be prosecuted above all for lying about hydroxychloroquine and letting
      tens of thousands die for their own profit.

    2. You are so right but I feel that justice will never be served. I really hope I am wrong about my prediction but we are living in an upside down world where not much make sense. This whole thing is like watching a Twilight Zone show.

  4. Cuomo needs to go to jail so that we can regain some faith in our justice system. If I did what Cuomo did I would be in the big house for life. Only democrats can get away with something like this.

  5. Lock up his brother Christiana also for spreading false rumors on CNN along with his mistress Daniela Lemon.
    Mario Cuomo, is nothing but a wanna be wise guy who can’t even tide his shoe laces.
    Plus, if you look at him real good. Doesn’t he remind you of a horse. Dude gotta a real HORSE FACE 🐴.

  6. Remember the news broadcast back in, I think it was March, where Governor Cuomo repeatedly said “protect mom”. He may have been signaling to his relatives to get his “mom” out of wherever she was at the time. Curious don’t you think?

  7. what to add….????at least the father,Mario,had sense enough NOT to run for the presidency back when,the ALLEGED connections to the MOB would have been brought up and whether the connection would have stained the Cuomo./Raffa connection he was smart enough Not to chance as it wouldnt have stood up for him even if just alleged!!!His sons apparently are not that bright and got where they are by sheer bravado and the fathers gift of incredible elequence!!!the sons fall short of both!!!

  8. Hey you slime msm including scum Dorsey of Twitter and scum Zuckerberg of FB, are you POS going to cover the murders by Coumo with honest facts?

    1. Richard you want a Miracle! The Answer most likely Cuomo didn’t do it Intentionally, more likely he will Blame Our President Trump. He is Body Body with Biden and all the corrupted Democratic Party, and the Scum of Mitt Romney who should be included in the Corrupted Democratic Party.

  9. I believe they should shoot them. That way we do not have to feed, cloth of furnish a cell for them. Much cheaper on taxpayers.

  10. The demorats continued violation of our Constitution and rule of law needs to be stopped. Who in our govt. is going to step up? Americans who are Patriots are not going to accept what’s been going much longer. Blatant hypocrisy, cancel culture, going after people because of their political beliefs, are not what America is all about. Where will it stop? We are about to have a civil war. Now they are after the 2nd amendment again. Time for a patriotic uprising.

  11. It’s amazing how everyone forgot about Biden’s first run for President and his plagiarism scandal. ??? Why would he ever change he lied then and he’s lying now. Him & his entire family are liars and thieves and he will protect everyone “ DEMORATS “ they should all be locked up and throw away the keys

  12. Cuomo should be impeached and charged with 15,000 to 20,000 murders in New York State and put in jail for the rest of his life.

  13. Not only arrest them, try them and put them in prison for a minimum of 20 years per incident. Then sue them, bankrupt them. Totally ruin these hateful, disgusting hacks.

  14. Doesn’t it make you proud to know our leaders want to kill the elderly to have more for themselves!or babies that don’t have a voice or any money and power to share??? Such pride I sense in this New America. They can share stories with their friends about how rich and powerful they became on the backs of the American people! So darn great!!!! NOT

  15. Yes he should go to jail for this and a multitude of other areas of malfeasance but he won’t . I suspect if anyone takes the fall for this it will be Janice Dean .

  16. Everybody is talking about Cuomo. Here in Michigan our Gov. Whitmer has done the same thing. We had one Democrat in the State House say, “that’s in the past, move on.” We’ve got people doing an investigation i think, family member.

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