Death of Clinton aid with Epstein ties ruled suicide, despite no weapon found

 February 24, 2023

The death of a former Clinton aid with ties to Jeffrey Epstein was ruled a suicide, despite no weapon being found.

Mark Middleton, 59, served in Bill Clinton's White House, and was found dead at a ranch in Perryville, Arkansas, in May 2022.

The report

"Almost one year after Middleton’s death, a police report obtained by the outlet this week revealed that the Little Rock businessman was discovered with a gunshot wound to the chest and an extension cord tying his neck to a tree," the New York Post reported.

“I could see the male was obviously deceased,” Deputy Jeremy Lawson of the Perry County Sheriff’s Department wrote.

"Notably, Lawson’s account includes that while officers located a gun case and three boxes of buckshot in Middleton’s BMW SUV, there was no weapon in sight," the report added.

Why the wait?

"Release of the report was held up after members of his family petitioned a judge. They were worried that pictures from the gory scene would be made public," the Daily Mail reported.

"The judge eventually ruled that details could be released but photographs could not," it added.

The death is especially controversial over his ties to Epstein and Clinton.

"Mark Middleton, 59, was a special advisor to the former president in the 1990s, authorizing Epstein's visits to the White House seven out of the 17 times the infamous pedophile met with top government officials there," the Post Millennial reported.

"Additionally, he was also on the flight logs of Epstein's private jet," it added.

The death report continues to add to questions related to Clinton and Epstein in the decades-long controversy related to the two well-known men.

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