‘Ridiculous:’ Trump slams de Blasio over removal of Teddy Roosevelt statue

President Donald Trump slammed New York City’s goofy Democratic mayor over the removal of a statue of an American hero.

The president called “ridiculous” Bill De Blasio’s decision to support the removal of a statue of former President Teddy Roosevelt from outside of the Museum of Natural History.

Trump slams removal of TR statue

The statue, created in 1939, depicts Roosevelt on horseback, with a Native American and an African man standing on either side. It was created in 1939 by sculptor James Earle Fraser, who said of the grouping: “The two figures at [Roosevelt’s] side are guides symbolizing the continents of Africa and America, and if you choose may stand for Roosevelt’s friendliness to all races.”

The Museum of Natural History in New York, where the statue is located, announced Sunday that they would remove the beloved sculpture, and De Blasio signaled his approval, calling the statue “problematic.”

“Ridiculous, don’t do it!” Trump tweeted in response.

Many people were left angry and dumbfounded by the decision, particularly given TR’s role in conserving America’s natural and cultural treasures. But the Museum of Natural History took issue with the statue’s “hierarchical composition.”

The museum’s president Ellen Futter said that they were “profoundly moved” by recent unrest and that it had suddenly become obvious that “the time has come to move it,” calling the monument a “hurtful [symbol] of systemic racism.”

Cultural revolution targets American icons

De Blasio said that the statue “depicts black and indigenous people as subjugated and racially inferior.”

The decision came as unrest over police killings of black men has metastasized into a cultural revolution that appears to be targeting American icons indiscriminately, whether or not they have any ties to the Confederacy. Over the weekend, statues of Francis Scott Key, composer of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” and Ulysses Grant, Union general and president, were destroyed in San Francisco.

In Portland, a statue of former President George Washington was toppled and a burning American flag was draped over it on Thursday. The statue was also vandalized with “1619,” a direct reference to The New York Times’ “1619 Project,” which seeks to change America’s understanding of the Founding as defined by the introduction of the slave trade to America, rather than July 4, 1776.

Even as TR was taken down, protesters near the White House tried to destroy a monument of former President Andrew Jackson on Monday night, but they were unsuccessful. Trump condemned the “disgraceful vandalism” and threatened stiff punishments for those who vandalize American statuary.

This is no longer about social justice; it’s an attack on American heritage.

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