5 arrested as police declare riot in Portland: Reports

Residents of downtown Portland experienced yet another night of terror at the hands of rioters on Tuesday, exactly one year after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis set off some of the worst riots America has seen in decades.

Five people were arrested, police said, after a crowd of about 200 demonstrators began assaulting police and smashing up businesses downtown, according to the Washington Examiner.

Riots erupt in Portland

Police said that around 9 p.m., the mob set a dumpster on fire outside the Multnomah County Justice Center and pushed the dumpster against the building, while some shouted, “Burn the building down” and vandalized the building with graffiti, according to Fox News. Two people reportedly attempted to pry the doors open.

As police secured the area for firefighters to respond, the crowd tossed eggs, fireworks, and frozen water bottles at officers, and set traps of metal spikes in the road, Fox reported.

Once the fire was out, police left the area and the mob proceeded to City Hall, where they smashed windows, according to reports. Around 10 p.m., police declared a riot.

The crowd then moved through downtown Portland, where they destroyed windows at over a dozen businesses, including several Starbucks locations, a jewelry store, and several clothing stores including a bridal boutique, the Willamette Week reported. They also vandalized the site where Trump supporter Aaron Danielson was murdered by an alleged Antifa member last summer, according to journalist Andy Ngo.

Residents left traumatized

The riot started to die down around midnight, and arrests were made for crimes ranging from criminal mischief to rioting and arson, police said.

Portland has been the site of riots more or less constantly since last summer, when the city’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, effectively surrendered control to mobs that laid siege to a federal courthouse and terrorized residents for months with virtual impunity.

For traumatized business owners, the scenes in Portland on Tuesday night carried a grim echo. Pinkham Millinery owner Dayna Pinkham said she was just surprised her store wasn’t targeted sooner. “I feel fortunate to have staved it off this long,” she told local NBC affiliate KGW 8.

Angelina Walker of TAH Bags said this wasn’t the first time her store was hit. “I think closing the store is a huge loss,” she told the network. “It just seems like it’s too easy to cause destruction and just walk away.”

While Portlanders are left living in fear, the majority of rioters from last year’s unrest have had their cases dismissed by the federal government, Fox News notes.

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27 Responses

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  5. The best way to get rid of these ignorant simians is to enforce a “Protect your property bill’ saying the owners have the right to use deadly force when the first herds break and enter the property.
    Start stacking bodies in the broken windows and doors. Problem solved. They wont come back to your property, they’ll just go elsewhere where the WOKE supporters live.

  6. There are approximately 660,000 people in Portland. How is it that they allow 200 brain dead Marxist’s to control their city? Only a few hundred angry men with baseball bats would be enough to run these morons directly west into the ocean! Conceal carry for your personal safety.

  7. Ray,you are so correct! If they would get rid of this TRASH we would have peace in American. This must be the same gang which started all the riots last year.In Europe they bring out water cannon and FLUSH them of the street!

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  11. BLM and ANTIFA are terrorist thats what we call other people that do these things. They should all be in jail. If I went up town and set a building on fire they would put me under the jail. Just because they are BLM or ANTIFA it’s ok. Thats just bulls**t.Round them up like the sheeple they are and throw them in jail.

  12. Portland city council needs to be removed as it’s all democrat the city needs a bipartisan city council with independent republican and democratic members and this monopoly of all voting by democrats, remove that do nothing mayor and the Portland Attorney general as he sends these gangs back on the streets arrest him for not abiding by his oath of office, and put in prison with these gang friends he has. This city needs new direction and end these night after nightly riots BRING BACK LAW AND ORDER TO PORTLAND GET THE CITIZENS INVOLVED AS WELL.

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  14. They are domestic terrorist. I think if you start shooting at some of them it just might dissuade them from further domestic terrorism. Wonder how many of them are really ready to die for their cause?

  15. Although not a fan of the CCP, they do have very effective ways in dealing with Moronic-Thugs, who riot, destroy, and threaten the lives of innocent people.

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  17. Just another example of the leftist liberalism. They want chaos in the United States. Why I don’t know., But they do. BLM are unamerican bullys,. Why doesn’t Portland rise up and protest the protesters,

  18. I agree with your take on the situation. Unfortunately with liberal dimocraps in control nothing is going to improve. I was in Washington DC in April-May 71 on riot control duty, only took about 36 hours to coral approx 12ooo demonstrators/rioters and the rest went home. We went home about 5-6 days after the BS calmed down and local authorities had control again

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  20. You’re wrong! Bipartisan be d amned! The Democrats started this chaos! Why allow them any sort of future control?

  21. I’ve wondered the same thing!!!!! How have they allowed this to go on for so long? If threatened, the Thugs, put their tails between their legs and run — it’s been done in other cities! Where are the parents of these “CREEPS”?

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