Psaki says Biden admin is ‘deeply concerned’ over recent arrest of Georgia state Democrat

In an incident that was caught on video, Democratic Georgia state Rep. Park Cannon was taken into custody at the state’s Capitol on Thursday after she attempted to disrupt a live stream of Gov. Brian Kemp (R) signing into law a new and wide-ranging election reform measure in the state, Fox News reported.

Asked later about the incident, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said President Joe Biden was “deeply concerned.”

“I think anyone who saw that video would have been deeply concerned by the actions that were taken by law enforcement to arrest her when she simply — by the video that was provided — seemed to be knocking on the door to see if she could watch a bill being signed into law,” Psaki told reporters, according to The Washington Times.

She went on: “The larger concern here, obviously beyond her being treated in the matter she was, is that law that was put into place.”

Biden admin condemns Georgia law

According to the Times, Psaki indicated that the president is opposed to “limitations” put in place under the new Georgia law.

Among other things, the 96-page measure “enacts new limitations on mail-in voting” and “expands most voters’ access to in-person early voting,” according to NPR.

It will also “streamline the election administration process at the local level,” although Democrats complain that part of that involves narrowing the window for requesting absentee ballots and requiring a photo ID to cast such ballots, as NPR notes.

“It should not be harder, it should be easier to vote,” Psaki said, according to The Washington Times. “People should be able to vote from home, they should be able to use absentee ballots,” the press secretary added. “There should be a range of restrictions that should be undone, not put into place. That is a grave concern, one [Biden] certainly shares with the elected official who was arrested.”

“Stop beating on the door”

According to Fox News, Cannon is facing charges of obstructing law enforcement “and preventing or disrupting General Assembly sessions or other meetings.”

She was arrested by state troopers outside of Kemp’s office. “She was instructed that no one was in the front office and to stop beating on the door,” an officer reportedly said.

Of course, the Biden administration wasn’t alone in objecting to Cannon’s arrest. Freshman Georgia Sen. Jon Ossoff (D) sounded off in a tweet published Thursday.

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26 Responses

    1. She be given the same rights that the democrats give the the peaple that stormed the congress who knows what she would have done maybe those people lives were in danger to

    2. BLM = Burn Loot and MURDER…look what happened to an UBER driver in DC today. The murdering thugs belong in the CHAIR.

    3. The big tech media has allowed for African Americans & the Mayor of Chicago started the Black & Brown kick wording , she seems to think someone else has to do the thinking for them, that is not going to happen on any day of any year. Discrimination against White people needs to be exposed caught & put on notice as soon as possible in the news, to pay monetary compensation to Americans who suffered discrimination against White people on & off of the job. as soon as possible . In Oakland California they have signage Whites not welcome & their Mayor is welcoming Black people paying them $500.00 a week according to the story.

    4. This idiot is wrong knocking the door obstructing the meeting when she’s slready told she cannot go inside and she’s not allowed??when black people open there mouth there always a problem like Michelle Obama when she was a First Lady she made a comment in the award like it’s a black women world as a First Lady she’s so racist past First Lady .

  1. What about the violence and killings in every city after the stupid Defund the Police policy? And the Uber man killed by car jackers that were teen girls. After the crash, one of the little brats left her phone in the car. Maybe you should eat your phone while you are in jail with your girlfriend talking about how wonderful you are. Not! Where is all the news coverage CNN? Do not say it. Trump as responsible. Daah!

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  3. Pretty sure that she thought they were giving away Big Macs in his office , that’s what she was banging on the door for 😋

  4. The democrats are only “deeply concerned” because it means they can’t cheat so easily now. Hope more states do this. And while we are here, who was the idiot who said clearing the roles of dead people was voter suppression? Do they think anyone dead is going to come up from the grave and vote? The dems wouldn’t be against it if it was going to be a vote for a republican.

    1. Well said!! Common sense should prevail. I have come to the conclusion that the Democrats REALLY ARE the DEMONcrats after all. We used to jokingly say it, but in reality it seems they are for every evil act mankind can perceive. They do NOT belong in the government in a nation under God. They have no inkling between what is right and what is wrong. The only remedy is for the Dems to come to a knowledge of Christ. He changes hearts and minds and helps keep humanity on the right path. The Bible is His instruction manual for our lives. When we have no regard for it…this is the situation we find ourselves in, as the result. Prayer for their salvation. Help us Lord!!

  5. GOOD!….NOW Arrest the rest of the commie lib atheist Demon=rat scum bag’s….Biden,Harris,………The whole low life Demon=rat party.

  6. Clearly, she hoped to disrupt the bill signing! Why else would she be repeatedly banging on the door? Was she supposed to be there observing? She was told to stop repeatedly. Did she think the officers were not speaking to her? And—- she was attempting to resist arrest, like they ALL do, then cry foul! She deserves a fine and jail time.


  7. The dems sure do defend their own no matter what. I guess since she’s black and a democrap, she feels privileged.

  8. Treat that blm lover like you did the Jan 6 folks. Remember skin color means nothing unless you are a demorat that can spell racist. The dems are the only racists in this country, remember kkk and Jill. Crow?

  9. I do not know if this will be accepted but I highly recommend every one find and watch Life, Liberty, Levin with guest Candace Owens. It was on You Tube 28 March 2021.

  10. Democrats have no room to complain. She was asked nicely three times to stop disrupting the meeting in progress and then when she ignored the polite request had to be forcibly removed…..just like any one else disrupting a closed meeting. She is no more important than anyone else. The law is the law.

  11. She deserved arrest the Police told her politely to stay away from the door meeting was in proceess.But hell no she was determined to ignore the law and go in.Should give her 2 years and a pair of hearing aides.

  12. What’s a matter can’t cheat Georgians anymore Warsaw lock em all up and let a tribunal sort em out

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