Defense secretary removes scores of Trump-appointed Pentagon advisory board members: Report

President Joe Biden has entered office with a bevy of executive orders and more than a few controversial picks to head up vital federal government agencies.

As one example, newly confirmed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has reportedly decided to oust numerous Pentagon advisory committee members.

“An important role in shaping public policy”

According to The Hill, he made the move this week to purge all of the individuals seated on the Department of Defense advisory board, many of whom were holdovers from the Trump administration.

Furthermore, Austin has ordered an “immediate suspension of all advisory committee operations” until a “zero-based review” of the bodies is completed.

Certain entities, including the agency’s policy, science, and business boards will also be impacted by the move.

The incoming Defense secretary is targeting his predecessor’s picks to serve on a commission formed with the goal of renaming military bases that honor Confederate-era military and political leaders.

“Advisory committees have and will continue to provide an important role in shaping public policy within DoD,” Austin said.

“I could have left earlier”

He went on to add that “our stewardship responsibilities require that we continually assess to ensure each advisory committee provides appropriate value today and in the future, as times and requirements change.”

Former President Donald Trump took a clear interest in building up the number of appointments to federal advisory boards. He attracted headlines for slating one-time campaign advisers including Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie to serve in these influential positions.

The news of Austin’s decision to clear house comes on the heels of a Politico report that some Trump appointees had been fired from the executive branch even as they were on paternity leave.

One former official told the outlet: “I could have left earlier but I didn’t because I was told, ‘Hey, you’ve got paternity leave coming up.’ And if I had known that you’re not going to get to use your paternity leave and you’re actually going to just work your ass off when you have a new baby and then get fired, I would have made a different decision.”

Another ousted appointee said that “it’s pretty scary to have a premature baby at home and not knowing if you’re going to have an income or health insurance.”

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29 Responses

  1. The Democrats will not keep anyone who will not carry out all their lies and corruption. That is becoming more and more obvious by the day.

    1. With demonRats what they say means nothing, because as we are seeing with Joe Biden promises mean nothing, especially when they are running for office.


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  3. Austin will be nothing but a BS artist and water boy for illegitimate Big Joe. For that he’ll be able to keep his job for as long as he wants. I still consider DJT to be the legitimate POTUS.

  4. I’m a Hispanic Vietnam veteran, and I believe that by the Defense Secretary’s removal of Trump-supported Pentagon advisory board members, he strongly expressing paranoia and fear. What is worse is that he has driven a wedge and increased mistrust of this government by the American people, including in the military, that will further divide all people, the government and the military services. Bad move, Mr. Defense Secretary!

    1. Welcome home brother. I too am a Vietnam Veteran. 7 years in the Marines, 1968-1975. Vietnam as a Tunnel Rat for 14 months 1969-1970. I am so sad for our country with this idiot now in the WH and all of the dishonest Democrats in charge. I am a 100% Service Connected and I feel bad for our younger generations because there will be no jobs.

      1. CORRECTION: I didn’t mean younger generation. I really mean to say that younger people or anyone who needs to work and maybe for many who didn’t go beyond High School, jobs will be far and few. Then they will have to complete with all the Illegals that Bitme wants to legalize. Lol, whats amazing is this will effect both Liberals and Conservative. SO, for any of you out there who may had voted for Bitme, GOOD LUCK…

    2. I believe he is an illegitimate president as well. There is not one single thing happening in our top leadership that says they are concerned about the interest or needs of the people. They are working to cover past illegal activity and therefore must remove anybody who might tell the truth. I was stunned by how this election was handled. Joe biden is a dangerous leader and a puppet of obama. I will continue to pray for our country and for truth to be revealed.

  5. Well Comrades, we’ve purged the department of those Trump Conservatives, now let’s go out and find some of the transgenders and other freaks as replacements. We can then proceed with destroying the country and fragmenting it further. Remember Comrades….divide, vilify, and conquer!

  6. Shouldn’t expect anything less from someone who LIED to his constituents about not shutting down the pipeline. It is only the start and hopefully Democrats will see what this list did and is doing and remember at the next elections.

  7. We need to continually contact our state legislators and urge them to be proactive and fight. You can also donate to the Win Red, Republican Campaign.
    Go Fight !

    1. This new GEN. LLoyd Austen sounds like he is gonna be the communist Bidens puppet,what a shame to have a TRAITOR as the leader of our armed forces THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE VUUKLE PUT IT UP

  8. This new GEN. LLoyd Austen sounds like he is gonna be the communist Bidens puppet,what a shame to have a TRAITOR as the leader of our armed forces THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE VUUKLE PUT IT UP

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