Pirro: ‘Defunding the police’ will lead to ‘anarchy and chaos’

Amid the widespread George Floyd protests that are sweeping the nation is a growing call from the left to “defund the police” — to disband or downsize law enforcement departments in major American cities.

It’s a proposition that would lead to tragedy in America — “anarchy and chaos,” as Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro warned Friday.

Pirro lays it out

Pirro’s takedown of the “defund the police” movement on the left came during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on Friday morning where she first discussed the civil unrest that has rocked the country over the last week.

Pirro announced her full support for legitimate protesters who are remaining peaceful as they air their grievances, but had nothing good to say about the “criminal” looters taking advantage of the situation, not to mention the “agitators” attempting to spark another “civil war” in this country.

“These agitators, whether they’re from within this country or outside of this country, whether they’re foreign, whether they’re domestic, the whole point is to create chaos and anarchy,” she said, and went on to suggest that the coronavirus-related lockdowns had created a sort of “petri dish” in which people’s frustrations were growing out of control.

“Anarchy and chaos”

“The end goal of defunding police departments is to create anarchy and chaos,” Pirro said. She noted that the police were the one thing standing in between “anarchy and a peaceful society, between barbarism and a civil society.”

“If you want anarchy, get rid of the police departments,” the former judge and prosecutor added. “I’ll tell you what, for someone who spent 30 years in the trenches fighting against evil in this country. We have a civil war every day in terms of crime, in terms of shooting, stabbing, drug deals, domestic violence, child abuse, bank robberies.”

Without the police around to maintain order and justice, she argued that America would no longer be the same country we know and love. “Take down the flags, change the name of the country, and call it a day,” Pirro said. “This is shameful.” Watch her segment here.

American people don’t support it

Interestingly, those on the left who are pushing the “defund the police” issue are decidedly in the minority.

The libertarian Cato Institute found in a survey that while a majority of Americans across racial lines supported various reform measures on policing, very few support abolishing or downsizing police departments. In fact, approximately 90 percent of Americans of all races opposed the idea of reducing the number of police officers in their communities.

Similarly, a recent Yahoo/YouGov poll found that only 16 percent of respondents were in favor of cutting funding for police departments while 65 percent opposed the idea and 19 percent were unsure.

Hopefully, this far-left movement will disappear quickly in favor of more acceptable common-sense reforms for policing.

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