‘Unacceptable’: Delta CEO adds to criticism of Georgia election law with scathing memo to employees

In the wake of a new statewide election reform law, several major companies based in Georgia have faced calls for boycotts and pressure to relocate. Now, at least one of those companies is publicly echoing the prevailing Democratic Party stance with a statement criticizing the recently enacted election integrity measure.

The CEO of Atlanta-based Delta Airlines sharply denounced the election security law in the same week that state lawmakers advanced an amendment that could cost the company dearly, the Washington Examiner reported.

“You got to keep that in mind sometimes”

Legislators in the Georgia House of Representatives reportedly passed a bill that would take away Delta’s tax break on the purchase of jet fuel. It stands to cost the company tens of millions of dollars annually, Forbes reports.

Although the measure narrowly passed in the Georgia House of Representatives, the state’s Senate adjourned before voting on it.

“They like our public policy when we’re doing things that benefit them,” Republican Georgia House Speaker David Ralston said of Delta’s behavior, according to the Washington Examiner. “You don’t feed a dog that bites your hand. You got to keep that in mind sometimes.”

Ralston’s remarks appeared to be connected to Delta CEO Ed Bastian’s recent comments in a memo to employees regarding the Georgia election law.

“I need to make it crystal clear that the final bill is unacceptable and does not match Delta’s values,” he wrote.

“Ignores the content of the new law”

Bastian’s memo went on to declare that through a combination of studying the law and discussing its possible impact on minority communities, “it’s evident that the bill includes provisions that will make it harder for many underrepresented voters, particularly Black voters, to exercise their constitutional right to elect their representatives.”

Of course, Republican proponents of the law cite its provisions as a way to prevent uncertainty surrounding the results of statewide elections.

Among the changes reportedly implemented in the legislation include a shorter runoff election cycle and expanded identification requirements for absentee ballots.

For his part, Republican Gov. Brian Kemp put out a statement in response to Bastian’s remarks insisting that the Delta CEO “ignores the content of the new law, and unfortunately continues to spread the same false attacks being repeated by partisan activists,” according to NBC News.

Despite the positive messaging from the GOP, other Georgia-based companies including Coca-Cola have similarly decried the election measure.

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42 Responses

  1. I’ll make sure to avoid flying Delta and also will not buy Coca Cola products. For their presidents to come out and trash the néw laws intended to insure voter integrity is ridiculous.

    1. If the “Big Dudes of Coco Cola ,Delta and any other leftist CEO wants to to get into politics, qualify for the upcoming election. See what standing you have with even your own employees. I will not drink any more of your mixture of Coco Cola and battery acid nor will I drink any more of your Water you produce.
      As for as flying Delta, I would rather fly in a “Crop Duster”. And to you Mr. Manfred of MLB, I hope your attendance at the All Star game looks like everyone just went to the rest room and never came back after the National Anthem was played, that is if you allowed it to be played.

    2. I will stop flying on Delta and will also stop drinking Coca Cola even though I live in PA . Will not miss the ball game either. Once you start beating up GA the rest of people in other states will stop using the companies with this fraud effort to push cheating elections.

  2. If we can vaccinate the whole population, we can make damn sure everyone in this country has a picture ID. If you don’t like to have one, stop driving your automobile and sit at home.

    1. First of all I am not taking any of their B.S. shots that will most likely kill me. I have that right. If people don’t like America and what it stands for they should move to a communist country. Pretty simple. We do have to get a driver’s license to drive and to vote those who are here illegally don’t have any rights as far as I am concerned. Don’t take the shot it is not what you people think. The whole fake virus is the common cold/flu there will never be a cure for that and there never was. This whole thing is about the new world order. And no it is not a conspiracy theory it is fact. Truth is truth and facts are facts. Every American needs to reach this for themselves. If you fail to look this up it may cost you your life. What they are telling you is just another lie. The only thing we have to look forward to is the return of CHRIST JESUS.

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  4. Here in Georgia, this is just the current buzz. Delta is welcome to their opinion. They are not welcome to make the laws. Delta says it goes against their values, and makes it harder for minorities. I have just one question. Exactly how does this law effect minorities?

    1. It does not effect minorities. This is his not so subtle way of accusing them of being racist. I for one am very tired of hearing certain communities/people cannot do certain things like make it to vote or get registered. We know that is BS and it is an old argument.

      1. They can make it to get food stamps and everything else they can get for free. They get alcohol they have to show ID. They get on a plane they have to show ID. About everything you do you have to show your ID. The democrats cannot cheat if people has to go vote with an ID because a paper ballot you just send it in. Illegals and everyone else that has extra ballots will send it in for a democrat. All these dead people vote democrat someone is sending them in. The Dems cheat anyway they can. We need to get rid of all democrats. Send all.of them to china them america would be the best place to live.

  5. It looks like that Delta Airlines is not willing to pay taxes on the fuel they use. (like the rest of us), therefore the choose to threaten to leave Georgia. AND I do not understand how paying taxes on their fuel will disenfranchise black Voters.

  6. It seems that every left-leaning commentator wants to eliminate any possibility of election integrity, and rejects any I.D. requirement unless it’s to purchase a gun–and then it is quadrupled.

  7. Good thing I don’t do either of those things, and now I never will! To Delta…you’re not the only airline? We the people expected more little guy, you’re loyalty lies with BIG BUSINESS! Get your money from them!!!

  8. Delta CEO ain’t too bright! Last time I climbed on to a Delta airplane I had to show a photo ID. Is he planning on stopping the same practice he is whining about in Georgia? My next flight won’t be on Delta, if he is that stupid I am not comfortable flying on his planes.

  9. Too bad DELTA hasn’t actually read the law. If it had, they would know that it is beneficial. Rather, they have voiced opposition based upon Democratic/liberal lies! Even Biden has been called out on it. Shame on them and, yes, I will avoid Delta and Coke.


  10. I’ll WALK before I fly DELTA Communist Airlines. American has always been better anyway. Eat my SHOR** Delta! Why not just keep your opinion to your self. Believe me there are just as many FOR the law as against it. Seems States with voter ID have much less trouble with elections. I don’t see the problem as most places that do important things REQUIRE an ID and Most states give them out for FREE. Looks like a made up problem to me that has NO merit. Delta stay out of trouble and keep your opinion to yourself. Remember OPINIONS are like A$$HOLES, everyone has one and MOST STINK!!!

    1. Yo must have said the truth. They can not deal with facts and truth. In a time of decite telling the truth is considered a revolutonary act……quote George Orwell

  11. It is time to stand up to these people who want to take away our rights. Wake up America and fight back.

  12. I imagine we’ll see the requirement to show ID’s to board a Delta flight lifted post haste, as well as a photo ID to enter the Capital Complex buildings in D.C. Wouldn’t want to promote racism now would we??

  13. My post was sensored before I could finish my email posting. There was no profanity. Just how coke is used at crime scenes.

  14. Remember the FRENCH FRY fiasco? France lost over 20% sales of wine in the USA. Time to hurt the liberal corporations in their pocketbook.🇺🇸

  15. To all the left , sports, hollywood, look at the grammy ratings, you mare next. America is tired of your trash. a bunch of overpaid morons

  16. Anybody who says that blacks can’t do what whites do (ID, get to voting place, properly fill out papers, vote on time, etc.) is a racist. Not the other way around.

  17. After I finish my diet coke it going to be water or ice tea. As for delta they can move to China for all I am concern. I have to show an ID to vote in Missouri. There is nothing wrong with that. It just keep the DemoRATS from cheating that all..People don’t under the ID thing and they are idiots. As for MLB moving from a Georgia is stupidity. I lost respect for the head of MLB. I.live baseball but pulling this stunt to make the left happy is and idiot move.

  18. I guess these businesses don’t need the 75,000,000 that voted for Trump as customers. All of the 75m know the election was ripe with fraud. The state legislatures are toughening election laws to minimize the fraud. These business leaders should read the legislation. The recent Amazon vote to unionize required voter ID. Besos required it, why ?

  19. It is very disquisting the very law that gives honest election finding out the Democratic machine and big tech business are all for dishonest elections. I hope we can do everything to bankrupt these scumb bags they only care about power and money.

  20. Agree with all posts! When corporate America starts thinking THEY can tell the state legislatures and governors what to do to make voting legal, there IS a problem. They should worry about running THEIR businesses properly instead of bullying the state they are based in. Won’t be flying Delta, or drinking coke( though I like it) as MY protest to their foolishness! By the way, IF I decide to fly Delta, do I have to show I.d. To purchase a ticket?

  21. The liberal jerks don’t protest Americans mandatory ‘Real ID’ drivers license to board a plane or enter a government building. Oh, but the ‘Real ID’ won’t interfere with them cheating on elections!

  22. Who gives a d**** what coca cola or delta says I’ll never have another coke product in my house. They need to worry about selling their poison and stay out of politics if they where smart the would look at bidens taxes companies will be paying 32% taxes which is higher that any other country.

  23. I am definitely not buying coke or flying Delta – In fact selling my shares in Delta as they will be going Down !!

  24. Did you even bother reading the law? It is not racist’s in any manner , shape , or form. All it does is help keep elections fair and honest. Very tired of big businesses getting involved in politics. I won’t support Delta or Coke ever again. You are a business not a political entity. Stay on your side of the field.

  25. It is about time our government get it right about voting – 25 years ago everything was a lot more secure !!!

  26. They all think that requiring ID is racist and denies people their right to vote, then why do they now and in the past require ID’s to board their planes. If it racist to require ID’s to vote then it is racist to require them to fly and it is racist to require people to pay for the goods and services they provide. I mean think about it, their prices discriminate against mainly ethnic people from their goods or services so charging for them has to be racist doesn’t it?

  27. First time I voted after I got my citizenship back in 82, I had to show my ID thought NOTHING of it, actually was PROUD to show it…….So NOW where they do NOT want to show or see IDs, it automatically makes one wonder, what is behind that, we have to show it everywhere else, doctor, bank and boarding a plane is part of it………So why he can be such a SNOT about it only tells me that he is leaning a little too much to the left or someone is stringing him……………

  28. Lost me as a customer Delta & Coke, & any other companies who want to dictate what we can & can’t do. You really should re-think what you said about Georgia’s new voting laws, there are plenty of air lines to fly on & a lot of other things to drink besides coke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moron dictators like you usually don’t last long!!

  29. Well, if “bigheaded Bastian” studied this law, it’s obvious he doesn’t understand plain English language – -the law does NOT disenfranchise voters, minority, or not; the law ONLY disenfranchises VOTER FRAUD.

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