Dem lawmaker wants AG Garland to review FBI probe into Kavanaugh allegations

Ahead of his ultimate Senate confirmation in 2018, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh faced a range of allegations based on allegations of sexual misconduct.

Despite the fact that he is now seated on the nation’s highest court, at least one Senate Democrat still wants to see the claims against him investigated even further.

Allegations of a “fake” probe

According to reports, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) has requested recently confirmed Attorney General Merrick Garland to conduct a review of Kavanaugh’s FBI background check as well as the allegations lodged against him.

Whitehouse, who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, was involved in the prior effort to undermine Kavanaugh’s nomination through the promulgation of multiple unverified allegations of misconduct by accusers including Christine Blasey Ford.

The uproar surrounding those allegations prompted the FBI to conduct an additional probe into the nominee on top of the standard background check he had previously cleared.

That additional investigation failed to substantiate any of the claims against him and the Senate subsequently confirmed him with a vote of 50-48.

Whitehouse remains unconvinced, however, maintaining that the additional scrutiny was either “fake” or influenced by partisanship, suggesting that federal investigators refused to consider all the evidence and witness testimony presented against Kavanaugh.

“Operated more like a garbage chute”

In a letter to Garland earlier this month, the senator expressed concerns over “what appears to have been a politically-constrained and perhaps fake FBI investigation” into the allegations of sexual misconduct.

He went on to assert that other accusers, at least two lawmakers, dozens of witnesses, and fellow lawmakers attempted to share information with the FBI to no avail.

Arguing that the bureau was not open and “amenable” to those offers of information and assistance, Whitehouse wrote that “the shutters were closed, the drawbridge drawn up, and there was no point of entry” for anyone to reach the agents involved.

The senator also took exception to a tipline set up by the FBI for Kavanaugh-related tips, claiming that it was unmanned and unmonitored, writing that it “appears to have operated more like a garbage chute, with everything that came down the chute consigned without review to the figurative dumpster.”

For his part, FBI Director Christopher Wray has declined to respond to concerns presented by the committee, leading Whitehouse to conclude that “such stonewalling does not inspire confidence in the integrity” of the bureau.

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46 Responses

  1. When will you do a complete investigation on Hillary Clinton’s enrolment with Russia?
    Investigate dccc and Dominion Software on voter irregularities.

    1. Go ahead. Maybe they will find he’s a democrat!!! He didn’t help President Trump with the fraud voting. Amy Coney Barrett didn’t either!! Investigate HER!

    2. Dave, You must know that the Left never owns up to the truth and anything they do is to only push their ideals not the American culture.

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  3. This case is over so why Democrats still want to investigate. They just don’t quit because they are evil people

    1. Yes Gina the radical Democrats are evil people. So are the Global Elites, Deep State and RINO’s.

  4. The investigation and subsequent findings and testimony were reviewed publically. Senator you had your chance to ask questions Stop hounding Kavenaugh or maybe you’d like to reopen the accusations against Justice Thomas as well… dumba**

  5. Yes, Lots Of work is being ignored, because is easier to lie and pick Easy targets! Let’s retroactively go after Judge K. How About check on Ms F.??

  6. Sheldon Whitehouse is a typical lying, over the edge liberal. Wasting taxpayers money is just what they do!

  7. Agree to all posts! Investigate piglosi’s part in the capitol” riot” on Jan. 6 th! Investigate the election fraud! Investigate Hunter Biden! Investigate Obama and killary! Why aren’t these investigations taking place?

  8. Sounds like weasels are getting backed into a corner again. Change the narrative for more misdirection and give failing media something to chatter about.

  9. I have NO complaint IF the investigation is based on substantive evidence AND includes ALL pretenders. Strictly based on “generally presented” evidence, we already KNOW some of the accusers’ have ALREADY been debunked (and apparently NOT charged??) while the ‘main witness’ was NOT “apparently” investigated even though her ‘supposed’ accomplices denied ANY knowledge of her accusations. As mentioned above, there are MANY democrats’ accused of criminal activity (with substantiating evidence) which have gone SCOT FREE!!!

  10. The FBI can’t be trusted. They are a biased agency since Comey let Hillary off the hook. Wray now has let Hunter and Big Joe off the hook.
    As far as Kavanaugh goes, he has turned his back on Trump and our Constitution, so screw him.

  11. If all the Dems were investigated as much as the republican’s are ,there wouldn’t be a House of Representatives or Senate majority ever for them …most corrupt people in the world ..if they are claiming something you can be sure they have already done it and want attention taken away from them ..

  12. I’ll be waiting for Jim Comey to come back to work after the FBI denies the Garland demands.
    Will Biden put ALL the Band back together?

  13. Are the Democrats out to destroy everything . TTake a look at how many Democrats that should be checked out. Pelosi-dirty stock market deals among one item . Clinton- both . Biden ,to many to list . If the truth would come out on the democrats , they all would be in Jail.

  14. He was cleared! Here is a list if you want investigations, HILLARY< KAMALA<JOE< HUNTER< MAXIE Waters, Cory, Johnnie Dep, Madona, and all FollywoodFools who threatened President Trump

  15. Isn’t that just like them. They suffer from DEMentia. They just finished saying there was nothing wrong with the election and Biden won fair and square. Yet now they are now talking about unseating Miller-Meeks because of improprieties in the election. Their laws only apply to non Dims.

  16. Idiot whitehouse–when are you going to clean up that good for nothing democratic party–until you do I do not think 80 % of the nation would not agree with anything to day after all the bad things and comments from people like a good for nothing idiot Whitehouse. You look as bad as you act and talk–how did the state who elected you to office–was you the last straw? Because you are one ugly person and when I watch you and listen to you—-you are a disgrace to MY COUNTRY

  17. Why waste time and money to repeat, repeat, repeat ??? Why not use the resources and tax payer’s money to investigate 2020 ELECTION FRAUD AND DOMINION , OR THE CLINTONS OR BLM OR ANTIFA ??? If they still do not have enough to keep them busy I will try to think of more ……BUT STOP WASTING OUR DARN MONEY and if you have so much time your are bored, resign and go home !!!

  18. When are the people of this country going to wake up and open their eyes and see just what the democratic party is trying to do this country and the people of this country.


  20. Time to do something about the Democrat crap being being pushed down the throat of the American people! These investigations were concluded and found to be absolutely without merit. Enough! The Democrats need to do the job that they are paid to do and this isn’t it!!!

  21. Is it my imagination, or is our current administration full of fools? I’ll be happy when Biden and his retarded band of idiots are gone!

  22. Evendently Whitehouse thinks he’s dealing with the Obama FBI and, well, hmm, maybe this FBI will be even more weaponized.

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